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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan - Praying for Success

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Praying for Success


hamdulillah al hamdulillah hey Kali Puja

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hardy allah wa ash'hadu an LA ilaha

illallah wahdahu la sharika lah when ash

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else allahu allahu ta'ala will hood away

deenal Haq leave herewho alladhina

coulee wa kafa billahi shahida Bassam

Allahu alayhi wa sallam s Lehman Castle

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miss Audrey we're certainly Emry Waialua

cotton mill Dasani Yahoo collie

barakallahu li walakum Phil Coronel


whenever anyway I come bill AIT what

they kill him in the hotel Jawad

Roncalli malecon Barbara offer him...

In today's goodbye inshallah ho Today I'd

like to share with you just two parts of

a profound powerful Dora made by musa

alayhis salaam one of the things many of

you probably know about musa alayhis

salaam he is that he's the most

mentioned messenger of allah in the

quran allah azza which talks about him

more than any other prophet by name and

musa alayhi salam is one of his stellar

qualities in the Quran is that there are

many many doors recorded from him in the

Quran and this is one of them

and this dua is particularly powerful

and it's on multiple parts and hopefully

through the course of this hope I'd like

to share with you some of the wisdoms

captured inside at least some parts of

this dot but a little bit of background

just to get ourselves introduced masada

his saddam his story is mentioned in so

many places in this particular ayah

belongs to surah taha xx surah and in

this surah allah azza wajal begins the

narrative when he left his family and he

saw a fire up on top of a mountain in

the middle of the night and he told his

family to wait and to go see this fire

and when he gets up there of course he

discovers that Allah Azza WA JAL is the

one that's called him to it and Allah

introduces himself to him and he's

terrified because he's up on top of a

mountain in the middle of the night he

doesn't know where he's even headed he's

hoping to get some guidance

you know loudly ah takumin hubba-hubba i

will be a bus as you do either nadi who

that maybe I'll go get some news there

maybe I'll get some little fire there

I'll get some directions there that's

why he goes he goes up there but all of

a sudden shockingly he gets called for

the etosha

new dir Musa when he got there all of a

sudden he was called Musa now you go

somewhere you don't even know you've

never been there before and somebody

already knows your name and he's calling

you with shocking you get shaken up so

he's actually pretty shocked as he goes

up there and this called beautiful

conversation begins between him and

there's actually one of the most

beautiful places in the entire karate

but that's not my hook but today I'm

just giving you the introduction so we

can get to this door now in the course

of that that talk that Allah was giving

him through the fire allah azza which I

told him to throw his his stick his

staff a Lhasa and key hiya Musa

throw it Musa Musa al-salaam throws it

and it turns into a hi-yah into a

running snake a poisonous snake in old

Arabic is also called a hyah

a snake whose fangs are out is also

called a hyah so it's running around the

snake is running around and then he

tells him good howl at a huff grab the

snake grab it and don't be afraid now

you tell me as a normal human being

grabbing the snake and not being afraid

you know it's almost impossible and yet

allah azza wajal trained musa alayhi

salam to take this task on to grab the

snake and not be afraid and at this

point you notice musa alayhis salaam

doesn't say Laska theory out of be I

can't do it yell up no Dora - a lot to

say Ya Allah help he just doesn't want

to blow me other can Elijah I hate

ostrich by law I mean lady Zhu ayat

Onofre put your hand in your pocket in

your sleeve you take it out it's going

to be white another miracle I'm giving

to you linoleic I mean ayat in algebra

is happy life around in Naju Taha this

is to show you from the greatest of my

miracles of our miracles go to firown'

