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Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan Be Grateful

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The definition of ungratefulness is never being appreciative of all the gifts

Allah gave us and taking them for granted. In Surat Ar-Rahman, explains

Nouman Ali Khan, Allah tells us to be grateful or else you would be defying

Him, and the punishment for that may not be in this world. You will not get

away with such transgressions and if you think you can escape on judgment

day, you are mistaken. The more grateful you are to Allah’s many blessings, the

more doors he will open for you.


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Emily what a rock that Emil this and EF

Connelly I mean our ballad I mean in

this brief table that I'd like to share

with so many young people here today I'd

like to focus all of my attention on a

small scene described on judgement day

from Surat al-rahman and Soto Rahman I

think many of you know that the word al

Rahman is one of the beautiful names of

Allah the most one of the most powerful

names of allah azzawajal and it makes

reference to allah's love allah scare

and allows mercy and the fact that Allah

gives gifts with no strings attached

anybody who will give you things in life

let me tell you I'm old enough now I

have enough experience to tell you when

people give things to you in life most

of the time there's a string attached

they want something from you and when

they give you something they want

something in return

it's always going to be the case as a

matter of fact even in the most loving

relationships if your mother does

something for you just sheer out of love

even if she won't ask she expects

something in return she expects your

love in return she expects your respect

in return she expects your obedience in

return even if she won't ask for it if

the feeling is still going to be there

but Allah and so it just gives and he

gives and he gives and he even gives to

the one who doesn't responded at all to

him who doesn't care anything about him

he still gives them there are people who

never remember Allah never thank him for

anything as a matter of fact there are

people who even curse Allah and use

filthy language against Allah and

moreover they even use filthy language

against the prophet of allah salallahu

alaihe said them and he even gives them

air to breathe and he lets them their

hearts continue to beat and he allows

that them to still continue to drink and

eat he does that they're not in control

of their heartbeats he is but he does

that for them but you know what there

are some people who even though they

recognize the things that Allah is doing

for them it's really hard for them to

accept that all of the things that they

have is not actually from themselves

it's not something that they just

deserve or they're entitled to that they

are given as gifts from Allah young

people reach a certain age where they

become really really obsessed with

themselves really obsessed you

you start caring a lot about how you

look you start caring a lot about you

know maybe the the brand of clothes that

you're going to wear you start thinking

a lot about even the kind of book bag

you're going to bring to school I can't

take that when everybody's going to make

fun of me or maybe a friend of yours has

a the new iPhone and now your iPhone

looks like a dinosaur and you can't show

your face in society anymore because

you're behind everybody else you start

comparing yourself to other people right

and all the time you're constantly

comparing yourself to someone else and

you start thinking I don't have what

this person has I'm not as tall as that

one I'm not as you know good-looking as

this one I'm not as rich as that one I

don't have the things that this one has

and you're constantly thinking about

what you don't have and when you're

constantly thinking about what you don't

have it becomes very difficult for you

to be grateful it becomes very difficult

for you to think about the fact that

Ally is taking care of you that Allah is

giving you things that you can imagine

that you can never count well internet

metal ahi laptop so ha because all of

your time is spent thinking about what

you don't have this is actually the very

definition of ingratitude an ungrateful

person is not necessarily someone who

comes out and says I am ungrateful to

Allah nobody says that

normal sub says that but when someone's

always complaining when someone is

always whining when someone's always

depressed that they don't have something

when the Sun was always negative they're

always thinking about the negative and

they're never appreciative of what they

actually have you have health there are

millions of children's children around

the world that are in hospitals that

have been in accidents that can't walk

anymore you have the gift of health you

have the gift of your tongue your speech

you have the gift of your eyes you have

the gift of parents you know for the

vast majority of your HMDA your parents

are alive that's a gift from Allah

that's not something good under buy but

you start taking these things for

granted a lot of you guys have and girls

have you know like a Playstation at home

you know maybe a Playstation 3 how

embarrassing you don't have a

Playstation 4 you should make a

stepfather for that one you know like

you don't you know and you keep thinking

man I wish I had that I wish I had a new


and that new game came out I don't have

it my friends have already played it

that's how your mind is running all the

time and this is us kids but guess what

if you don't fight this now and if you

don't make this normal now when you

become adults you'll turn into the most

greedy adults on the planet all you're

thinking about is yourselves and you

know that the great turmoil on the

planet the great wars that are happening

the corruption that's happening the

pollution that's happening on the planet

all the problems of the planet you know

what they go back to they go back to one

disease and that one disease is greed

people want more for themselves they're

