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Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

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Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan


hamdulillah al hamdulillah here a little

voodoo demon al adhim modulae new

demeanor volum formerly subliminal allen

from will kotoba tienen Adam furnish

guru who Adel massa I became an ash crew

who under nian Ueno sala allah rasool e

hill Akram the shara fil jamia noodle

atom one kita bill markham wacom ala

nabina well had a medieval at the atom

and the device over here is a blue

Miriam or The Alibi 30 he ibraheem

alehissalaam Hina karna Farouk our a

debate Allah Hill Muharram sallallahu

alayhi wa sallam was very he hide

illumine and latina barakallahu be him

capitalist in album in human agem

hamdulillah allah de la mota his

valladon allah may allah who shall i can

fill milk well amiable lahu waliyan

minute early welcome bill protects

Pyrrha well hamdulillah and lady Angela

allah al-kitab of allah allahu allah wa

ja wohl hamdulillah and ladina

mother who wanna stay no han estado

fellow who know me know be here

anatomical oh honey when are you due

billahi min Sharia and for Cena Roman

say Yadier Molina

when yes de la fa la la la la woman ooh

girl fala Hadi allah wa ashadu an LA

ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lah

when a shadow ana muhammadan Abdullahi

or Azul o allah allahu ta'ala bill who

de medina luck leo carajo Aladin equally

he Rockefeller he shahida sallallahu

alayhi wasallam as Lehman Catherine

Catherine de Bourg in Astrakhan Haditha

key table oh hi Elodie had you

Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

in national Oh Marilla thought AHA

inoculum oh yeah 13 Vida vocal ability

in Valhalla Hawkwind la Bernadin

phenomena sahaja yoga topical cream

banana hula billahi min ash-shaytaan-i'r

rajeem available home alabama' being at

a saloon car aluminum in niihka Nelly

Kareem Hulu in Academy neol Masada teen

dommatina vicunas Robin where Obama in

Alameda noon :