he's rebelled now so far Allah has asked

him for a few things some pretty

shocking things he's asked him to grab a

snake he's asked him to you know his

hand has changed in color entirely your

physical being this is not just your

clothes it's part of yourself when part

of yourself completely changes imagine

some day you notice a big mole or a

growth or your skin color is totally

changed what would you do

you'd be in immediate shock what's going

on Islam is am i okay I need to go see a

doctor I need to go to the hospital

something's wrong but Musa alayhi Salam

has no reaction he's fine to all of this

but when Allah tells him in Hebei laughs

arawa in Naju Taha go to firoan go to

throne he's the one in fact that is

rebelled at this point Musa alayhi Salam

makes dawn he actually

this is what the first hammer that Allah

Azza WA JAL gave Musa al-salaam

this is the first command Allah gave

Musa a setup that he didn't just do it

he said yalla before I do it I need some

help and so now we're learning that when

Allah tells us to do something and it's

hard sometimes we think things are hard

but you know if you have courage Allah

let you do it but you get to a point

where you think even I with all my

courage this is even too hard for me

that is the time you turn to Allah and

you don't say yah I can't do it you ask

Allah for what you need so you can do it

you ask Allah for what you need so you

can do it so let me repeat this point

because it's of paramount importance

there are people when they come across

the command of Allah they come across

something Allah expects them to do their

reaction is yeah I can't do it

yeah ly I've loved it father Hodges I'm

not capable it's this well above my

capability there are other people that

the DA here suggests Ya Allah

I know I can't do it but y'all might

give me what I need so I can do it so I

can I'm gonna try anyway but I think I'm

going to fail I'm going to try anyway

but if you can help me by your help I

will succeed so we don't start with I

can't do it every time you get to a

point where you say and I say I can't do

it we turn to a blind dog that's our

Iman we turn to a line you be ask him

for help because actually the

realization is we can't do anything on

our own anyway it is from the help of

Allah it is by the Quran of Allah by the

kun from Allah that everything comes to

be but we have to do our part at least

so now what does he ask it's incredible

he's going to go to fit around and go

talk to him he could have asked for a

lot of things I imagine what he has to

do I want you to understand what he has

to do he is a fugitive alehissalaam he

killed someone by accident and ran away

from Egypt

so the moment he goes back the first

people he has to deal with is the

military and the police because they've

been looking for him they've had a

warrant out for his arrest he's wanted

for murder he's not welcome back in the

city you can't just walk in and he's not

just somebody who people won't recognize

he's actually he lived a life of a

prince he lived in the castle everybody

knows his face

so he walks in people can is taboo so

and word will spread immediately and

when word spreads obviously the police

will find out and when they find out

their instructions among them are not to

arrest him in al Maleh ayat mu luna

become the up to Luke the the Chiefs the

police chief's had already made a plan

that as soon as they see him they're not

going to arrest him they will kill him

so imagine the police aren't looking to

arrest the criminal the police are told

to shoot to kill the kill order has been

given now Allah is telling him don't go

to Egypt going to Egypt may be even easy

maybe you can hide and get into Egypt

and not even go back to you know see

your mother or go somewhere to see her

brother go to who fit out it happy laugh

it out wears fit out he's sitting

outside at the train station somewhere

Pharaon is up in the castle in the most

secure building in all of Egypt so he

doesn't he can't hide he has to go

directly all the way to the doors of

that white house back in the day and he

has to knock on the doors of security

and he has to say I have an appointment

with Ferran and all of these police

officers and all the security guard what

are their instructions kill him

immediately kill him immediately so I

would expect that he would turn to a

lion say Arab you want me to go talk to

foreign can you deal with his army can

you put them all to sleep so I can go

talk to him or can you pull him out of

Egypt so I can talk with him over here

it might be safer for me you know or you

can you just little magically fly me

over there and I'll just end up in the

castle and I can talk to him and my

problem is solved you want me to speak

to him I'll speak to him that way

because I won't even get to him how am I

even going to get to him but he asks for

none of this he asked for none of this

actually in this draw what he asks for

is remarkable he says Oh what an Arab

Bashar al-asad Lee Ya Allah is my master

expand my chest when he thinks about

going to fit on all of these thoughts

are going in his mind and he's becoming

nervous he's becoming scared he's

becoming worried am I going to be able

to do this am I going to get killed

Yallah the first thing I need to do to

