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Quran stories for kids Episode 01 CREATION OF THE WORLD (1)

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Quran Stories for kids


long ago there was emptiness earth and

sky were not there neither was there

moon or Sun no light wish to be seen

anywhere darkness blanketed everything

the most merciful Almighty Allah

resolved to make a place for his

creations for the entire world to be set

up all he had to say was be Allah

created the world beautiful to look upon

he designed the earth to be walked on

and then raised mountains on it to keep

it in its place

he made sky as a canopy on earth he

ornamented the sky with two beautiful

jewels the moon and the Sun the Sun

gives in the day while the moon emanates

it at night all according to his

commands then Allah decorated the night

sky with numerous stars and ordered them

to glow brilliantly so that travelers

may get help in finding their way at

night the sky has countless stars still

they are not saying so they are very

small and some are mighty many glimmer

lightly while others shine intensely

these beautiful stars guide the journeys

to their destinations

then Allah separated the dry lands from

seas he spread plants all over the lands

trees bushes a beautiful flowers upon

his orders rain water nourished the

plans to help them grow and after that

Allah created a huge Verity of animals

lions horses cows zebras and elephants

next amid births the mace Eagles

peacocks ostriches sparrows and night

Eagles the Seas were giving creatures

small and big beautiful and be well

drink the world was stunningly gorgeous

with Greenland's blue skies and seas

various shade of blue and green

the entire world were felt was his

creations the earth had animals sky have

birds while the Seas head an assortment

of fish Allah intended to make the world

even more beautiful Allah created the

angels these angels carry out each of

Allah's commands without questions they

are also messengers they convey his

messages to every Koerner of this world

they make sure that the entire world run

Perales orders the winds blow where and

when they are needed to the clasp or the

rain in the right places and the rains

water the plants and fill the wells and

lakes then Allah made jinns from fire

some of these chains of good while some

are evil some of them believe in him and

his powers and some are non-believers

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