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Abuse of Women - Nouman Ali Khan - Malaysia Tour 2015

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Abuse of Women


al-hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen wa

sallahu wa salam o allah al anbiya wa

l-mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

ajma'in someone died will lay him in a

shaytan al rajim bismillah ar-rahman

rahim allahu allah bad amoeba and

feminine wali him Vasily her - Connie

Totten - Loten al Habibi maha vailo la

Villette etekaaf una lucha de una herida

una vez johanna film Allah Jerry what

Reba Luna fathanah consulate abu ali

jinnah Sevilla in Nilachal a lien Kabira

rubbish lizard river psyllium real

doctor Tami listen II of Kolya mineable

Allah means under God Salam alikoum

after lovato we are going to talk about

hitting women inshallah yeah hitting


yeah oh ok so I want to start by saying

that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam in a very well-known and sahih

hadith narrations says latter dribble

EEMA Allah do not hit the female slaves

of Allah that's the declared policy of

our prophet salallahu alaihe salam that

is the Sunda policy do not hit the

female slaves of allah now which woman

is not the female slave of allah none of

them all human beings are the slaves of

Allah so don't hit women is basically

what Allah said or what the messenger

said I thought oh Salaam

but to rate the way he used the language

that tawdry boo yah Allah it's a very

interesting bit of language because I

supposed to sing la Torre bhutanese ha

not adorable and nice ha

don't hit women he said don't hit the

slaves of a lot of the female slaves of

Allah Allah Allah what what difference

does it make okay at the end of the day

it's women well the end of the day if

you're hitting a slave like if I hit

somebody else's slave I'll get in

trouble with who the master wait that's

who are you to hit him that's his slave

oh sorry sorry sorry the fact that he

attributed their slavery to Allah

actually makes it a problem for someone

to hit women because now they are going

to have to deal with allah azza wajal

but that still doesn't answer the

question that the quran says hit them

which a lot of people have a lot of

problem with whether i please understand

I don't understand this ayah how come

unless I hit them and then I got hurtled

Bob but it could be a miss walk or a

toothpaste or I don't know what like you

hit them lightly or just so long as it

doesn't leave a mark or this other all

this discussion about you know how hard

you can hit or how soft you can it

that's the fill conversation of it but I

actually want to talk about how the

Quran deals with this subject and the

first thing I want to tell you is a lot

of talks about how people ignore or

overlook or even bury some parts of the

book if I took me knew not be babbling

Kitab you attack foon I'd be proud do

you believe in parts of the book and

disbelieve in other parts also means do

you believe in parts of the book and

bury other parts very other parts and

Latina jacquelina is een they took the

Quran and broke it I mean it broke it

tore it into pieces so people like to

look at part of the Quran and not look

at other parts and that is an injustice

to the Quran a surah I keep telling you

guys a surah is a unified speech of

Allah it's one whole you cannot take an

ayah out of a surah and say that I

understand it without understanding

fully what's going on in the rest of the

surah like yes I out came at particular

occasions but allah completes our

understanding when the entire soul has

revealed and unified as a whole this is

a laws organization is how allah

organized his speech but even a bigger

crime than that is when people don't

even look at the entire ayah forget i'm

not going to look at the surah i'm not

even gonna look at the entire ayah the

ayah i recited to you is one ayah Allah

Allahu Allah bad amoeba and focu

minimally him for Salah ha - Connie

Totten - Loten lil Habibi Maha feed

allahu alahi tahaafe una new shoes ahuna

very Donovan

vividly buna fanatic unforgettable Elena

Sevilla and Nilachal alien Kabira is one


that's one aya part of it is what we

wanna hit them what's the only part

people talk about hit them if you don't

understand the rest of the aya you can't

make sense of what Allah is saying I am

number 34 salute Anissa the soul of


so today insha'Allah what I want to

share with you is some basic background

to help us make sense of this ayah which

is supposed to be really controversial

people have a lot of problem with it you

know women they say you know I believe

in Islam but you know the one thing that

really shatters my faith is this ayah it

really messes me up I don't blame you

because the ayah has been abused by

non-muslims to make attacks against

Islam and the ayah has been abused by

Muslims in using its misunderstanding

themselves and abusing women through the

ayah doing rolling through the ayah so

what I want to start with first of all

you have to consider the entire surah

remember that okay let's talk about that

align the beginning talks about one of

the other favorite subjects of women

polygamy yeah that's in this surah - you

know this surah is called Salutin Nyssa

and if there's one surah that women have

a lot of issues with and Quran instead

of this huh

but what I want to bring up is and I'm

not going to talk about polygamy today

relax okay

you guys are like finally you know know

something I can stay awake - no no no

but I will say this

how did a lot about polygamy the wheel I

talked about it is that a man can marry

for women that's how we talk about it

the way a lot talked about it is if you

have you know girls orphans in your home

you know we're in five - Milotic seat

Ophelia Tama frankie'll mappable I come

in Aneesa I'm a snob who Lazaro bar if

you're afraid you won't be able to do

justice among the orphan girls then you

can marry one or two each three each or

for each so the sin

Arial is somebody is raising women in

their house that were orphans two three

four five and he in order to make sure

that the relationship is legitimate can