fulfill your command is I need to calm


and sometimes when I get nervous and I

get scared or I get you know I get full

of emotion overwhelmed depressed even

then sometimes we can't even control our

own emotions Allah is telling us in this

ayah that even the best of us sometimes

we don't even have control over our own

emotions Allah has to give shut for

sudden Allah will calm the heart down

Ya Allah before I do what you want me to

do I have to be calm in my heart not be

Shakti Sabri so how Allah the first

thing you need is it's mineral calm and

this heart later on you will learn

because when he is with with his brother

Harun alayhi wa sallam and both of them

are together they even say how am I

going to keep my chest calm how am I

supposed to not get nervous when the

police sees me when everybody else is

when people call names when they point

at me how am I supposed to not worry

about any of that they even mentioned

together que no sabe haka Katharine

Weymouth Gorica Kathy Allen in naka

Kunta be neva Sealand is coming later in

the same surah so we can do a lot of

Vicar of you to speak of you and mention

you a lot because you've been keeping an

eye on us all along in other words

you've been keeping an eye on me since

my birth I should have died the day I

was born because he the soldiers were

looking to kill him and he could have

died when his mother threw him in the

basket you know I'll give it a boot

I'll give it up to throw him in the

basket you know just throwing a baby can

kill him can't it then to throw the baby

into the river the basket could flip

over he could have died there too then

finally William moobus ah held the

basket we'll hit the hit the ocean

hit the shore when the basket hits the

shore he could get killed again then he

goes inside and when the soldier seemed

they could kill him right on sight

then he's almost dehydrating the baby's

not drinking any milk he could have died

then - they are like ten times he could

have died from the time from fun back

then so he says yeah Rob you've been

keeping me alive all this time I know

you'll keep me alive but I need to

remember that sometimes it's easy to say

it it's hard to remember it

so he says along with his brother que no

sabe haka Catalan one F Karaka Catalan

in naka Kunta be neva Ceylon you've been

keeping an eye on me all along yeah how

will you let me go now so now what gives

us calmness of the heart what gives us

calmness of the heart when we have a

difficult task in front of us is a lot

of dhikr of Allah that Allah is watching

innallaha marina in the la havas each am

I seeing what's happening Allah knows

what I'm going through

Allah is here allah subhanho wa taala

his presence and his knowledge is here

he's in complete view of my circumstance

I cannot lose sight of that and this

dora is teaching us if i rasul of allah

musa alayhis salam is saying when Ithaca

Cathy land we have to mention you a lot

and where does that leave us you know

when we have to fulfill a task for the

sake of Allah we have to remember Allah

a lot and he gives us courage now

courage alone is not enough it's the

first step though you have to be common

you have to have courage and you have to

have in Xalapa southern the other

implication of this that I want to

mention just a rubbish like Lisa 3 is

when you go and Musa alayhi Salam we

know when he sees injustice he gets

angry it angers him and he takes matters

in his own hand like he did with the two

girls in the Sheep so when he sees

federales one of the worst criminals in

all of human history obviously the kinds

of things fair Allen says would make

anybody angry not to mention Musa

al-salaam when Pharaoh says anaerobic

uma Dada la la la cuota la vida he says

I am your highest master I am da Rob you

know the Ilia Pali rule Allah Allah he

Musa he says things like oh let me make

up my own Tower

I'll go climb and talk to Moses God

myself that's what he says in the Quran

when he says things like that even makes

us angry can you imagine Musa

Selam and by the way when you get angry

you cannot do that wa when you get angry

you cannot do that wa so even though

he's going to go before someone who will

make him very angry he needs to keep his

chest calm he needs to keep it expanded

he cannot get uncomfortable so we're

learning that the mission of allah of

talking to those who have rebelled

against allah has to be carried by

people who know how to control their

temper and if they cannot control their

temper if they have an anger problem

then they have to turn to Allah and say

log business Audrey my masteries me to

come my chest a lot of young people are

excited about that wa they go to the

university they see their non-muslim

friend and they start you ought to see a

muslim brother who doesn't pray or

whatever and they start giving them Dawa

and this guy doesn't care about Dean and

he starts saying some ridiculous things

that make you angry well the Quran you

know it has some contradictions or I

don't know I don't really believe in

hadith or whatever these are some stupid

things and then you hear that you won

its government and you get so angry at

them and that's the time to remember

rubbish rallies Audrey rubbish chakras

Audrey if moosa alaih-is-salaam has to

speak with Veronica Donohue : Lennon :

