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Etiquette of Visiting in islam - islamic cartoon for kids in english (1).

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Educate your children to ask for permission while entering other houses.



barakallahu Veeck my dear brother Sufi

an I hope you're not hurt

no alhamdulillah may Allah reward you

for your help Sufi an may Allah reward

us all where is our friend Yasin you

usually come run together he can't come


his mother is sick and he's taking care

of her may Allah cure her insha Allah I

need to go visit her after training to

see if she's okay

and if he needs any help send my Salam

I'll see him tonight mom it's time to

take your medicine

may Allah reward your efforts my son you

stayed up for me all night

no matter what I do it will never

compare to everything you did for me

it's must be our neighbor coming to see

you assalamu alaikum wa alaikum Salam wa

rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

how are you doing Sufi Ann alhamdulillah

I heard that your mom was sick so I came

to check up on her and stay with you a

little bit may allah reward you my dear

friend but I am sorry I cannot spend

time with you today

no my friend it's okay I'll come see you

later assalamu aleikum I hope you're not

angry and accept my apology

assalam aleikum walekum salam wa

rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu who was it my

son it was my friend Sufi an I told him

I was sorry I can't welcome him I have

to take care of you mom may Allah bless

you my son

is this what Frenchie bass why did you

seen act like this he refused to welcome

me in his home what kind of friendship

is this salam alikom father why alia

calm salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

my son

What's Wrong Sufjan I can see that

you're worried I wanted to do something

good but I was mistreated instead how

could that happen I went to visit my

friend Yasin to check up on his sick

mother and stay with him a little bit

but he refused to welcome me and told me

he couldn't spend time with me this is a

right Allah gave to your friend why are

you angry

what do you mean haven't you heard of

what Allah said believers do not enter

other people's houses until you have

asked permission to do so and greeted

those inside that is best for you

perhaps you will bear this in mind if

you find no one in do not enter unless

you have been given permission to do so

if you are told go away then do so that

is more proper for you God knows well

what you do what this verse means is

that we must ask permission before

entering somewhere and if we are granted

permission we can enter but if we are

turned away then we should leave and if

there is no one we should not enter

unless we have permission first

and what reasons could someone have to

turn guests away my son every house

deserves its privacy we cannot ask

questions regarding what does not

concern us this is better and purer for

us just like Allah told us yes my dear

father you are right the prophet

salallahu alayhi wasalam said salallahu

alayhi wasalam if any one of you asks

permission to enter thrice and

permission is not given then he should

return this means that if you knock at

the door or call three times and the

person does not respond then you should

leave and if I leave I am still rewarded

yes my son the prophet's companions did

not get angry or sad when they weren't

given permission may Allah forgive me i

wronged my brother Yasin if we knew our

religion well my son no one would feel

any hatred towards anyone else may Allah

reward you My dear father I promise I

will visit my friend Yassin tomorrow

insha'Allah and I will not get angry if

he turns me away a second time may Allah

bless you my son


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