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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan - Putting Life in Perspective

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Putting Life in Perspective


Annelle hamdulillah a legend asthma

Duhan Astorino who when estado fillo

when men over here anatomical you are a

inaudible invention Orion fastener

immense a Yadier Molina man yes de la

Ruffa la moda layla woman you del fella

Hadi Allah when ashhadu an la ilaha

illallah wahdahu la sharika lah

when ashhadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa

rasuluh sallallahu taala bill who de wa

deenal Haq leave Hera who Aladeen

equally Rockefeller he shahida pass

Allahu alayhi wa sallam Ottoman

Catherine kathira from Madrid in Gnostic

al-hadith acaba la mujer already had you

muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

were in a Shadrin umareta to her were

inoculum oh the satin vedas vocal

ability in valhalla baku la la la la

dolfina yahoo no subhanahu wata'ala

vegetable cream but an Akula Avila him

allah shaitaan the regime family to men

she permit are on hiatus dunya woman in

de la hija Abu Khalil Adina amanu wa al

arabiya me Etowah kanoon rubbish chakras

Audrey were CID liamri

rock determined lasagna Kali ma la maza

bickner and elmo TB la ilaha illallah

Muhammad al-amin alladhina amanu aminu

Solly had what I was hoping Huck what I

was hoping

I mean II rabbul aalameen it was very

difficult for me to choose an ayah for

today's hot WA and I've been thinking

about it for some time but I realized at

the end of all that thinking that our

religion by definition is simple and its

teachings are straightforward and so I

don't have to make something complicated

when by definition it's supposed to be

straightforward and simple and so

today's code by is about a reminder that

I need that I think everyone in this

room needs and it's something that we

have to live with and we it's so easy to

remind ourselves of but at the same time

it's very very easy to forget and I want

to start with just a rough translation

of the ayah that I recited before you

Allah Azza WA JAL insulative Shura this

is the 42nd surah allah azzawajal says

family to men she permit our own Hayati


whatever you've been given from Oulu

Tetum and i'm out the word ma already

suggests that there's an openness

anything that you've been given and in

addition to all of that its min shay'in'