lay in and I love Yertle acharyaji Alan

what does that leave you the guy sitting

next to you in the restaurant is not

fair out but it relax relax

take it easy people can say obnoxious

things this guy used to say he's God

himself and unless I'd be nice to him to

me next to him also so we need to learn

to calm down a little bit this is the

meaning of this door what's the point of

these doors if we don't reflect on them

and we don't understand what Allah Rizzo

Whittle is saying a lot of beliefs our

dream the Allah Keep Watch has come I

need to have confidence and I need to

have calmness also sheriff assaulted

another meaning of that is there's

discomfort there's fear there's

depression there's anxiety in emotions

they're a range of negative emotions

there there's a range of negative

emotions and what are the positive


calmness relaxation happiness confidence

right these are positive emotions when

somebody in in old

when somebody experiences positive

emotions then they are said to have

ensured ajo sudden then their chest is

open and when someone is uncomfortable

emotionally they're stressed out they're

depressed they're scared they're angry

then that is called Sutherland logic

that's a tight chest you know or Harwich

facade rehe la hoja Rajan face Audrey he

he's got homogeneous he's got tightness

or discomfort or uncomfortable feelings

in his chest and so musa alayhis salaam

is saying yeah la this is a pretty tough

job there are times where I'll be afraid

there are times where I'll be angry

there are times where I might even get

depressed because I see no results these

guys not changing I might go through a

score of negative emotions and yeah why

you need to give me something that will

keep me emotionally stable and positive

the diary the one who goes on the

mission of Allah the one who calls

others to Allah has to remain positive

depressed people scared people nervous

people and angry people can't carry a

bus job that's a big job you have to

have people that are happy that are calm

that exude positivity when people are

around them they become positive they

want to be around them and not run away

from them that's the kind of people of

that doäôt have to be now about the

mission itself very quickly he says a

lot bitch back nice Adri and then he

says well yes certainly MD and y'all

know you make my mission easy for me

you make my mission easy for me you're

the one who gave me this mission but as

skilled as musa alayhis salaam is and

has a lot choice is perfect when allah

chose musa alayhis salaam to take on

Pharaon and to challenge him there's no

better qualified candidate on the face

of the earth at the time then Musa

al-salaam so Allah knows what he's doing

he's right for the job and now we're

learning even if you're the most

qualified to do a job your

qualifications as good as they are and

they are never enough Allah has to make

ease on his end Allah will make he's on

his end and these two things have to

come together

Musa al-salaam has to make his effort

but his effort alone will not give

victory it will come when Allah makes

the task

see you see there are two sides of this

that I'd like to explain as simply as I

can for myself and for all of you to

remember enchilada it's a concept of our

book it's a concept that our messenger

taught our they sought wassalam in many

different ways and this is just one

example of them there are some people

who believe that they can accomplish

anything they can accomplish anything

and there are you know positivity

seminars and self-help programs and

motivational programs and

entrepreneurial programs and these gurus

charge thousands of dollars to come to

their program and they say you can do

anything man you can make a million

dollars this year and people said well

yes I can yes like yes I can do that you

have to believe in yourself and they're

people like yes I I can come I can

accomplish anything I want and they're

like they walk out of there everybody

walks out like pharaon like I can do

anything you know I believe in myself

which is actually part of that is a good

thing to believe in yourself is a good

thing it's not a bad thing but you know

what if you only believe in yourself and

if you incorrectly believe in yourself

it becomes given becomes arrogance it

becomes a disease of the heart how do

you balance that how do you how you're

supposed to have confidence in yourself

and humility at the same time on the

other extreme you have people who say

yeah Rob you do everything I am nothing

so I can do nothing nothing I do means

anything because you're the one who

controls everything so this guy doesn't