marry up to how many okay this is a

normal situation somebody raising orphan

girls up to women it's not a common

situation no even that the extraction

from it is mentioned later on in so

little a job actually okay but the way

the law was introduced was through a

very unusual situation is that much

clearer then Allah talks about

inheritance which happens at the time of

death is that's an everyday thing or a

very unusual case in the family unusual

area once a once-in-a-lifetime thing

somebody's father passes away somebody's

mother passes away the husband passes

away this is not something that happens

every day not in a family's life so the

rare situation of divorce or not of

divorce of death and then how

inheritance should be distributed then

Allah talks about the strangest thing he

says paramita Lake Omaha to come over a

token go holla to kumoi Motoko oh my


your mother's your daughter's your

aunt's your you know your nieces etc

they're haram for you to marry I would

even say that he says that because there

are extreme rare crazy cases where

somebody has psychological problems and

the Quran has to deal with protecting

society in salute to Nuala I described

how it deals with the most extreme

fringes of society Allah has to deal

with the extreme circumstances because

that craziness might exist you and I

read that ayah and say why would I ever

even have that problem you can't marry

your sister you can't marry your aunt

you can't marry your mother why would

alive and say that he would say that

because there are people who have those

kinds of issues and they do and of

course you know if you've been reading

Freud your whole life then it's not that

far-fetched you know so what I'm trying

to tell you is from beginning to end

when the laws are mentioned in Surat


the laws are on the outside periphery of

society they are the unusual cases they

are the rare circumstances that is

actually the standard of the ayat of

Sharia pretty much it's not dealing with

everyday things it is dealing with

extreme thing

and by the way most criminal law for

criminal law in particular it doesn't

deal with what most people need to do it

deals with what you need to do with

criminals you understand now coming back

to this if you study the entire surah

you'll find that because not normal

situations are talked about in that

light in that context this ayah is not

talking about what a normal circumstance

a normal it's it's not so we need to

understand what circumstance is it

talking about before I go any further

I'm not interested in apologizing for

the Quran I'm not interested in

interpreting it creatively to make

certain groups happy if sisters are

happy with what I have to say awesome if

they're not happy with I have to say

awesome because you are female slaves of

Allah but I and we are slaves of Allah

and we have to be loyal to the book of

Allah whether somebody's happy or not

and some people are very happy with what

you have to say and some people we're

going to be upset no matter what you say

and you can't do anything about that

what we can do is be as honest as we can

be to the book of allah that's it and to

are under and I'm not saying I have the

perfect understanding I don't claim that

I'm sharing with you to the best of my

understanding what I've arrived at and

what I'm most convinced of so here's how

it goes

men are caretakers of women or alcohol

muna Ln Nisa men are caretakers / women


some have people some people have looked

at the word Kalam and they have assumed

this to mean men are authorities over

women the problem is the word Cohen has

nothing to do with Authority the word

Kalam actually has to do with

maintenance in taking care of something

it is the same origin from which we get

the word Elohim the name of Allah who

takes care of all creation the one who

maintains all creation allahu la ilaha

illah well hey hey you men are

maintained errs over women they take

care of women they maintain their

protection they maintain their dignity

now who's been given the responsibility

in this ayah

men have men have men have been made

responsible over women in that they have

to take care of them so who's the

beneficiary women are the beneficiary in

this ayah Allah Mohammed Abad listen

carefully based on Allah having


some over others the translation I'm

offering to you is based on Allah having

preferred some over others now the thing

is that this Allah did not say be mobile

Allah whom Allah him nah if you say

Allah Hinda that it means Allah

preferred them over them meaning those

men over those women

when you say Allah but they'd actually

only translates into some over others

it does not say leave the la la whoo

very jolly al rijalallah Nyssa doesn't

say that some over others and what in

the world does that mean it actually

means that Allah give preference to

women in the case that they receive

benefits they don't have to take care

they don't have to provide why because

Allah give them the benefit that didn't

have to provide Allah gave men certain

advantages and it seems in this

beginning of this ayah actually Allah

has given an advantage to women now okay

maybe you're not convinced so let's see

why you can look further and find what

and by the way some things men have been

given an advantage and since we're

talking about advantage Allah is saying

by the way some of them have been given

preference over others in some things

men have a preference in other things

women have a preference but somewhat sad

there's an eye on the Quran there's an

eye on the Quran where men have a degree

over women literally jolly Ilaiyaraaja

Allah says it men have da Raja the Raja

means what a degree Allah Hinda little

Jolly Allah him na da Raja men have a

degree over them now him now you guys

know now Arabic students what is it

those women men have a degree over those

were not listen to this well originally

ala an-nisa da Raja if you say well

originally Allen Issa EDA Raja that

means men have a degree over women but

if you say well originally I lay hidden

adonijah which is what Allah

says men have a degree over them

he didn't say women he said them but you