you could say Malu t - moo-hoo that it

could have been a pronoun but instead of

adding a pronoun its min shay'in' and

not even shy and it's min che

which is very unusual language to

suggest any at all things that you can

imagine that you have been given now in

using those two words together in the

ayah Allah is talking in this ayah now

about every single object physical

object that you own whether it's

clothing and car and house or whatever

you own whatever is down to a pen that's

into your name but in addition Allah is

also talking about whatever I have been

given in my life experiences what kind

of parents have I been given what kind

of youth was I given what kind of

experience where I given what kind of

friends were I was i given everything

that I have been given everything that

I've experienced in my life thus far is

inside family - min che that's it's

captured within it so this ayah is going

to make a commentary about my entire

existence on this earth and before I go

any further a reflection just on the

fact that the passive form was used who

tetum that you've been given in other

words none of the experiences I've

enjoyed not just the things that I own

or that I think I own rather none of the

experiences that I have in live had in

life are actually mine they were an

there was a door that was open to me by

allah subhana wa ta'ala he was the one

that opened every chapter of my life one

adventure to the next to the next to the

next you know for those of you that are

that are married who you married and if

there was a process before he got

married every piece of that process was

actually from Allah every single

conversation was from Allah this entire

story of ours and we don't remember so

much of it when you look back you don't

remember so many things that happened in

your own life actually for the last 10

years it's becoming more and more of a

blur for me I don't know what I was up

to in 2007 I can't tell you I don't know

you know it's just becoming blurred

together I can't tell you what happened

in 2011 or 2012 I can remember some

milestones here and there I might even

have to look at those in a calendar

because I can't tell

I look at my children they're growing

and my ten-year-old my now almost 12

year old also I look at her and it's

hard for me to remember what you look

like when she was 4 I have to look at a

picture to try and remember I can't

remember that anymore but a lot of it

just gave me each and every one of those

experiences what I remember whether I

remember them or I'm conscious of them

or not all of them together

Allah sums it up in one phrase vomit on

Hayati dunya that's the this basically

the culmination of all of your and my

life experience whatever good whatever

bad or whatever we think was good or bad

happened to us boils down to one thing

matter on hiatus dunya which has cut

roughly translated the enjoyment of

worldly life all of all the things that

you've been given then all they are is

enjoyment of worldly life but I want to

explore in this this hot ba the meanings

of the word Matar a little bit deeper

more than what we've heard before I mean

those of you who have been listening to

my hotel Andaluz before I've talked

about Matata before as Matata something

to utilize but not necessarily to enjoy

which is part of the base meaning like

the little girl what that as many saw

that was scrubbing dishes at the bank of

a river and her goat came and grabbed

the scrubber and it ran away so she

started crying and saying AHA da Matta

if he took my Amata away but the brush

away that I was scrubbing with right so

from it he derived that Matar must have

amounted things like a spoon or a fork

or a shovel or something that you use

but you don't necessarily enjoy nobody

grabs the spoon and says check this out

like what I got you know you nobody does


you know nobody shows off their spoons

and forks and shovels unless they're in

the industry or something but typically

you don't do that so it's something you

use but you don't necessarily enjoy but

I decided to do dig a little bit deeper

into this word and see what else has

been said in the literary precedent of

the Arabic language because at the end

of the day this word as per this ayah

has pretty significant importance

because my entire life is being summed

up by this one word my whole life

amounts in this planet my entire life

amounts to this one works I should

understand what connotations this word

possesses so the first thing I found

interestingly very recently actually

Mata Anna bees they use for wine

but this is pre-islamic viously so we

know about this from Friesland Mata and

Nabil is Tamra - who when the when the

wine gets redder and redder it matures

when it reaches the point where it

shouldn't it possibly can't mature

anymore that is it it's reached its

climax that's when they say it has

reached these the state of Mota that's

the act of meta has app happened to it

that's what's happened to it in other

words when something reaches as far as

it can go when something reaches

maturity let's go a little further allah

says or the arab say huh balloon matter

how balloon madam which is actually used

for a rope that is twisted and coiled

well together something that is tangled

and well and it's also not only does it

have this idea of being tangled but also

the idea that the Rope is now ready for

use because when you coil a rope

properly it's matured no more work needs

to be done on it now it can be put to

use they use it for people matter al

dajjal and they also say matura bludgeon

Giada well Vova when a person become a

man becomes mature and he becomes

refined in his characters meaning he

cannot go out and deal with the world he

can go do business now his maturities

graduated from certain prerequisites so

he can you could he is ready for success

kind of thing so ready to be used

that's the the idea of a human being

reaching meta then Almaty Roman kaliesha

at the end of the day this is the most

comprehensive definition I found and I

want to finish these definitions before