apply for a job he doesn't go out and go

and get a degree in college he doesn't

pursue an education he doesn't take care

of his family and when you say why don't

you do anything allow provider he I am

nothing look at what can I do I'm just a

Miss keen those two extremes one guy

says he can do everything the other guy

says he can do nothing our Dean teaches

us a balance in between Allah is the one

who gave us our capabilities it is a

trust Allah gave you it is a trust Allah

gave me your intellect your physical

strength your talent your work ethic

your ability to get work done that

ability came as a gift as anumana as a

trust from Allah and then after he gave

you this gift it is a violation it's go

fraud on Irma it is being

I'm grateful that you don't work to your

full potential this is why the messenger

of allah salallahu alaihe salam said to

us to the believers that whenever you do

something for you to gain and you should

do it to perfection Allah made you fear

Sunita clima in the best possible way

why shouldn't you why should you do

anything less there should never be a

college student who's Muslim who accepts

mediocre grades it shouldn't exist there

should never be a you know almost and

running a business who just kind of does

business he said be the best at his

business there shouldn't be an okay

Muslim doctors you'd be the best doctor

there possibly could be there's an Amana

Allah gave you you know even if you're a

taxi driver you're the best taxi driver

in town doesn't matter what you do you

do it the best nobody does it better

than you that's the attitude of a Muslim

but what balance is that attitude and

what keeps it from turning into

arrogance is that you constantly remind

yourself on the one hand my ability is

not mine Allah is the one who gave me

this ability whilst on earth to Kylene

FC Musa was told I crafted you for

myself I made you the way you are all of

your abilities are actually given by me

so you remind yourself of that and then

whenever you think of a task a mission

and we think to ourselves yeah that's

easy man I've done it a hundred times I

could do this you know kids that are

good at math you give them a math well

that's an easy nothin you know you tell

some kid you know I need you to do this

work or that work I've done this I got

this man it's easy for me actually even

when it's easy for you to as a matter of

Iman to remind ourselves that it's not

easy for you because you're awesome it's

easy for you because Allah made it easy

for you and you know what happens to

people this is the last thing I'm

sharing with you in sha allah there are

people who allah makes many things easy

for them please listen to this carefully

allah makes many things easy for them

for some of you Allah made money easy

for you just easy for you for some of

you confidence is easy it's no big deal

other people get nervous you don't get

nervous for some students of mine

studies are easy like I study I teach

Arabic some of my students

well lucky I can tell Allah made Arabic

easy for this one and the other one

methodically della seta lot of yeah he

wasn't made to study Arabic he could

he's a smartest guy in his field he will

be a PhD in physics he can't do mobile

phone mobile Fila he can't do it you

know he wasn't made for it is it's tough

for him not everybody is the same now

what happens is when people get used to

success Allah makes one thing easy then

he makes the next thing easier that

makes the next thing easier the next

thing easy is everything always going to

be easy no sometimes you will fail

there's a student who gets used to

getting 100 the first time the second

time the third time the fourth time and

the fifth time he gets 250 all of a

sudden and he's used to what 100 so I

said I'll forget it I am worthless Allah

is no longer with me you know what's the

point now because you get you get used

to writing so high that one little

failure one setback and you're just


you are completely crushed what's the

point I'm dropping out of school I don't

want to do this anymore I hate this you

know what

the after that's this is when you didn't

remind yourself at every single success

that that success was a combination of

two things your effort and unless help

every single hundred you got before

wasn't because it was easy you put

effort and Allah Allah gave his Baraka

you put effort and Allah gave his Baraka

and this time when it doesn't happen two

things could be wrong number one maybe

you didn't put enough effort and when

you don't put enough effort Allah does

not give his Baraka and maybe even if

you put effort Allah decided that he

will not give you Baraka maybe that's