ask what difference does it make the

difference is when you say them then

you're using a pronoun when you use a

pronoun it can only be used about the

one you already spoke about for example

the sisters came to class early they

were doing review when I say they were

doing review Who am I talking about all


Who am I talking about the sisters I

just mentioned isn't it in the ayah

where Allah says by the way that's also

part of an ayah not the entire ayah that

the they have a degree over them as part

of an ayah not the entire ayat' what a

lot of people love doing piece of the

ayah which is an injustice to the Quran

right in that ayah what happens husband

and wife are getting divorced Allah cut

women that have been divorced she's

carrying a child husband doesn't know

she's pregnant he divorces her she's so

angry at him she doesn't tell him she

has his baby she doesn't want to tell

him Allah says you have to tell him

Allah says to the woman you cannot rely

on yak don mihalick alla fiorentina is

that halal for them to hide what Allah

put created in there in the womb

they can't hide it and also once he

gives divorce he can ask her to take it

back because the divorce italico Vuitton

revocable reversible divorce happens

twice the third time it's irreversible

you guys know this so within the first

or second time he has the right to say

no let's just come back she can't say no

I am coming back forget you she can't do

that for how many times two times Allah

gave who the advantage Allah gave men

the advantage over divorced women in

this ayah and he says for men there is

an advantage over them is he saying men

have advantage over women all women

that's not the ayah the ayah is about

women that have been divorced the women

that have been divorced we do the exact

same thing a woman's testimony is half

that of a man they do exactly exactly

the same thing

we get this from an ayah of surah

Baqarah also you know for Allah meeya

Kundalini for a gentleman attend

momentum inertia wada if you can't find

two men then find a man and what two

women why cuz women forget a lot and

thought they left the home alpha to the

killer now Manohar you may have heard

this before if they if one forgets the

other can remind her first of all that's

not even the translation and told a lot

bilal means confusion and this yarn

Nastasia means what to forget and a lot

of move a saloon

I just respectfully disagree they say a

bilal be madam miss Yun bilal here means

forgetfulness miss guidance or confusion

here means forgetfulness I would argue

the Quran is making a difference between

those two words Allah says liable or be

what I Anza Allah does not get confused

and Allah does not forget Allah put

those two words together because when

you put two words together the point is

they can't be the same so Allah Himself

is making valid and easy on different so

in that ayah is actually about the

confusion of women who are not familiar

with business contracts so at least two

of them are there as they're listening

to all the clauses of the business

contract being discussed one of them

gets lost the other can help her out

that's that context but now let's come

back to this ayah in this ayah there is

some have been given preference over

others now first what we ma unfuck

aluminum wily him and because of what

they have to spend from their money now

you could think of they have a degree

over them because they have to spend yes

and some things they have a degree they

have they have authority in the home

there the immune of the house but as a

matter of fact they have an advantage

because Allah says they're the ones that

have to spend women don't have to spend

she doesn't have to spend from her

saving she doesn't have to spend from

her income he has to spend so who's got

the advantage in some sense in some

authority or in some decision-making men

have an advantage but in actually taking

care of the finite or being a recipient

of the finances and a beneficiary the

woman has the advantage he's not doing

her a favor by taking care of her Allah

made him a local one who's doing his job

you know what we want fuck women on wali

him now he says now that you have been


by the way this is what Allah does

whenever he gives someone an advantage

every time he gives someone an advantage

he immediately talks about their

responsibilities something Allah does

all the time as soon as he talks about

your rights he'll talk about your what

responsibilities because then what

happens is people become obsessed with

their rights and they forego their

responsibilities so it seems women have

been given some rights here they have to

be taken care of they have to be spent

on yeah by the men they're doing all the

work right now they're doing the

caretaking and they're doing the

spending so that what are the

responsibilities of women false Ali had

good women can eat a ton they're

subservient some argue subservient to

Allah because Knut only comes with Allah

but in also in being subservient to

Allah they're also being subservient

reasonably to their husbands in other

words they listen listen to their

husband and their husbands asking them

not to go out late at night they listen

if their say if he's saying you know

maybe you should

you shouldn't go with these people I

don't like that group or I don't like

the way they have their gatherings

acceleration listen to that you should

listen to some she shouldn't just say

where's your hadith where's the photo

she you know husband and wife can have a

conversation he could say you know you

got that job offer but you know it's a

very long commute you're not going to

get home until midnight every day maybe

you should look for another job and

she's but I really like that job and

maybe you should discuss it but you

should take his advice more seriously

this is something this is part of Knut

but then there's also involved by the

way of con it also means a willingness

to obey some argue some of us to argue

it's primarily willingness to obey to

Allah you know Kumu lillahi carnitine

and that's a pretty strong evidence

because Kumu lillahi qanitin'

