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The Solution to Escape Hardship - Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

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Surat Al-Israa tells the story of Al-Isra’ wal Miraj, when Allah took Prophet

Muhammad overnight from Mecca to Jerusalem then to heaven. The event

tested the faith of Muslims as they faced increasing hardships in Mecca, and

was a premonition of their migration to Madina. Nouman Ali Khan focuses on

verse 80, a beautiful supplication that helps believers through difficult times. It

is a prayer for confidence, clarity, sincerity and truth.


in today's food but I'd like to share

with you that the purpose of these few

minutes that I have with you is to try

and share some lessons about one single

prayer that Allah teaches us in the

Quran and of the ayat that I recited

from the seventeenth surah so totally

slaw that was the last of the Maccabean

lomotil a second well Australasia

Malaysia Simkin which I mean in

Casselton and nasira

it's a very powerful and beautiful

prayer that can benefit believers

throughout their lives but the purpose

of this whole bias to get to that prayer

by the end I want to give you some

background and some history that you can

appreciate where this prayer came from

and how it benefited first and foremost

our messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam

and by extension it benefits all of us

because the first thing that Muslims

understand believers understand is the

purpose of prayer is that they connect

with their master and the master helps

them through their prayer all of our

prayers in one way or the other every

single supplication that we have in one

way or the other benefits us in our life

in some way it helps us in some way so I

want to begin with this surah at the

beginning of this sort the surah starts

with a very unique incident in the life

of our prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam

where he was taken by the angel from the

city of Makkah through a divine journey

all the way to Jerusalem and then he

will he prayed there and then he was

taken up a journey in the seven heavens

and was brought back to Makkah all in

the course of what we consider in the

worldly in the worldly sense not even a

matter of a second but what took any

elaborate amount of time for him because

time the way it works in this world is

not the way it works in the unseen so

when this journey was told about and

when the prophets lie some time

described to the companions that he had

gone on this night journey the Arabic

word for a night journey being a surah

and that's the first is of had Olivia

Swabia bin Laden the how perfect is the

one who took his slave in the middle of

the night for that journey that's how

the surah begins so when he describes

this journey of course believers like

abu bakr siddiq are immediately

confirming that that is what happened as

unbelievable as it sounds that in the

middle of the night this man traveled

from here from Mecca to Jerusalem up the

seventh heavens

then back and met all of these previous

prophets and prayed with them and saw

all these scenes of the afterlife and

then came back all of it sounded so

unbelievable it became a joke to those

who disbelieved it actually became

something to mock and to make fun of

across Makkah for everybody else they

would even come to the Muslims and say

you really believe he did that you

seriously believe he traveled on some

some flying horse and went all the way

to Jerusalem and then he went up to

skies and did intergalactic travel you

really honestly believe that this man

what he even says that and believers

would say yes we do they wouldn't have

any doubt about it they their faith

unshaken why because the foundation of

this faith this is not the foundation of

their faith the foundation of their

faith was already laid

they had already been convinced that

this Quran is the word of God it's the

word of Allah and this is the Messenger

of Allah and once they believed that

they understood what Allah is capable of

and when Allah can do something for you

know for us what he will do for us in

our afterlife is much more remarkable

when he will resurrect all human beings

from their graves so what is how hard is

it for them to believe that Allah will

take his messenger on a journey like

that one in any case this is also a

surah around the time when things were

getting very difficult for the Prophet

and for the Companions not only were

they being ridiculed by this time now

things were getting physical so Muslims

were now starting to get tortured beat


there were even plans to either kill the

prophet alayhi wa sallam or at the very

least expel him from Mikawa in Cadalyst

F a Sunnah come in an oddly leo for a

Jew come in

legally you coming out so they can kick

you out of the land they want to

terrorize you instill fear in you this