better for you one of my best friends in

life used to be a Hindu and he wanted to

go to med school he was a straight-a

student straight A's his entire life

perfect scores higher scores in the SATs

applied to med school he was expecting a

full scholarship he got rejected

he was completely shattered he ended up

in a different University he decided to

do computer science instead and he was

completely still a Hindu is it

completely depressed except he met

people in his new college muslims who he

started hanging out with and within two

years he took Shahada and he looks back

thank al I didn't make it to med school

when I failed med school I thought it

was the worst thing that ever happened

to me and now I look back at my life and

I say I failed med school it is the best

thing that ever happened to me

you know his kids his kids are

memorizing Quran can you imagine his

kids are memorizing Quran his fault when

he became 170 they dragged him to his

father got so like shocked he took him

to India to beat Hinduism back into him

and he ran away from they came back you


now as kids are memorizing Quran so how

Allah so we have to sometimes we have to

have trust in Allah we get used to

riding a high wave and one little

setback comes and we lose our trust in

Allah and then there are others who

Allah gives you one difficulty then he

gives you another difficulty then he

gives you another difficulty and you

gives you another difficulty and you

start believing that I will never

accomplish anything my life is just

difficult man everything is hard for me

I keep getting fired I keep failing my

tests I keep doing that you get

depressed and even this one has to

remember that success in this world

everything that happens is a combination

of two things I have to put in my effort

and Allah will make the task easy my I

know I said last but I have one minute

left might as well use it for something

I shared this last thing with you there

are two parts of this glass so far it's

not even the whole draw I just wanted to

share these two statements with you

about business Audrey why I said liamri

there's a there's a symbol Ali there's a

very beautiful eloquence to this

statement Allah is teaching us that if

you have a calm heart if you have a

positive attitude and you have to look

cool in Allah and you put your work in

then Allah will make your mission easy

but if you start with the attitude I

know it's not going to work anyway but

I'll try

you already began with a defeated

attitude Allah will not make your task

easy for you you have to come with

shuttle southerly you have to have an

open chest a positive attitude belief

that Allah will give you success in what

you do and if he doesn't give it to you

well you know you're still saying

but you don't walk into an effort you

don't start a project you don't start

doing any work and you begin with saying

I'm probably not going to succeed anyway

given my track record you don't begin

with that attitude then Allah will not

make your job easy for you so if we have

that good heart before Allah Azza WA JAL

Allah will make our task easy for us

hahhaha wa ta'ala but then i pray that

allah gives us all the ability to take

advantage of the wisdom of our of the

great prophets of allah i am salat wa

salam that is captured in their doors

they set such few words but they told us

they tell us so much of how to better

our lives as believers and how to live

our life successfully for allah steam

and also make the best of this dunya may

Allah Azza WA JAL make us find the

balance between this Dean Andrews dunya

as he intended and may Allah put all of

us to the service of his beautiful Deen

and Osama barakallahu li walakum al

Hakim when a fine idea combi Lyautey

decreed Hakeem al-hamdu lillahi wa kafa

vas salat wa salam wa ala ad-din estava

hoses and allahu allah he muhammad IBN

muhammad in El Amin WA ala alihi wa

sahbihi ajma'in y una mejor Azza WA JAL

Vicky turban cream bar de la hula arruda

billahi min ash-shaitani rajeem inna

llaha mala Akata who uses Luna Alan

Davey yeah you hell Adina amanu sallu

alayhi wasallam you Taslima allahumma

salli ala muhammad wa ala muhammad kamas

Allah Ta'ala Ibrahim voila Ali Ibrahim

Afellay Alamein Anaka hamid majid

allahumma barik ala muhammadin wa ala

ala muhammad kama barik ala rahim wanna

early Ibrahim Afellay al-amin in Makaha

middle Majid hey ba da la la hey ma

Kamala Atacama in la jolla Muru Balad

live election

well eta is l-qurba wa yanha ani

l-fahsha'i wa l-munkari

wanna dhikrullah he akbar allahu allah

ma Matos neroon alchemist Allah in the

Salah chocolate alminia kotoba mo puta


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