this is grammar I haven't taught you yet

there's a tech demon it only for the

sake of Allah stand with Knut only for

the sake of Allah in other words pollute

subservience willingness to obey

essentially only exists for Allah so

then they argue that Connie taught here

there should be in obedience to who

Allah there seems to be another evidence

for that which is in the ayah half alot

on lil ABB maja feel Allah they guard

the unseen on account of what Allah

wanted guarded or what Allah guarded now

what does that mean they guard the


or they are guardians of the unseen in

what Allah guarded it means a few things

I'll share the primary meaning and some

secondary meanings with you the primary

meaning is that women are in the unseen

of the of their homes in the privacy of

their homes when that when a man is out

to work and much of the time what she

does is she knows the conversations she

has she knows her friends no nobody else

knows the husband doesn't know and the

biggest thing that she's guarding is the

dignity and the trust of her husband

she's guarding the the respect of that

entire household so if she is loyal to

her husband she's not you know flirting

with other men Mahad Allah or having an

affair this and that she's guarding the

unseen she's not allowing some man to

come into the house or worse she's not

doing any of that

then she's guarding the unseen is that

much clearer that's the primary meaning

here that they are loyal wives they're

loyal to their men they're loyal to

their husbands okay the second meaning

is actually that women Allah is

describing a quality of them some on the

mob look I've actually commented on this

saying that women actually have much

more concern for the unseen than men do

not in the Imani sense but even in the -

and sometimes but actually in just

general generally as a psychological

thing for example you're about to buy a

car as a family the husband goes sits in

the car wrong alright let's do it

the wife sitting next to him says wait

can we can we talk about this what about

and there's a hesitation the house the

man wants to do what let's just do it

and the woman says what no no no can we

okay let's look at some other options or

can we think about this do we really

need it and he gets upset what do we do

we really need it I want to discuss this

with you we really need it I really need

it I really need this one when you're

about to buy a house who has the major

reluctance the woman does are we sure

about this one that smells like we'll

look we've seen 30 homes

I'm tired well we're getting this one

why I'm done the guy

ready to buy the first one because the

woman says what about the future what

about we don't know any everything about

the neighbors we don't know this we

don't know this we don't know this she

gets worried about a lot of the unknowns

the things that are Envy unseen and she

wants to protect what is in the unseen

and the husband wants to what jump in

we'll deal with it later

and actually this is how men and women

balance each other one of the ways they

balance each other is he just wants to

jump into everything and she wants to

what pull him back a little bit and

that's how they balance each other out

if you just leave it to women then

you're not gonna get anywhere because

you're just gonna I'm not sure I'm not

if you just leave it to men you're gonna

end up in a lot of bad situations you

need the both of them to balance each

other out is that understandable that's

half a lot on little game they guard

what they can't see their protective of

things they're more reluctant they have

that reluctance you know they operate

differently but anyway that's the

primary meaning was what loyalty right

and the second that reluctance of

unknown factors then now that Allah says

this the rest of it is about husbands

who have are afraid of a problem with

their wife this is where the juicy part

begins while a tea and those women taaha

food on o shahu know that you are afraid

of their uprising Nash's ax or new shoes

is actually uprising when something

jumps up like water boils out that's

called new shoes - okay now new shoes is

if you're afraid of their uprising new

shoes a Honda mood a falafel a okay -

half wound up by the way anthem tahaafe

una present-tense yeah those women whose

uprising you are afraid of the first

question that arises there's a number of

questions are the first one that arises

is when is a man ever afraid I mean

unless his wife works out and she's you

know like normally when is a husband

afraid that the wife is not going to