I share some thoughts with you about

this ayah Almaty Roman kaliesha Alba a

hoof in Judah that anything that reaches

Matar anything that becomes matter

that's the same file form anything that

becomes this is actually something that

has reached the far the most maturity it

possibly can a la jolla fee Bobby he as

as possible within it from Ali Matar

Phil awesome cool new che in unit afar

will be he saw a Matar is actually

something that can be benefited from

let's stop there for a second we'll stop

at each piece of this definition first

it was mature it can't be sure anymore

so Allah is saying whatever experience

has happened to you part of that reason

part of the reason for giving you these

experiences is they are going to mature

you this is part of you growing the good

things and the bad things

happen to me and you are part of us

growing and part of our growth is

sometimes things that we are proud of

and sometimes there are things that were

not proud of things that we've done we

look back and we say we glad we did

those things and there are things we

look back and we say I wish I never did

those things but actually that was part

of your meta it was part of your growth

and maturation process even that regret

that you feel looking back that regret

is a gift from Allah that regret is that

regret alone might save you that might

be the reason for you and me to enter

Jannah is just that regret over what

happened in the past I'm reminded in

surah Tolga half of the gardener who at

the end of his tragic experience of

losing his beautiful garden says yea

late any la mouche Rick my Rabia hada he

has regret I wish I never - Erik look at

what's happened to me but actually that

regret is a happy ending to that story

because at least now he's turned back to

allies changed his ways so now the first

thing everything in life is there to

mature second my unit afar will be he

what can be benefited from let me think

about this definition of meta every

experience in life is something you can

benefit from Allah chose this word for a

reason there was some good in it for you

you may not be able to see it you may

not be able to recognize it at face

value and I may not be able to see it

may be frustrating at that very moment

it may be something like the first

responsible why would this be happening

to me

and Allah is we of responding to us is

that Allah saying it's something you

could have benefited from you in tough

I'll be he then well your table Allah

what you toss out what and it can be put

to use it can be written be put to use

you toss out what do be now Allah is

saying every single in every single

object that we own every last bit of our

possessions and every single experience

is actually supposed to be utilized

adversity and good times all together

are supposed to be put to use they are

part of something greater meaning this

what this life the things that we are

given they are given to be put to use

and you go back to the original meaning

of Metta what happens to wine not by

Muslims but by non-muslims what happens

to Metta or to alcohol or to wine when

it matures it gets drunk what happens to

the rope when it gets twisted it gets


when your life is full of meta now it's

time for you yourself to put yourself to

use look looking back for a lot of

people they look back in their life and

their past experiences and their

failures and their tragedies they

debilitate them and they're not able to

do anything in their future and for

people who understand what Matar is what

this world is for they look at their

past experiences and they make them

stronger that Allah put me through that

that must mean I'm stronger than this

and maybe I can help a million other

people go help them go through these

experiences and see them in the way that

they're supposed to see them this would

be a look looking at one's own

experiences as Matar now going a little

further one final yet the ilayhi part of

the definition of Metta is something

that will come to end will not last part

of its definition it cannot be used

forever even that scrubber will break

eventually alone scrub as good as it

used to

even that rope will eventually snap even

that wine will eventually be no good so

every single thing that we possess is

not there forever we are now in a you

know senior living and you know people

in a facility where people that have a

difficult time taking care of themselves

are being taken care of and here we are

the average age among our students and

you know the faculty that's here where

younger people is a young audience and

you know in the gym wha today but and we

feel like we have some things that they

don't have you might feel like as you

walk by someone who's in their 90's you

know and someone who's on a cane or

somebody who can't even take two steps

by themselves and you might look at that

and say subhanAllah you know I feel bad

for these people but you know what we're

either we're going to be in the ground

or we're going to be one of those people

we're going to be in that state one day

and they what they and they if you ask

them look back at what you had in life

they'll say it felt like a day or felt

like the blink of an eye lamp and bustle

that's all it felt like and if you look

at your life right now from the time you

guys came you know some of you who came

to Texas ten now what does it feel like

it feels like a minute

feels like nothing first time I saw

brother Robin a few months ago when I

came to see him feels like I just came

here loud yet like yesterday but just

time passes by so so quickly subhanAllah

so we have to be conscious of the fact


time is leaving us this meta is not

staying your entire life is passing you

by and though the only thing that at the

end of it that we can put it to use for

is the akhirah so Allah says Lamar in

the la jolla abaca in my in the few

minutes that I have left with you

because I don't want to make this a long

cut but the few minutes that I have left

with you what I want to share with you

is in this life we some sometimes we