hollering hollering father who is aware

in Jaheim Collett Allah he in kitty

litter Dean low linear motor ability

nominal marine alpha man newbie Maggie

teen in North eternal alla romana

noble intervene in Halliwell foes who

love him Bashar Assad recently Emery

worked at a mill assignee of Kali

voilá whom a saboteur and Elmo tibi la

ilaha illallah wallahu Mondamin and

Adina a menorah me no sunny hot whatever

so will happy what I was of the summer I

mean you're a behind I mean Allah Azza

WA JAL when he described that human

beings were placed on this earth he told

us that he put a lot of things here for

us to enjoy and for us to benefit from

so we can become grateful to him even

complained that he put so many things

here for us to live well with Raja and

Allah comfy Hummer iishe and then he

said kalila matter school how little you

show gratitude but one of the realities

of the Quran is that we were not sent to

this earth to stay here forever and that

we are going to be and there's another

life that all of us have to live just

like we are living this life there's

another life we have to live and when we

start living that life this life is

going to feel like a day every problem

you mean you think about every single

day we think about things that happen

that we're bad in the past or we think

about troubles that are coming ahead of

us in the future that are stressing us

out anxiety fear the fear of the unknown

concerns about all kinds of things and

yet when we come back before Allah this

entire life it doesn't matter if you

lived for a week or you live for a

hundred years it wouldn't matter all of

it will feel like we just stayed here

for a single day and on top of all of

that a lie even describes this entire

life of ours as let that is just a game

it's just a game it's just like a play

and the idea of a play being that you're

just entertaining yourself for a little

bit but the real thing happens work

happens after the play is over so this

next life that you and I have to prepare

for that Allah Allah made this life into

a very tiny seed but the actual tree

that grows from it is that next life

that's coming and it's so easy for you

and me to forget

that next life it's we don't we don't

think about it every day

it's we're thinking about work we're

thinking about health we're thinking

about money we're thinking about family

relations we're thinking about all of

these things and the thing that we

forget is this next life that's coming

ahead of us and if we did think about

that then all of the other things we're

dealing with the way we think about them

would change not that those things

aren't important your work is important

health is important family is important

but the way you think about them and the

way you you and I deal with them and the

way we carry ourselves and what we make

into a big deal and what's manageable

what's okay you know if we don't have

the akhada in mind then a small problem

can feel like the biggest problem in the

world it can become like the end of the

world but if you have the oscidyne mind

it's not that big of a deal I'll give

you an example just to put things in

perspective imagine somebody's late for


and they can't find their socks and for

those five minutes the socks are the

biggest problem in the universe for that

person oh my god I'm getting laid this

is this is ridiculous I'm gonna get

fired all these problems and they have

no idea that outside there's been news

that there's a tsunami coming and three

neighborhoods have already drowned and

he's literally five six minutes away

from being drowned himself if he doesn't

look outside the biggest problem is I

can't find my socks if he looks outside

he realizes it's a much bigger problem

that'll make you forget socks shoes food

nothing else matters

everything disappeared every other

concern disappeared because there's

something much bigger coming something

far more important coming that makes you

lose you know the sight of you realize

how petty how small these problems were

compared to a much bigger problem

and it's not just about problems I'm not

just reminding you and me of Hellfire

but also of genda sometimes you work

towards things in this life we really

hope we can accomplish something and if

we get it we're gonna feel like we're

successful man if I just graduate if I

just get this job if I just save this

much money if I can just have this much

in the bank if I can just put this much

down if I can just get that house if I

can just get this car we have a list in

our head of things we want to get or

things we want to accomplish in the

worldly sense and we're working towards

that and that's okay but if you compare

what you're going to get and what I'm

going to get by working towards these

things and

at the expense of losing sight of

something so much bigger than allies

offering so much bigger and what

unfortunately happens is people think

that either you want to be a person who

takes care of this life or the next life

that's not our religion

allah azza wajal toda la buena a Tina

Fey dunya husana

a fidelity hasana and we ask Allah to

give us beautiful things in this life

and in the next life together what that

means is you pursue this life in a way

that takes care of this life while at

the same time building your next life

well at the same time you're doing to

two birds with one stone and that's

really what Allah as the witan has done

it's a profoundly beautiful religion in

that when you go and earn for example a

halal income that's an act of worship or

when you take care of your family which

is expensive it's an act of worship or

when you when you're with your wife it's

an act of worship or where you're eating

permissible food it's an act of worship

so you're not just worshiping Allah when

you're praying or when you're going to

Hajj but even when you're living your

life within those guidelines that's also

a form of worship that's also you and I

building and investing into our next

life but what I wanted to do in this

hood but today is remind myself of a

very powerful scene that Allah describes