listen to something like if husbands are

such authorities then when the wife

doesn't listen they get upset they get

angry they get depressed they get sad

but they don't get what this fear is a

strange word here

it's throwing a wrench into this problem

because we don't associate the

disobedience of a woman men don't

associate the disobedience of a woman

with fear what you know I'm afraid to

ask her if she made dinner I'm not

cooking dinner

oh yeah it's like that's not gonna

happen that's not going to happen

that's not realistic that's not

realistic so the first question is why

is fear being used here daha funa the

second real question is actually use of

the word new shoes what does new shoes

what is uprising mean is uprising that I

asked her to put three teaspoons of

sugar she put two because she's supposed

to hit if they have no shoes that's what

the eye is going to say apparently to

some people you know what is uprising

mean now the thing is there's no clear

outside evidence

what no shoes means outside evidence

when you don't have clear outside

evidence actually you shouldn't even go

to outside evidence until you've done

exhausting exhausting what inside of

qur'anic evidence the evidence of

allah's own words he calls them ayat and

by unit after all clear self-evident

ayats in this ayah on the one hand there

are good women how are they described

righteous they do good deeds they're

subservient they guard the unseen three

qualities yes the third and the

climactic quality was why they guard the

unseen which primarily means they are

loyal to their husbands now let me tell

you if there's one thing a husband might

get scared of is that she's thinking

about someone else scares the life out

of him scares the life out of him if

you're afraid of an uprising in terms of

the loyalty of your spouse's where are

we getting this from from the ayah

itself because the loyalty of the spouse

is being now contrasted with her

uprising because the ayah itself many

ayat of the Quran what do you find in a

cos Allah will mention something and

contrasted with something else then

he'll mention something in your contrast

something else what is he contrasting

them with their hiya is now telling into

fahisha their shame is turning into

shamelessness and by the way when their

shame the women their ultimate like you

know when when they came to give Bayat o

to the prophets life Sodom lie asleep

now Elias Nina immediate they're not

going to steal they're not going to do

Xena like who comes to the prophesy they

should you know they first said we're

not gonna do shit we won't steal him you

won't do Xena why because that's

actually something that's terrifying to

the husbands that's a terrifying thought

it's the most painful thing you know the

prophets like Sodom would describe it as

the closest thing in this dunya to

Jahannam for a man which helps you

understand why fear is being used

because we're afraid of Jahannam right

now if you understand it in that context

then you understand one more thing

he doesn't have evidence in this ayah he

does not have evidence the ayat of surah

2 nor he's evidence he is his witness

and he testifies against the spells here

instead of having evidence all he has is


he's got fear that they have an uprising

which means should he testify against

her accuse her no but should he bring up

his concern yeah so he brings up his

concern in what language far as Luna

counseled them advise them listen I

don't like you're working too late you

know you're doing too much overtime and

I don't know why you're texting texting

that why is he texting you so much I

know you guys went to the same college

but why is he texting you why is he

doing this why is he doing that you know

I I know you think it's harmless but I

don't like it he sighs to advisor he

can't accuse her of anything we've

already established that from Solon or

nothing changes he notices more things

what does he do

hua Zhu de wonderful melodia leave them

in the beds

Liat depart them from depart from them

in the beds now a woman when a husband

doesn't sleep in the same bed is

supposed to be traumatized

it's supposed to be the worst punishment

for a loving wife that the husband won't

sleep in the same bed he purposely goes

and sleeps on the couch he purposely

goes and sleeps with the kids and leaves

her in the bed alone is a form of

torture but he's so disgusted with her

behavior and he's noticing more and more

things she's dressing up more and more

when she goes out she's coming back home

later and later and later she's not