is what Allah is commenting on in the

surah as well so in light of these

things what I wanted to share with you

is that when Allah took his messenger to

Jerusalem and he said himself in luleå

whom in I Athena so we could show him

our miraculous signs Allah wants him to

ponder over the history of Jerusalem but

our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu taala

is not a historian of Jewish history he

doesn't know a lot about their tradition

he doesn't know a lot about that region

except for Allah will reveal to him so

what does Allah reveal to him in this

surah he tells him that they used to be

this used to be the house

of Allah the Masjid and this was

actually violated a couple of times and

the people were expelled and they were

taken as slaves and this is talked about

in the very beginning this is important

for the Prophet to learn at this time

sallalahu are lucidum because he's also

on the verge of being expelled from

Makkah so now he's going to learn about

a history of people that were expelled

from the house of worship and the mush

it was even destroyed al hamdulillah the

combat was not destroyed but it was

certainly violated it was you know

surrounded by idols and its legacy was

certainly tarnished and then the

prophets item is being told on this

journey that this journey first of all

should tell you that what you're going

through is not something new this has

happened before this is a legacy of

Allah with prophets and you're supposed

to be a part of that legacy so don't be

saddened about what is about to come

this is the first thing that connects

these two legacies together the second

is when you travel from this earth to

all the way the seventh heaven then

leaving the city of Makkah to travel to

the city of Medina is not going to be a

big deal anymore it's going to be easy

for you to handle that this is not a

long journey we can take we can do this

Allah if Allah can guard me and

safeguard me through that incredible

journey then this other journey that's

on the horizon is not going to be a big


so now allah azzawajal says and even if

they did kick you out even if the people

of Mecca did expel you even vile

buffoonery Lopaka lillah even if they

didn't get you out they're not going to

stay behind you and stay in power for

much longer in other words even if I let

you go even if you leave the city of

Makkah it's pretty soon that you're

going to be coming back it's pretty soon

that you're going to get victory again

which was completely unimaginable for

Muslims who had no authority no control

absolutely no respect in that society

they were the object of ridicule

everywhere they turn they themselves are

taking the beatings and now they're

being told oh don't worry if you get

kicked out of Mecca you'll be coming

back because there

the last these Mekons that are in

control they're not going to last

subhanAllah this is the picture that's

painted for our prophet salallahu our

lives of them but that in the middle of

all of this the subject changes and this

is where things get really interesting

the subject almost becomes a completely

different one how do you prepare for a

journey how do you prepare for a

different transition this is the most

difficult one of the most difficult

moments in the prophets life Salah love


despite the counsel that Allah has given

him our messenger had a lot of love for

the Kaaba he had a lot of love for the

Kaaba because it was built by his father

Ibrahim Abraham and he knew he

recognized that so his affinity to that

house was much stronger than you know

for anybody to leave their home and

leave their homeland and the place of

their birth is difficult but for our

prophet there were these this lynnie the

reasons of lineage but also spiritual

reasons for him not to honor me and so

even before a lot of people don't know

this but even before we recommended to

pray in the direction of the Kaaba the

Muslims were actually instructed to pray

in the direction of Jerusalem we were

supposed to pray towards al-masjid

al-aqsa so what the Prophet used to do

while he resided in Makkah is he used to

because you could go any way any

direction you want around the Kaaba so

used to align himself in a way so he's

praying with the Kaaba in front of him

and Jerusalem is lined up so he would be

able to do that so he didn't be able to

show respect to the house that his

father Abraham built and also I they

said I'm and also be able to abide by

the regulations of Prayer that still

haven't changed we still prayed in the

direction of Jerusalem right which by

the way also teaches you and me the

importance of the Prophet going to that

question because that was the original

Qibla so he's actually going you could

say in a sense it's Imran that was

assigned by Allah for him to do because

that's the original Qibla you know

before this one at least in the seal of

the prophets lighten up

now the prophet's going to migrate to