of Judgment Day and actually this is

after Judgment Day this is at the point

where some people who are inside hell

may Allah protect us from hell and some

people are inside heaven so the

decisions already been made people are

where they are okay and this scene is of

someone who made it into heaven so

they're already in Genda now and there

now the party's begun and they're being

treated and so the there's a long

description here but I'll start from the

part that I want to emphasize in this

football and sofa ba-ba-boom ba-ba

danyetta's ha are doing they start

meeting with each other hey wow you made

it too and they're hanging out with each

other and they're asking each other

questions so how was it for you man

Judgment Day that was scary stuff right

and they're having all kinds of

conversations not only about each other

and asking about each other where's your


did you try this yet did you have this

food yeah I can't believe we made it but

they're also having conversations about

what they used to have the trouble they

used to have back in this life in nakka

nakka blue VI

Dynamis 15 in another surah they're

talking to each other and they say man

we used to have so much trouble in our

family some of our loved ones give us

such a hard time we used to be so so

difficult oh man and they're having this

conversation in heaven remember a man

remember that time famine Allah who are

they not loved it was such a huge favor

and he protected us anyway so these

people are having this conversation with

each other asking about each other and

one of them he looks around at all these

familiar faces and he says Allah calm in

home in McAnally kareem one of them said

i used to have a friend he's remembering

some friend of his that he remembers

from this life but now he's in heaven

he's among new friends and he's meeting

with all kinds of people but he still

remembers this memory of this friend of

his now the Arabic language has many

words for friend you have Kareem you

have Sadiq you have Hamim you have Rafiq

you have you know Khalil you have all

these words for friends but this

particular word green garden actually

comes from a rope that they used to tie

two camels together with so these two

camels if you see one you see the other

one guaranteed karoon some Arabs used to

use the word Quran for the soul of a

human being because it's always attached

to the body it's attached to it this is

from the verb that comes from it is

karana to change something to something

no Karenina Quran uses when in Hellfire

people are chained to each other when

this word is used for a friend Allah is

describing the kind of friend you're

you're never seen alone you're always

with them you're always with their manic

it doesn't have to be a friend by the

way it could be a spouse it could be a

family member it could be a sibling

it could be someone that no matter what

you do you want them involved they are

chained to you you are chained to them

there's a kind of healthy or unhealthy

codependency you're always there with

each other

you're always associated with each other

you feel incomplete without this other

person and now this this one of them is

in heaven and he's like I had a Kareem I

had someone couldn't I didn't go

anywhere without going with him or with

her and now they're not here where did

they go I don't see them here so in my

Canelli curry

and so in he then he remembers some of

the conversations used to have with the

screen back in this life and he says you

know in a column in Alamosa dipping do

you seriously believe this stuff you

seriously believe in this heaven and

hell stuff but even more than that

sometimes close friends one of them says

hey man let's do this or somebody close

to our relationship and somebody says

let's just do it it's you know what's

the big deal and one of them says no we

have to fear Allah it's not right what

we're doing is not right Allah will ask

us about it we're lying we're not being

honest we're doing something Allah

doesn't want us to do and the other

person are you serious right now oh

you're like a believer

seriously though you're better than

everybody else you know are you really

gonna drop the Islam card on me now can

you not be religious right now we're all

we're all Muslim okay we got it a lot

understands these kinds of conversations

you're Kareem used to kind of talk you

into just do it man why are you making a

big deal why are you even making a big

deal out of this it's it's okay to and

if you try to remind that Cowles friend

of yours no but you know Judgment Day

right Judgment Day okay you want to give

the hot but not Friday okay

so here this kind of response and he

remembers those kinds of conversations

and he literally says he used to say to


are you seriously you know it's you know

confirming or are you seriously

believing all this stuff in a column

anonymous auditing item it's now I could

not Robin were a varmint anonymity no

yes yes I know when we are going to be

reduced to bones and decayed dust then

we're going to be raised raised again

and everything we did is gonna get asked

about God it I heard the whole Baba

Judgment Day - thank you very much I

know I know

you know I'm Muslim too you know and to

see the other side of it is somebody who

had up Kareem who maybe one of them

turned towards Allah it happens among

friends it happens among married couples

that they were not religious before and

one of them the husband decides to turn

back to God or the wife decides that

she's gonna start praying and the other

one doesn't understand it what are you

doing why can't we go to that party

why are you dressed like that why can't

you just like you normally used to dress

why do I have to walk around with you

looking like this and she says I don't

want to ask I don't want to let her ask

me alright yeah cuz we're gonna get

asked about going to weddings mm-hmm

thanks thanks for ruining everything and

so they have to deal with that and this

person gets to have it and he's he's

reminding themselves of these difficult

conversations that he used to have and

then he asked all these people that are