giving him time and he's just disturbed

by it

and he just can't get himself to lie

down next to her if there's any ounce of

goodness left in her what's she gonna do

she's gonna come over and say come to

bed why are you sleeping over there

she'd do that and then they'll give them

a chance to talk but if she's okay with

him sleeping away if she's okay with

that and she says more room for me then

she's already starting to get

emotionally divorced she's comfortable

with her her man not being next to her

that's a very serious problem now he

notices that she doesn't have a problem

I've been a month I've been in bed and

I've been on the couch and she doesn't

he didn't even once get bothered by it

not once did she say why don't you come

to bed not once and I advised her about

those things and those things are still

continuing and then he his fears are

getting lesser worse

his fears are getting worse and finally

he can't take it anymore and he hits her

she was going out he saw the guy

something something situation came any

actually what how could you do this any

hitter why did he hit her the question

is why did he hit her because of what's

the context of it is the context she

didn't put enough sugar and the tea she

didn't put enough salt in the nasi lemak

she didn't uh you know she did she she

didn't finish the lawn

or you know he told her to do them do

them bills and she didn't do the bills

why did he hit her it got out of hand to

the point where he couldn't take it


he completely lost it and he ended up

what hitting her over and over at one

time well and by the way if that happens

that happens if this ayah was not there

imagine this ayah was not there and you

had no problems there was no ayah any

husband any religion any society if they

were in that situation things would get

ugly at the very least he would grab her

and say what are you doing woman how can

you do this to me so if he's emotionally

attached her if she's the mother of his

kids if she's a family and something

will get out of hand by the way in the

United States when a boyfriend catches

his girl cheating or text messages or

whatever what happens they killed him

they call them crimes of passion they

call them crimes of passion bones are

broken hospitalizations comas murders

all in the name of crime of passion

you know what that means this urge of a

man to protect his woman or to not be

able to stand infidelity is so powerful

that it can drive a person to murder

realistically speaking this ayah or not

that's the nature of a man if he's

completely given himself to this woman

and she does this to him he's going to

lose it

Allah Azza WA JAL doesn't give him the

license to kill or to injure or to

murder but he says if it if it got a

hand and you let go of your hand I'm

gonna let you get away with that one

I'll let you get away I'm sorry I know

it's not politically correct

I know but Allah is speaking to the

fifth law of the human being Allah a

level man Halak he'll let them go and

then on top of that is the ethics of how

the prophets alone would even condone

hitting he never hit by the way he never

hit how that's that those are the

subject matter of the ayat for in a

particle if they start obeying you in


as they leave their bad ways they leave

the new shoes they come back to you

fella Tabu la gente Sibylla then don't

make a case against them by the way

pursuing a case against someone pursuing

a case against someone is actually used

when you're going to go after them with

the full extent of the law

okay fella Tabu la gente Sibylla

actually doesn't just mean don't pursue

a case against them in private life

don't keep following them around until

you find evidence and then see if you

can find you can be the witness to it

and then you can accuse them and then

the other set of injunctions come into

play right the ones about saluting the

certain or don't do that if they start

obeying you recover your trust recover

your trust because you don't have

explicit evidence you can still restore

this relationship philately Hina Sevilla

in a locker and by the way in the lock

on Ali young Kabira oh my god what an

ending no doubt Allah has always been

the ultimate Lehi when a man is about to

hit a woman he thinks he's in a higher

position and Allah reminds him by the

end of the ayah he is the ultimate Lehi

and he is the ultimate Liebig Kabira

he's the ultimately great know your


you're still a slave then come back to

the policy of the Prophet sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam lotta bleep ooh ma