Medina but when he migrates to Medina

and if you want because he has to face

Jerusalem again to pray but this time if

he's going to face Jerusalem his back is

gonna be to Makkah

he can't line both of them up together

and because Medina is on the way to

Jerusalem so you're if you're going to

face it you're going to give your back


have to be towards okay and that hurts

his feelings even the fact that there

are narrations about the prophets I said

I'm turning to the Kaaba and crying and

talking to it as he's leaving like a

mother like a mother that he's parting

from solo love Mario solo this is a very

very painful journey for the prophet but

you know and not only is it a painful

journey you should all know that this is

also a dangerous journey there are

scouts from Mecca that are ready today

whose only assignment is to trace his

steps find him and kill him that's their

job they know that there's a he's

planning an escape or this is the light

that's come or they're thinking he might

have escaped and they're gonna Scout him

out and find him and kill him and it got

to the point where they were almost

killed that's going to be described much

later on in the Quran and so to table

that was revealed much later when the

scouts were virtually at their feet and

they're literally in a ditch in the

ground it's nighttime so it's just a

matter of these guys looking down if

they look down they'll find the Prophet

and above a cat hiding they could seen

them and that's the point where the

Prophet was you know given revelation

abu bakr as-siddiq was worried and he

said the Prophet turned diamond said

that tax on innallaha mana don't be sad

Allah is with us it's amazing that even

at that point he didn't say don't be

afraid of lies with us he said don't be

sad Allah is with us and well but God

wasn't afraid he was just sad that if

this happens the truth will die here

the truth will no longer spread that was

a sadness that was killing him not the

fear of death so no reason to sail at

the hop in namaha mana but rather that

accident in allah allah you know don't

be sad allah is with us but in any case

this journey is going to be an extremely

difficult one it's an extremely sad one

it's an extremely painful one and in

considering all of that now Allah is

going to give the prophets lights on

them the proper provisions how are you

supposed to prepare for this journey you

know this is something that letters all

the time when you prepare for a

difficult journey

he gives instruction for example when we

go to Hajj Allah says with as a widow

Laila is fighting the height is 8

o'clock what when you're going to go to

Hajj which is a tough journey Allah says

make sure you take precautions make sure

you pack properly make sure you have

your passport in order make sure you

have enough savings make sure you take a

safe road make sure you don't talk to

strangers all of thats captured

site as a widow for in the high desert

up I'm the best of all provisions you

can have as your consciousness of Allah

and caution when you travel be careful

when you travel this is what Allah says

when you travel so how is a lot going to

prepare the prophets later on for this

journey what does he say you'll be

surprised these as Acuna Salaf and lulu

kasam se la se la locura and budgin

this has established a prayer from the

time the Sun comes up to the time the

night becomes really deep and dark and

especially the Quran of budget the Quran

of the Fajr prayer you want to prepare

for this journey pray if you want to

prepare for this journey and the

prophets already committed to prayer

Salah so it's not like this ayah came

and now he started praying it's now he's

being told in order to me now you're

going to be disconnected from your

people you're going to be disconnected

from your motherland

well I'm Tehillim we have invalid this

land that you're going to be leaving but

you know what one connection will remain

and that connection has to be

strengthened like never before

that's the connection with Allah and of

that ultimate connection by the way the

Arabic word for connection is Salah from

Salem Salah which is prayer itself and

so life's telling him no matter how much

you get severed from this place you will

never get severed from Allah and of all

those prayers those five prayers the one

that would truly connect you to Allah is

going to be the the Quran of budget he

didn't even call it the prayer of budget

notice he called it the Quran of federal

budget actually Quran is not made a Bafa

for Arabic students it's not making love

to other than to to unfuck it it's

incredible the word Quran in the Quran

is never connected to anything in it the

way it is to the word of legend it's a

it's a remarkable thing so Allah is

telling our messenger salallahu alayhi

wa sallam especially that break of dawn

when when darkness ends and light begins

at that time that