make a plan for like the next 10 years

or five years this is what I want to

accomplish this is what I this is how

much Quran I want to memorize this is

how much I'd like to be able to make in

terms of money this is what I would like

to get married we set goals for

ourselves and we strive towards those

goals and there's nothing wrong with


but I tell you if you internalize this

ayah you learn to put those plans in one

compartment in your head and in the

other compartment you realize that all

of that means nothing if I'm not

building my akhada all of those plans

are worthless they are meaningless they

are not any kind of accomplishment at

all if this is not building me towards

Allah if it's not taking me closer if

it's not making me a slave of Allah

there are people's perceptions of us and

then there's the reality people's

perception our own perception and then

reality people's perception maybe or

successful people's perception maybe

your knowledgeable people's perception

maybe you've accomplished something and

the opposite is true do people's

perception might be you're worth nothing

but you know what people's perception at

the end of the day means nothing it

really means it stands to benefit you

nothing before Allah it will not add to

your deeds it won't take away from them

people's criticisms will not take away

from you and people's praise will not

add to you it will not and at the end of

the day when people get praise and

criticism from others all the time you

know what starts happening they start

getting affected by it so they start

seeing themselves in light of how other

people see them so their image of

themselves becomes polluted because

they're not seeing themselves for who

they really are they're seeing

themselves in light of other people's

words that that's a human phenomenon

this is why we have

word so we can see ourselves in light of

a laws words so we keep that and that

will help us see ourselves for who we

really truly are and at the end of the

day really truly we can have friendships

and family and loved ones and community

we can have all of those things but at

the end of the day we are in this world

alone we came alone and we're going to

leave alone and in that solitude if you

don't find a connection with Allah then

all this fake these fake connections

that you have and I have that are not

really based in the relationship with

Allah they will all disappear they will

not last the facade will dissipate

eventually if not in this life than in

the next so we have to internalize a

very powerful reality that Allah has

given us in family to men shame at our

own Hayati dunya we treasure all of our

relationships so long as they are

something that are building us towards

the akhada so I want to leave you with

this picture Lamar in the la hija you

don't know what God what Allah has in

his possession is better now what we

have right now is also in the last

possession it's not like this is not in

the possession of Allah but it says

those by using the word ma here it is as

though a lie saying I don't want to tell

you what I have yet I have a mystery for

you there's something I have in my

possession and it's better and it's

better in other words it hasn't been

given to you yet now one would

immediately think what Allah has he must

be talking about Jenna but as a matter

of fact because he opened the door by

saying ma and Allah not well Jenna -

Helen waka he said ma n de la hija de

lapa whatever Allah has whatever Allah

has and what Allah has some of which he

gave to you now not just in terms of

dunya but he also gave you in terms of

that road - Jenna that road itself is

better the revelation of Allah is better

than everything else you've been given

the Revel the word of Allah is better

because that word of a life you can if

you and I can live by it he'll get it'll

get us somewhere far better and so in

this ayah there are two comparisons

these are my last reminders for myself

in you - two comparisons that we

constantly have to make

we are going to survive this world and

not be taken in by the perceptions that

are actually not real the perceptions of

people are the false self image that we

might develop what is that what is that

reality check

llama in de la hija Lanois a becau

little Edina amanu whatever Allah has is

number one better

number two lasts longer longer lasting

as far as those who really have Iman are

concerned so now every experience in

life I compared to something else that

Allah has and what Allah has must be

better what Allah has must be better

it's a small reminder you go into the

store to buy yourself some new clothes

the moment you grab this thing and

you're putting it on the cash register

just at that moment think well my in de

la hoya Abu Khalil Avena Amano what

Allah has the clothing Allah will give

me is better whatever is acceptable with

a line general for me is better for

those who believe then of course this is

not just for the believer in terms of

the things that are halal we're about to

eat some good food you enjoy the good

food if you can tell yourself right as

you're eating Omar inda llahi I don't

want a little Adina amanu you don't

become the al-qaeda doesn't just become

some cliche thing you bring up on you

only bring it up when somebody's going

through trouble no no inshallah we'll

give you in the Isetta not only that it

becomes a part of your life the al-qaeda

becomes something you think about all

the time because Allah didn't just

describe it as something that is there

in the heavens he described it as

something that is with Allah now what is

in that mean and that suggests closeness

so Janna is at the acquisition of Jannah

necessarily means closeness to Allah so

what Allah is offering is in this ayah

also closeness to him well a lot of

bohemia' taka-kun they place their trust

in allah i tell you if you develop and I

developed this attitude then worldly

possessions and worldly gain and worldly

loss will become easy to deal with it

becomes easy to deal with relationships

become easy because if you realize this