Allah don't don't hit the female slaves

of Allah now you understand that that

policy is the general rule and then

Quran will give you the extreme

circumstance of the exception this is

talking about the normal everyday or the

exception one of the Muslims done what

have we done with this ayah we've done

this we've described this as a normal

rule it's not normal not in the context

of the ayat now I'll tell you one more

thing and this will conclude with

inshallah the next step after this if

things got physical

that means it's gone too far now there's

no hope left you need to just let it go

for encrypting shikaka bany hema if you

really really feel that kind of schism

happening between the two of them

if you feel things might get to a point

where they might even become physical

for grassle hakama Manali Oaxaca


then you should appoint a good decision

maker from his family and a good wise

decision maker from her family they can

reconcile if there's if you know if they

have any intention to make things work

out then Allah will you awfully la

Habana Homa Allah will make union

between them they cannot solve their

problems on their own anymore you have

to bring outside intervention is that

clear you have to bring outside

intervention now because the things are

getting now dangerous they're getting

dangerous now you're playing with fire

now because you're playing with very

intense emotions if it came to the point

where it even came close to even hitting

then that means it might even turn into

murder who knows it can get too far and

this is very real it happens every day

in humanity we're not talking some

philosophical theory this is reality now

the thing is all of this was about a

woman going bad wasn't it and if she

goes bad there are basically four steps

advise her separate the bed if things

got physical maybe once I'll let you get

away with it then get outside

intervention too by the way not hit her

and then get outside intervention

actually Allah talks to all of us and

says if you're noticing things going bad

in if dome if all of you notice a schism

between them a crack between them you

get outside help for them because they

may not want to get it they might be

okay with it they don't want to get it

so you have to intervene and get outside

help for them before things get really

bad now four steps yes on the other side

what if the husband have no shoes this

is the wife having no shoes she's

getting out of hand but the husband

could also have what but the new shoes

of the husband and the new shoes of the

wife are two different things

a wife is not so afraid of the same

thing that the husband is afraid of

actually the thing to fear in a husband

is actually much worse he's actually

capable of physical abuse psychological

abuse and physical abuse much more he's

physically more powerful than the woman

he could hit her he could beat her up he

could do worse and this by the way is

this theory or happens every day Allah

says were in him rotten ha fats mean

Lee honish chosen later on in the same

surah if a woman is afraid of the same

new shoe some kind of new shoes some

kind of new shoes from her husband

immediately get outside help with the

woman how many steps were there for with

the man Coquette help immediately why

because it can become a life-and-death

situation in the blink of an eye it can

become really bad really really quickly

this is really important you know you

have modern in America Canada England

etc they have these abuse tip help lines

if you're being abused by your boyfriend

or your husband you can call this

helpline nobody will find out you know

about those things right now you know

this is a reality because the woman who

is being abused she feels like she has

nobody to talk to and she gets scared

that if she talks to anybody else he's

gonna go if he's crazy now if she talks

to anybody else he's gonna go really

crazy he's gonna kill me

if anybody finds out people ask her

about the marks on her face she says I

fell down the stairs

they ask her again she's I'm taking a

boxing class you know she lies and lies

and lies she can't come up with more

lies because she's she's not just loyal

to her husband she's terrified if

anybody finds out the truth he's going

to go really crazy what is Allah saying

actually making the community

responsible you have to come and

intervene right away you have to come

and intervene this this is the the

shaadi of Allah this is a law of Allah

what he revealed what he said and by the

way so I got the I didn't come to this

conclusion myself I have Quran questions

too like you do and I go to people that

I want to ask and find out what they

think about these questions what some of

my mentors are people like doctor a

criminal professor Abdul Halim she hold

a lotta many other people so I went to

professor up the hélène last year and I

gave him 10 Quran questions this was one

of them and our discussion is recorded

on my phone I have it I won't give it to

you those are mine those are my

treasures in life these conversations I

have with scholars I record them okay so

we're talking and he describes this

contextual like look it's this on this

side it's that on the other side it's

being contrasted this is what the ayah

means there's really no other more

powerful evidence than this

I was really happy I was like for the

you know because you know one thing that

my teacher dr. Akram not be instilled in

me that I'm really grateful for every

rule of Allah if understood properly

appeals to your fitrah this Deen is a

dean of petra and if you understand any

hokum of allah if you give it the time

to understand it immediately something

in your heart will be like okay i'm at

ease now that makes sense you don't have

to do gymnastics and find some way of

interpreting it that's progressive and

you know liberal or we have to have a

new interpretation you have to be true

and honest with the text and you have to

be true and honest with the context and

you can arrive at the conclusion that

will appeal to your Fatah okay when I

heard this answer immediately I just

felt it I just something in me like oh

like a boulder was lifted from my chest

and I that same night I had dinner with

about 20 scholars traditional scholars

and I'm not going to say what school of

thought or whatever that doesn't matter

but they were I know they were the kind

of people Imams that have given talks

and teach that you can basically hit

women generally like that this is not