is the time to recite the Quran why is

that significant for many reasons in

this football share a couple of them

with you

you know the era between the departure

of Jesus of Greece alehissalaam and the

coming of our prophet sallallaahu

audience of them is this long period of

Darkness it's like a night and then

finally the light of Revelation came

which is like the morning that's like

the morning the Quran recited that

budget is actually it symbolizes the end

of the age of darkness and the beginning

of Revelation the Prophet SAW salem is

being told even if you're going to most

the most darkest of times the humanity

was in much darker times and this Quran

came so don't worry when you commit to

the Quran at fudger time no matter what

dark times you're going through what to

light is on the horizon just like the

light of the Sun comes out it is the

light of Revelation that will right near

the rest of your life the rest of your

day well Coronel pledget what an

incredible statement for the Prophet and

a subtle Salam

don't be depressed brighter days are

ahead brightness is ahead and the best

way to prepare is Kohanim fatiha

he says in the Quran and fat economist

CUDA the Quran a pleasure is has always

been witnessed question is who's

witnessing it kanima shuddha has always

been witnessed and this is addition of

food which suggests that there are those

that are witnessing it but the witnesses

aren't mentioned you know what that

means Allah is especially witness to the

Quran recited at fudger

he's also mentioning that there are

angels whose only task is to witness the

Quran recited by Project Imam Razi would

go on to say but in this ayah there's

also an indication that believers should

encourage each other to pray Roger

together so they can witness each other

so they can be you know each of you

becomes much food for the rest you

become sure wish I had enormous food

that's what happens so this idea of the

Quran preparing you at budget and

preparing you for the migration that's

coming and then he says for the Prophet

himself particularly Salah la hora de la

la mina daily Fattah haji be now

philatelic and from in the middle of the

like some part of the night make sure

that you particularly make the Hudgins

additional night prayers additional for

you not that luck telling the Prophet

why because when his followers would

hear that they might think that this is

mandatory on them so let me be clear

immediately no no naffy let that lack

its additional for you an extra thing

for you not for them I've given you an

extra half so some would even

extrapolate from this that the night


the additional prayer bit after Isha and

before fudger

is actually mandatory for the Prophet an

additional responsibility on him not on

us were encouraged to do so but he's

obligated to do so why and Allah tells

us why he says I saw a Africana become a

common Mac modem perhaps but your master

is going to raise you and elevate you to

a place a station that is praised Makka

Moo Makka Moo that I have a few minutes

left but I got to get this out to you

somehow the prophet alayhi al-salam is

being told that if you pray in the

middle of the night there's a there's an

optimistic chance that you are going to

be placed on a praiseworthy station

mccollum amudha this is not an

accidental term what does it mean a

praiseworthy station the Prophet himself

would describe a common Mac mode the

place that is praised it is a reference

to something that will happen on the day

of judgment on the day of judgment all

humanity will be gathered young man a

little cool that would Assam be email me

him no accident that is also in this

surah when we call all people by their

leaders and this Ummah these Muslims are

going to be called by their leader the

prophet salallahu alaihe salam nobody

will be speaking on that line a second

level not in demand as in Al Araf man

nobody will say a word except the one

who Allah gives from the rock man gets

permission to Allah gives permission to

and the only one he gives permission to

on Judgment Day is the Prophet slice of

humanity all of it the sea of humanity's

in one field and one man starts

elevating above the rest and how

everybody can see this one man rising

and then he's given permission to sleep

speak and then he says I will praise

Allah with words of praise that I don't

even know yet that Allah will give me

then that

no one's ever heard before and that's

how the profit will start speaking to

Allah a judgement day that is the

station worthy of praise but of the

things he will say on that day I wanted

to share this with you in particular

fire cool the Prophet will say labbayk

was our take you know the bake Here I am

and how happy I am to see you

what shall Goulet say awake and no evil

can be attributed to you well Mady you

when had eight and the one you've guided

truly has been guided well I'm GU kabane

I a day can your slave is right here

