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Cussly Learns To Save Water - Good Habits Bedtime Stories & Moral Stories for Kids - ChuChu

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Teach your children to save water.


Cussly lerans to save water
Cussly was a careless little boy
cussley always wated food
and he always wasted water
Miss Dorothy
had noticed cussly wasted water many time
she would warn cussly
you are always wasting water
water is very precious
you must conserve or save water
but cussly never paid attention to miss Dorothy
one day
it was quite hot and sunny there
he wasted the water which was in his bottle
after some time
when he opened his bottle to drink some water
he realized that there was no water left
and i am very thirsty
what shall i do now
cussly looked over the sea
i wish i hadn't wasted the water
i wish i had a sip of water to drink
she gave him some water from her own water bottle
this is why i always told you to not waste the water
we need water when we are thirsty
for growing and cooking our food
clean or survive
for us to conserve water cussly
we must save every drop we can
and thanked miss Dorothy
i know realized how important water is
i promise to save a water drop i can
cuslly kept his promise
he sang this song
there's water water everywhere
let's conserve it without the fuss

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