sitting in this new company of genda he

says I'm not fully ruined would you like

to find out what happened to him would

you like to inquire nobody else cares

it's his friend

so nobody people keep drinking the drink

and eating their food and asking other

questions and he says so nobody else is

wondering about this am I the only one

who knows about them I'm the only one

who's asking so he asked Allah Allah so

he sought to find out now the thing

about jannah heaven is that you get

whatever you ask you ask anything Allah

will give it what are comfy hamantash to

eat and for sukham you will have for

yourselves whatever you desire so he

desires that he wants to see his friend

that he can't find and you can already

guess from the kinds of questions his

friend used to ask he didn't make it to

heaven and now he wants to see his

friend but to see his friend Allah will

have to show him a picture of health so

Allah says describes fara ahoo fisa wa

al Jaheim it is as if a window is opened

in heaven and he can look inside and he

can see his friend or his kareem his

associate this person of his in the

middle of hell in the middle of the

roaring flame of hell Jaheim actually

comes from Jotham which is when the

pupils of a lion dilate before it's

about to eat you up that's actually

called your home and when the fire sees

its prey and it gets you know

exaggerated it gets aggressive that's

when it's called Jaheim so he's looking

at the roaring flame and he's seeing his

friend he or she in the middle of it in

the middle of it now this is a person

you cared about your whole life so you

would imagine the moment you see them

you say oh my god can I help you can I

get you out of there

I have to help you none of that happens

this person sees their friend and says

ah da da la he says I swear to God I

swear by Allah Allah he is different

from what lie the Arabs from thousands

of years ago when they swore by anything

they said well la he but if it's and

they would say well I he even for casual

things like what Allah he I'm so hungry

I need some chicken right now no problem

they say well lie no problem but Allah

he is used when you're shocked the lie

he is used in extreme cases so it's like

it's one lie he on steroids is what

Allah he is and so he says - lying I

swear to God

in Cataumet ordained it is as if you

almost made me fall off the cliff - man

I came so close to sticking with you all

the time that when you're going into the

wrong direction because I was tied to

you with a rope I was tempted to go with

you man that was close

so instead of worrying about how he's

doing the first thought that comes in

your mind is man you almost got me - bro

you almost had me and the worst or Dean

if that is used when someone is pushed

off a cliff you almost pushed me off the

cliff with you imagine if your rope to

somebody and they fall off a cliff

you're gonna get yanked out with them

that's his first comment then he says

Lola near Mathura be like unto me no

more Doreen had it not been for the

great luxury and favor of Allah I would

have been among that group of people on

judgement day that had to present their

explanations mark Bodine if bar when you

have to stand up stand before Allah and

present explain every one of your deeds

you know what that's telling us the

people of heaven when they present their

book of Deeds to Allah you know what

Allah so John describes four so far you

hustle hey saben you see Allah Allah

will give an easy audit easy checking

like they'll like they'll turn the page

seventy five here I think there's a

hedge here could you please be given

credit for that one and the Angels know

we get it it's okay you can go

they're not gonna go item by item

for the people who go into heaven but

the people who go into hell people who

are in trouble they start getting so

what happened on this day what were you

doing a 3 a.m. what was this who are you

with what were you talking about what

did you text what did you say what did

you do what did you eat what did you


and the prophesy of them would describe

in Naju Mansu allah almighty i'm a thief

a cod haddock the person who starts

getting interrogated on Judgment Day has

been destroyed so this guy's in heaven

he sees his friend and he says man I was

almost in the list of people who have to

stand and explain themselves thank Allah

was from those who all luck went easy on

and he gave them an easy hijab and it

would have been because of you that I

would have been on the wrong list you

know mean and then he doesn't want to

see any more of that hell please close

that window I got my wish thank you very

much and he's in heaven right he's in

Jannah but the shock of seeing hell even

for those few moments was so powerful

that this person when they when that

window closed before this window opened

they were in heaven after this window

closed they're still in heaven but they

can't believe it it's like they just got

here it's like all the luxuries have

haven't disappeared for a moment and

it's like they just got here and they

say a famine a newbie Mayu teen we're

really not gonna die anymore seriously

we're okay now

Allah Allah woman no be more at the beam

and where we're not except that first

death we already had and no more torture

right no more torture nobody talks like

that engine that do they nobody gets the

gen9 says we're not gonna get tortured

right a few minutes ago he was hanging

out with his friends sharing drinks

asking about how life used to be but

when he got even a little glimpse of

Hell and he came back to heaven all he

can think about is getting over the

trauma of seeing what he just saw even

in heaven and he's saying we're not

gonna get punished anymore right in Naha

allah who will fall so gnarly man listen

to these words this is the last part of

this called by this person now in heaven

says in Naha de loja we'll follow him

this this is the great success the

Great's he didn't call the drinks and

the company

the food and the mansions and all that

great stuff he didn't call that success

you know what he called great success

escaping a terrible friend who was