the rate the case the case is the Sharia

sanctions that you can hit them under

any so if there's if they're raising

their voice if they're you know if

they're home late something or some

something happened you could just hit

them and that's Jerry allows it right

and they say these things so I was

having dinner with them all these all of

my and then the only ignorant one is me

sitting there but you know me I like

making trouble so I was like you know

this morning I had lunch with Professor

Abdel Halim and we were talking about

the I of hitting women What did he say

well he said that it's actually about


because half a lot on delayed and

there's Enriquez on the other hand with

the Havanna new shoes aha nine that's

the only real way to make sense of hope

and new shoes and then the rest of it

falls right in

everything starts making sense in that

process and what's really awesome was

that they all said that makes sense

that's true

and I said why don't you guys say it why

was that the first time I heard it I've

heard otherwise my entire life I've

listened to lots of people talk about

this all they talk about is the miswak

and the toothbrush nobody ever talked to

me about the context where it applies

how come you guys if you know this why

didn't you say anything okay again I

like making trouble and what what good

is dinner if it's not awkward you know

so what do they say they say well you

know the people aren't ready and I said

why people are ready what in the world

does that mean I didn't want to take it

any further but I knew what that meant I

knew what that meant what happens in

Muslim society not that group and that

group may Allah reward them and may

allow them to continue guide all the

Muslims I don't hate on any group we're

all in this together the ones who know

and the ones who don't know where one

Ouma where one family and we have one

one giant mess of problems look the

thing is what happens is people are

around P other people who think the same

way and you belong to the same let's

just say the same school of thought and

within that school of thought are you

guys agree with all the same phat was

right now the problem is if you belong

to that group then you have to agree

with all of their fatwas and if you

disagree with any one of them then you

are stepping out of line and the rest of

the group will say hey what are you

doing and they might kick you out of

their group you don't belong with us

anymore so you will lose your title your

social status your position your friends

your circle you're out of there because

you disagreed with one of those things

that they

say if you do that then you've either

become a sellout or a hypocrite or

something else you know and so a lot of

times people won't say anything not

because they're not convinced but

because they're too afraid of the Mafia

that they're already a part of that's a

reality and I've seen that reality many

times I've had personal conversations

with people who are public figures and

in private they'll tell me one thing and

in public they will never say it and I

thought why don't you say it like you

know I can't because you know I come

from the school and my teachers would

never you know and and all of the other

graduates they'll all consider me a you

know deviant and this that I can't I

can't say that in public but you of

course I agree with you

really Wow you know that's the reality

of it that's a very scary reality it's a

very very scary reality and to me it has

to be spoken about only not to demonize

scholars or schools of thought I will

say one thing are the focal ha of this

oma are incredible intellectuals

incredible they're incredible and you

know what makes fit amazing and shadeija

amazing is actually the principles

because you don't ever arrive at a

conclusion without following certain

principles right the principles are

pretty much timeless you can think of

the principles as timeless you know what

we've done we don't even care about the

principles we just care think of the

principles as the machine you have to

put every question through this machine

and on the other side you get the answer

all we care about now is what the answer

but sometimes people are giving the

answer but they didn't use the machine

they gave the answer and they represent

there the mechanic they're supposed to

be the one that operates the machine but

they give an answer without using any of

the principles then that answer is

invalid even if it came from them that

answer is not acceptable it's not good

enough it's not strong enough every

answer has to follow what the principles

and that's my problem if you have just

all they've said it so that's why it's

true well know what principles did they

use to arrive at that conclusion

a principle like the context of the IATA

principle like the historical context a

principle like reconciling the Quran

with the Sunnah they cannot be in

contradiction with each other they

complemented your principles they have

to be followed the you have to you have

to be in line with them to arrive at

proper conclusions once again I don't

claim that this is the perfect

understanding of the text but I am

saying that whatever understanding that

I've like discussed with people I

haven't found conclusions that are

rooted in principles I haven't found

that and when when scholars much more

verse than myself much more much more

qualified than myself are helping me

arrive at this I feel obligated to share

even though if I can shed eyes not my

space but I feel like this actually

hurts a lot of people like a lot of

people are abused in the name of

religion you know and and men should

watch out for not falling into one not

being the volume not being the wrongdoer

thinking they're obeying the word of

Allah and women should not be oppressed

thinking that Allah condones oppression

of them it allows them it'll give us

loyalty and love and respect and proper

understanding to his word barakallahu li

walakum wa-salaamu alaikum o dr. levo


thanks for watching guys I hope you

benefited I'd like to encourage you to

actually embark on a comprehensive

journey into the Quran I've done a video

translation and explanation of the

entire Quran it's called Quran cover to

cover I'd like you to check it on a

Diana TV just do a little bit of it

every day and before you know it you'll

have gone through the entire Quran in

translation with me I hope you can take

part Somali contact Allah


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