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Prophet Stories For Kids Prophet Dawud (AS) Story Part - 1 Islamic Kids Stories with Subtitl (2).

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Prophet stories for kids


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assalamu alikum walaikum A'Salam are you

ready for the story my son yes I am I'm

waiting to know what happened to tell it

alright my son the story I'm going to

tell you today is not about Talent

it's about another prophet named food

alehissalaam who is he baba hmm I will

tell you now do you remember where we

stopped yesterday yes you told me how

tell it and his army faced the army of

Philistines and do you remember who was

the leader of Philistine army hmm

it was collide a gigantic man

masha'Allah that was wonderful

now listen carefully the story of

prophet Dawood alehissalaam

in the previous episode we saw how

talented a small army to face the

Philistines many of Publix men ran away

when they saw a huge army of the


gulia the leader of the Philistine army

was a man of huge build and brute

strength when the two armies faced each


Julius challenged a load he sent anyone

from their army for a single combat it

was a custom in those days where a

soldier from each side would fight with

each other instead of the whole army who

is willing to fight for our side Pilate

asked his men but they were scared and

no one had enough courage to volunteers

I will marry my daughter to the man who

would fight Goliath offered the loot but

the soldiers remained science and no one


stolid was upset he realized that his

soldiers were too scared to fight gulia

it was then that a small and young

Hughes stepped forward from the group I

am ready to fight Kolya said the young

man when the soldiers saw him they

laughed at him the young man was none

other than the loot ELISA Lam's from the

city of Bethlehem his brothers were

soldiers in the army and he was the

youngest son in his family his father

had sent him to the battlefield to keep

him updated on the news at the war front

why would a leave sir L was given clear

instructions by his father to not take

part in fighting

although talat was very impressed by the

youths courage he said I admire your

courage but you are no match for the

mighty warrior let the mighty men come

forward but thou alehissalaam however

has already decided and he was ready to

fight goal yes he shouted to the case I

killed a lion who disturbed my father's

sleep yesterday I had also killed a bear

not long ago all by myself

please do not

judge me by my appearance palette was

surprised by the young man's greatness

my grave soldier he said if you are

willing to fight then may Allah God you

and grant you strength the King asked

his men to dress young prophet in battle

Armour and to give him a sward but that

would alehissalaam was not used to

wearing battle dress it would not feel

comfortable in it at all it also

obstructed his movements the soldiers

around we're quite surprised when he

asked them to remove his armor he

started collecting a few pebbles and

filled his leather pouch with him he

then slide it over his shoulder Mexican

history palate was worried by now how

are you going to defend yourself with

just a sling and few stones he asked him

Allah who protected me from the claws of

the bear and the fangs of the lion was

certainly protect me from this brute

with light the Prophet with his wooden

staff in hand he began to walk to work

the enemy a roar of laughter record from

the enemy's side when they saw him when

gulia saw the lean man he was about to


he laughed loudly and rolled are you out

here to play or are you tired of your

life I can easily cut off your head with

one swipe of my sword

you may have armor shield and the sword

but I face you in the name of Allah our

Lord who is lost you have mocked saying

this he took his sling and placed a

pebble in it

he swung the sling and aimed at gulia

the pebble shot from the world is

swimming with a speed of an arrow when

heads go he had said with great force

blood gushed from his forehead the giant

pumped to the ground

lifeless even before he had a chance to

draw him

the Philistine army were dumbstruck when

they saw what happened when they

realized that their leader was killed

they took after their heels and ran for

their life

needles could tell look and the soldiers

believe what happened they had just won

the war years of suffering at the hands

of Philistines had come to an end

the men were overjoyed and carried the

Prophet back to their country

the wood alehissalaam had become a hero

overnight pallette kept his word and he

married his daughter Michael to the

young warrior he appointed daughter

alehissalaam as one of his chief advisor

GAO alehissalaam had now become the most

famous man in israel their sudden flame

never got into his head he was not a

prisoner of Fame but a prisoner of a

lost love therefore after his victory he

did not go to any palace to celebrate

his success but went out into the desert

to glorify Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

the prophets had such a beautiful voice

that when he sang praises the birds the

plans and even the mountains joined him

to glorify Allah Allah had chosen bow

alehissalaam to be a prophet and

revealed the Psalms to him when the wood

alehissalaam recited the scriptures the

mountains joined him and the birds

danced around him and it was not just

that allah subhanaw taala

had also blessed the alehissalaam with

the ability to understand the languages

of animals and birds the young prophet

had the habit of fasting every alternate

day and during the night he used to

sleep for the first half of the night

and pray for some time and again go back

to sleep

such was his devotion to Allah there

were many wars during that time and the

stoppage was able to win every one of

them for the people of his life the

people praised and loved dawood

alehissallaam it was during this time

that pallette started getting jealous of

the Prophet he despised the fact that

people praised the young man given him

he can't something strange the king's

attitude toward him he asked his wife

what was bothering her father his wife

started to weep and said although wood I

will never keep any secrets from you my

father is jealous of your popularity he

feels that he would lose his kingdom to

you the Prophet was shocked to hear this

then the wife told him that pellet was

planning something evil and she asked

her husband to be on guard the next day

that would summon the Prophet to his

palace cannon has gathered their army he

said and they are marching towards our

kingdom you must take your army and

fight them do not return unless you are

victorious the Prophet sense that this

was an excuse to get rid of him yes I


my army and fight them he replied he

knew that cannons army was big and

strong but even then he agreed to fight

them that would a lethal and fought the

Canaanites vaguely after a fierce battle

that lasted for many days along granted

and victories followed had indeed hurt

for dawood aleihsalaam to get killed in

the battle he never expected the Prophet

to defeat such a large army when he saw

the Prophet being ad related by the

Israelites his clear increase palette

called one of his trusted soldiers and

they made a plot to kill him that night

itself but merely overheard their plans

and she was terrified she ran to her

husband and asked him to escape

immediately the Prophet gathered his

belongings packed some food and set off

on a chance we see when the lot became

jealous of the Prophet he didn't even

bother to think about the well-being of

his daughter

mashallah that was such a wonderful

story I really liked the part where the

Prophet killed Goliath with just a

pebble now are you ready for the


yes alright now tell me the name of the

leader of the Philistine army I just

told you that

his name was glad now tell me how thou

alehissalaam killed gulia

the Prophet killed him by a slingshot

talat offered to marry his daughter to

whoever fought Goliath training with me


that's right again why was that worried

when the Prophet started winning the

battles hmm Khalid thought that the

Prophet might snatch the kingdom away

from him this made him jealous

masha'Allah you gave me all the right

answers my son it's time for me to leave

I will tell you the remaining story

tomorrow good night Bubba good night my



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