what Allah has is better then next time

you get into a you know a quarrel to

some kind of tension between you and a

friend you and a family member

you your pride gets in the way of fixing

those tensions but when you realize what

Allah has is better and this world is

going to go before I know it before I

know what this will mean nothing there

are people that have ruined

relationships for years because their

pride gets in the way of apologizing

they can't get themselves to say sorry

no it's not a courtesy is always the

other ones fault why should I say sorry

and they're going to take that to their

grave they didn't have much time here

and by the way when we're standing in

front of Allah the pride is going to be

gone you and your brother that you were

angry with are both standing in front of

Allah and you're both begging Allah for

mercy and your your if had you forgiven

each other you could have both earned

Jenna just by the act of forgiveness

when you put it in perspective is your

pride really that much worth it is your

anger really that heavy that you

couldn't earn yourself you know what

allow is offering you things when they

when they're put in this perspective

life becomes easy to deal with you know

how we learn the expression can be hot

Iqbal Caritas or make something big it

becomes a big deal make something small

it becomes a small thing but you know

what this ayah is about making a Hara

big and making dunya small that's all

it's about we're going to go through

life we're going to have careers we're

going to have educational

accomplishments we're going to have

challenges all of those things are going

to be there but you know what these are

all temporary these are all temporary

one day will come and there will be a

congregation and they're going to mix a

lot and they're going to make an

announcement that there's a janazah and

it's going to be mine and it's going to

be yours it's going to happen and people

are going to pray over us and then we're

going to be gone and it's it's sooner

rather than later it's I mean quite a

bit of our life has already passed us by

so it's not like we're getting further

away from that day we're only getting

closer so the sooner we internalize that

what Allah has is better because we're

heading towards it anyway we're just

doing ourselves a favor if we can just

learn to utilize our time the right way

and I don't like I said we make 10 year

plans and 15 year plans and we don't

think about the al-shara then how do you

think about the akhirah

how do you practically plan for the

astara you don't make a ten-year plan

you don't make a 15-year plan for the

al-qaeda you make a daily plan

it's not about making long-term goals

it's about how did you spend today what

are you going to do afterwards how are

you going to spend tomorrow when are you

going to wake up what are you going to

do with your free time when are you

going to erase those useless games off

your phone what are you going to stop

watching so much TV when are you going

to stop when are you going to stop

wasting time you know just chatting away

or trolling when are you going to stop

when are you going to hold yourself to a

higher standard if not today

if you don't make your change in your

day how you go to sleep how you how you

wake up how you go to sleep what you say

in what you do how especially how you

spend what you think is free time

because it's not free you're not paying

for it now you and I will be paying for

it with Allah we will be paying for it

there is a price we cannot be we not

realize we're going to be paying for it

but it's on record you know how people

feel relaxed when they're off the clock

when they punch out of the office

well we're constantly on the clock with

these angels they don't take a break

when they do they put the other

alternatives on shift you know so that

plan has to be made for our day our day

and in sha allah tala friday is a great

day to start new habits Friday is a

great day for in torino introspection we

take extra time out for ebody

anyway we take extra time out to get

ready to meet Allah anyway on this day

you know Allah already enables us to

become spiritually more powerful more

strengthened this day than other days so

why not make some serious commitments to

yourself this is not for you to share

with anyone else this is just you and

yourself your your worst critic when it

comes to this and you and I have to

decide how we are going to live our

lives differently because we'll live the

moment we start saying that I'm doing

pretty good I actually don't have

nothing I have nothing to change in my

life um I'm set that delusion that must

it must be that so many other people

have given you that false sense of

delusion they've blinded you for so long

they've poured so much dust in your eyes

now you can't even see who you are for

yourself I pray that Allah so judge does

not make us of those that are blinded to

their own reality I pray that a large

that will constantly makes the Book of

Allah a mirror through which we can see

the truth of who we are and constantly

seek to improve ourselves

barukh Allah

Colonel Hakim when a fine idea can be

liability hakim al hamdu lillahi wa kafa

was salat wa salam o allah i bad a

gelatinous lava susan allah of allah he

Muhammad Nabeel in Muhammad al-amin wada

wa sahbihi ajma'in yaqula lahu Azza WA

JAL vegetable cream

Vardhan Akula of Allah he min

ash-shaytani r-rajim in la hawla wala

quwata who uses Luna ala nabi Yaya Han

ladina amanu sallu alayhi wasallam Otis

lima allahumma salli ala muhammadin wa

ala ala muhammad came oscillator lbrahim

well Ibrahim Afellay limine in the caja

muhammad allahumma barik ala muhammadin

wa ala muhammad came apart ala rahim

allah early Brahimi philomene in naka

Hamidah Majid Reba dalla Rahim Akuma it


inna llaha ya'muru bil I believe

election where eta is al kaba when her

and in fashion evil moon cup will add

accrual logic akbar allahu allah ma

testerone at masada

in nasa logical mini- a mutiny


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