before you he's talking about himself

what become and it is only here because

of you what he liked and he was always

headed towards you anyway well Joe

Aleman John linka in a lake and there is

no place to hide

no no ditch to find refuge in and no

refuge and no rescue from you except to

you Deborah kita what are later how

blessed you are how high and sacred you

are so Hanukkah how perfect you are and

the last part of this really gets me on

belvane he calls instead of calling him

master he says master of the house he

calls him master of the house where's

the Prophet gonna leave he's going to be

leaving Makkah which is the house of

Allah and Allah says pray pleasure time

and then pray in the middle of the night

and maybe Allah will raise you to this

high praiseworthy place and when he's

raised on that high worthy place he will

turn to Allah and call him the master of

the house but when he calls him the

master of the house they're no longer at

Aqaba they're no longer at the Kaaba

Allah rockbell bait here is a reference

to the eye of Allah it's the throne of

Allah it's the it's the grand you know

kingdom of Allah in the heavens that is

above the Karma what Allah is saying is

you're worried about departing from this

house of Allah to Medina aye

preparing you to see me by my Amish rope

well they don't worry about this journey

I've got a much bigger journey for you

ready prepare for that one instead and

this one will become easy what an

incredible thing to say subhanAllah this

is what the messenger asylum was given

as a preparation and then the prayer

that was the point of this whole bar the

prayer is what good and say now that you

prepare yourself now ask Allah ask

tomorrow be at the Hindi Madonna said

O'Kane master enter me allow me to enter

put me in mood the silence obtain a

place to enter truthfully what Radha

said is a difficult thing to express

I'll try to communicate some of its

meanings to you guys everybody move up

in Shama mean come we are to ask you to

move up modulus obtained suggests Ya

Allah wherever you make me enter make

sure I don't let go of the truth make

sure the truth is by my side sit in

Arabic also is the opposite not just a

cut above lie but also of soup of evil

Ya Allah

you make me enter whatever you put me in

put me in in a way that is good no

that's good for me put me around people

that accept my truth make me truthful to

others keep me truthful to others and

allow others to be truthful to me mother

Holle acceptance surround me with


yahuwah entered me there mother said

king well original and take me out most

majestic king take me out from wherever

you're going to take me out but take me

out while I can hold on to goodness and

be true and be sincere now it's

interesting that this entire scene was

of the Prophet not entering somewhere

but leaving somewhere he was leaving


he was leaving Mecca so the you were

extreme I was expecting a lot to say

well Columbia original hodges's king

yeah now get me out of here in a way

that's true you know I can hold on to

the truth and in a way that's good for

me but instead of talking about him

exiting Allah talks about him

first what allows teaching us in this

ayah is profound scholars like when I

started trying to understand how people

have in the past have contemplated over

this prayer and what they thought about

this prayer I was baffled

I was absolutely baffled some said this

prayer get you know enter me into a

truthful place is medina get me out of a

place truthfully that's Mecca

that's one interpret another group said

no no no actually get me out of the

truth or enter me into a place is

actually his returning to Mecca he's

returning to Mecca and then get me out

truthfully is his departure from this

world some said let me enter me into the

grave with so that I'm a truthful person

as Hindi at clinical cover hold on a


what oscillation a middle cover looks

like I said pain get me out of the gray

and all of these interpretations all

true but you know why you have so many

interpretations because Allah does not

limit this prayer to the migration of

the prophets of Allah you said I mean

that's the wisdom of Allah every one of

you and every one of myself my family

you your families every human being is

either in a situation or getting out of

a situation we are in the middle of

something and we're hoping to get out of

something or but you know and Allah is

imagine is telling us something

remarkable in this prayer if you want to

get out in a way that you can hold on to

the truth and get out in a way that's

good for you and first of all hold on to

your prayers

hold on to your prayers and especially

take care of budget pray and if you

really want to end up in a place that's

praiseworthy add the night prayer that's

an extra thing but then when you do then

what Allah will do for any of anything

you find you any trouble you find