leading him down a dark path not

becoming of those who have to be

presented and on judgement day and have

to explain themselves man I I I escaped

that who that's the biggest that's the

biggest success in the Halliwell

thousand are leave no more death no more

punishment I'll take it I wanted to

share this with you because every one of

us in this life have two kinds of funny

they'll give me a minute I'll finish up

two kinds of career one kind of Colleen

is a devil it's a shape on we can't see

him he's there all the time he's done a

PhD on you he studies you he knows when

you're the weakest he knows exactly what

your temper is like what your

temptations are like what your

weaknesses are like and he knows exactly

when to whisper to you what you are in

your weakest moments because he has

studied his enemy you know how in in

sports opposing teams they study the

other team's strategy this guy is one

devil assigned to you is your Kareem so

it Scofield this will be described as a

Kareem this guy's with you your entire

life your entire life no psychologist

has you figured out like this Kareem

does and his job is to push you to do

the wrong thing all the time all the

time all the time and when he succeeds

Judgment Day will come and this caried

will say to Al Ahram when I'm out right

ooh we're looking kind of people in

buried I didn't make him do it

he was lost he's confused himself that's

one kind of Kareem but every one of us

in this life also has another

opportunity of careens human Kareem and

they can be good or bad that's up to us

who did we decide to tie ourself to that

their opinion becomes our opinion their

influence because become something we

obey when they ask us to do something we

just do it we don't think about the

consequences we don't we're afraid to

say Allah I know you want me to do this

but Allah doesn't know I'm not gonna say

that because they'll get upset you're

okay with making a love set not okay

with making them upset

that's the Korean - and that's the kind

of Kareem that's helping you and me get

pushed off a cliff

that's us that's some guy and they may

not even know it they may not even read

I sit there falling off a cliff and they

don't see it and when you open your eyes

and say hey come on let's wake up we

can't do this they say no no you shut

your eyes also let me sleep when you

fall asleep too let's fall off the cliff

together you have to figure out and I

have to figure out who is that Kadeem in

our life and we don't have to hate them

you don't listen to this hook by and say

man I just realized you're my codeine

bro and I'm talking to you ever again

just watch this video and this is what I

think of you no no no don't do that

that's not what I'm saying but I what

I'm saying is the devil is the devil

human beings aren't necessarily Devils

they're not necessarily evil maybe they

don't realize they're playing that role

maybe their soul lost themselves maybe

they're listening to their invisible

Kadeem so much that they're actually

hypnotized and your job is to lovingly

lovingly try to pull them and if they're

not if they're not willing to budge

then you have to learn to cut that rope

you can't get dragged you can't put

yourself because we have to be the kind

of people that make it into heaven and I

pray we don't have to ask about a Kareem

who ended up in hell but if there was

such a case we have to be able to say Ya

Allah thank Allah cut that rope before

you jumped off the cliff I I'm glad I'm

I cut those ties and this is this is the

time to cut those ties not then this is

the time or this is the time to fix

those things find the courage to say

what's wrong even to the people that are

closest to you because you're afraid of

making them upset and you end up and I

end up disobeying Allah that's ok making

that upset is ok making a lob set is not

OK then who are we fearing truly well

how do we say that we fear no one but

Allah how do we get to say that and

we're afraid of somebody else's feelings

towards us it's okay to be offensive for

the sake of Allah it's okay to hurt

somebody's feelings and speak the truth

you don't have to say it in hurtful ways

but speaking the truth will hurt some

people's feelings and that's ok because

their feelings are worthless to you and

a loss pleasure with you is worth more

to you and by the way even their feeling

being hurt might be doing them a favor

maybe after their feelings being hurt

maybe hours from then weeks from them

months from then maybe their conscience

will wake up maybe they'll say man I was

mad at you for what you said but I'm

glad you said it I thought about it

later it could happen so we have to have

the courage to be the people of the

lossy will Huck what Allah saw was Bill

haughty whatever I saw was someone those

two things go hand in hand so i pray

that allah azza wa jal grants as good

Kareem in this life and Elijah will give

us the strength to fight the Kareem that

is the devil that is alongside us our

entire lives so that he is the one who

pays but we don't have to pay on

Judgment Day and I pray Allah Azza WA

JAL gives us good company of each other

and makes us a source of strengthening

each other's faith and our good deeds

barakallahu li walakum phil collen

Hakeem when I finally become Elliot even


alhamdulillah he woke a fewa salat wa

salam ala a body heal Alina Slava

khususan ala of wallahi Muharram in the

being Muhammad al-amin wa ala aalihi wa

sahbihi ajma'in al Faqih topical cream

where the hoola Arvilla him in a Chicano

regime in La Habana Yahoo user Luna

Allen abhi yeah you hella Dina amanu

sallu alayhi wa salamu Taslima allahumma

salli ala muhammadin wa ala ali muhammad

Kumasi later allah rahim one other early

Brahimi al-amin in the Camino Majid

allahumma barik ala muhammadin wa ala

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inna llaha ya'muru bil ad revelation

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l-fahsha'i wa l-munkari

Weleda cruel aji akbar allahu allah ma

ma dosterone alchemist Allah in the

Salah taken at alumina Nikita Burma Jota

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