yourself in you don't worry about a lot

getting you out of trouble it's actually

Allah saying I'm going to get you into

something good into something I hope I

can communicate this clear to you as I

in my foot but the beauty of this dog

when a human being is in trouble when

you and I are in trouble all we can

think about is what is it going to end

when am I going to get out of this mess

that's all we can think about Allah

wisdom is giving us a prayer that

doesn't just get us out of the mess

before he makes you worry about get out

of the mess a lot of saying pray that I

put you in something good first and by

the way gets you out of a mess a

Definity what color said paint hardest

ask originally most like that second

second because it could be that you get

out of this mess into a much bigger mess

that's what we do with our lives

so before you worry about getting out of

this trouble Allah is asking you to beg

him to put you in something that is good

for you that a vector you can hold on to

your sincerity and your truth and now

we're learning in no matter what

situation we find ourselves in no matter

what difficulty we find ourselves in the

thing to ask Allah is that our character

our integrity our truthfulness is not

compromised so long as that is not


whatever Allah puts incessant is fine

and so the last part of this prayer

which I leave in the dual in Casselton

and nasarah and put in furnish for me

provide for me something that especially

comes from you and can only come from

you min ladunka and that can only come

from your special vault something that

can only only come from Allah and it's

particularly catered for you it's not

meant for anybody else what is this

thing sold on and a Serie A an aiding

Authority now what does that mean that

actually means yeah Allah give me

confidence in what I do

sold on an Arab it could be an authority

power give me the strength to be able to

deal from one situation to another that

will aid me also so con means evidence

in now reveal a silicalia him Soltan

mean say torah on the one hand soap are

Namibian dough Quran clear Borja new

movie by Morocco Baha'i movie clear

evidence yeah love whatever I do give me

clarity give me clarity that will help

me make me think clearly through things

so when I do things I don't do them

haphazardly you know why that's so wise

because we are in a state of desperation

when human beings are in trouble then

they make decisions without thinking

through things they think they don't

think they just act out option and then

they regret their decision later so you

pray to Allah first of all don't

compromise my

integrity no matter what the situation

and second of all yeah love whatever I

do please furnish me the ability to take

authoritative well-thought-out decisions

that will only work that are only going

to aid me which I'm the min ladunka

Sultana cor and so you appreciate what

Allah says in the next ayah as I

conclude what will jaw and Huck was a

headline Baltic in Nam battle-ax Gaza

Luba and just declared after that that

the truth has arrived and falsehood has


it's withered away when you can do that

then don't worry about any falsehood

that comes in your life anybody who

gives you trouble all of that will

disappear if you can commit yourself to

a lot may Allah Azza WA JAL make us of

those who can truly hold on to him all

of us falter all of the all of us have

weaknesses some of us some very bad

sleep habits we don't get up for Fajr

or we barely get up for a budget or even

when praying pleasure we're still


that happens too you know may Allah make

us of those who can better our sleeping

habits and take advantage of the Quran

of fudging that can be witnessed that

can become our aid and then one day we

can additionally even stand in the

middle of the night before oh luck so

you can take us out of whatever

situation we're in and put us in a mud

sunset you can put us in a place that is

that is good for us it's true for us and

it strengthens our own truthfulness mara

colophony welcome to the Quranic Hakim

when a farm eiei commits ayah where the

Kentucky hamdu lillahi wa kaze wa salatu

wa salam o everybody hindi mustafa

hosonaga Liliha muhammad aleihi muhammad

in in a mean way he was acting

yo Allah Azza WA JAL vaquita became man

who are on the banana shake on the

regime in allaha wa ma category so luna

llena be yeah you hella dina amanu sallu

alayhi wa sending you to SEMA allahumma

salli ala muhammad

Mohammed came oscillator ala rasulillah

anyway but an irony in the kinesiology

allahu wa barik ala muhammadin wa ala

muhammad came about that my team of

salami in Mohammed emoji read by the LA

ilaha illa allah la ilaha illa allah

with itself for ETA is in Corbin playing

her and in fact she even incur political

by edward vulner we are in a moment of

sorrow okay no sada in the silastic an

italian mini Nikita Nikita

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