not happy with what they have companies

want more than for themselves they're

not happy with how much they already

make so they don't care if they're going

to pollute rivers and lakes so long as

they can make more money

governments want more control for

themselves doesn't matter how many

people they kill you know so you have

this is where it comes to all those

people that are doing these terrible

things there was a time when they were

kids there was a time when they were

kids and when they were kids

their greed went unchecked and now that

they're adults their greed has gone

crazy so we Muslims al hamdulillah al

hamdulillah we are people that keep

acknowledging the favor of Allah but you

don't understand the favor of Allah

saying alhamdulillah recognizing al

Rahman just recognising it is actually

something that can save the world from a

lot of problems it could save the world

from terrible terrible greed because one

day you guys are going to be executives

one day you guys are going among you are

going to be presidents among you are

going to be business owners among you

are going to be doctors and there just

to give you an example of a doctor

there's the right kind of doctor and

there's a wrong kind of doctor the kind

of doctor that wants to save people's

lives wants to help people he gets into

this profession because he cares about

humanity yes he makes a good living but

he's not in it for the money it's so

much more than money for him but then

there's the kind of doctor who says man

doctors make a lot of money I saw this

doctor he was riding a Benz and I want

to get the Porsche why do you want to be

a doctor well you know you know you see

doctors houses man that's why I want to

be a doctor and that's the I hope I

never have to go to a doctor like that

one because they don't see me a

a human being they see me as catching

catching money in the bank that's what

they see in front of them they just get

rid of me quickly and get to the next

patient because all they care about is

the more patients I see the more money I

can make they're not going to give me a

good good advice that's for me they're

not going to tell me to take the

medication that I need for to better

myself they're going to tell me the

medication that their pharmaceutical

company told them to subscribe so they

can get a cut so they can get more perks

that's what they're going to do

dishonesty in the most noble profession

this is you guys are going to be in

those professions and you're going to

have to make a choice between honesty

and dishonesty between your own greed

and your integrity your character but

that will not automatically happen one

day it has to start now you have to

start thinking about other people from

now you have to stop being obsessed only

with yourself yes take care of yourself

have a good time play video games I

don't mind keep it in balance though you

know you sometimes it will start the

once and you can play video games that

means I can go make the almond lane

tonight and finish Assassin's Creed

three times over you know no no no on

the one hand our Deen allows us to relax

our Deen allows us to enjoy ourselves

but on the other hand it prevents us

from falling into extremes falling into

just you you you get obsessed with one

thing and you're just completely

immersed but I said to you today my foot

by is focused on this scene from

Judgment Day so I want to bring you back

to that scene and tie this first half of

my foot but what the second half of my

foot bone as I explained this scene to

you I'll start with something that

happens in a classroom I used to be a

teacher myself and I'll tell you a scene

that happened in the classroom when I

first joined a school I used to be a

teacher at an Islamic school many

centuries ago and when I was there I

decided that I am NOT going to be a

strict teacher I'm going to be the kind

of teacher that walks and and he makes

all kinds of jokes tells all kinds of

funny stories and maybe teach us

something along the way

that's who I'm going to be I'm going to

be the cool teacher and so I walked in

and I told some crazy jokes I did some

magic tricks I did all kinds of stuff

and the kids loved it by the time the

class was over I got like a standing


and I was like this is awesome this is

so cool and then the next day I did the

same thing and the third day I did the

same thing and then I said to myself

okay now these guys are my friends

everybody on in second grade is my

friend now when I tell them to open up

chapter five and start reading they're

going to listen to me because they're my

friends but when I told them to open up

Chapter five

one kid grazes it goes tell us another

joke I don't think it goes hey do that

trick with your ear I'm not going to

show you what that is another kid goes I

don't want to learn do something fun do

something crazy make me laugh I think no

guys I'll do that later

just open up Chapter five we don't want

to and they started get there was a

revolution in the classroom and I don't

know what these second year old innocent

little kids were now monsters I could

not control and they were about to eat

me alive and all this craziness is

happening and there's this one kid I

still remember him he's he's got a

pencil in his hand and he goes on the

back wall of the classroom and he starts

writing his name and as he's writing it

he looks at me and then he keeps writing

and I'm looking at him and he's looking

straight and his friend looks at him and

he goes hey he sees you and he goes yeah

but he's a nice guy you know so but you

know what I did I realized this is bad

this is out of control I've done too

many nice things for them and they've

decided to take advantage of me I was

only doing nice things for them because

I want to do nice things for them but

also they have to give me something too

they have to do some studies too but

these kids are now just running amok

there's this total chaos and anarchy in

the classroom we have to restore order

so when the period was about to end this

craziness the zoo was about to come to a

close just one minute left in the class

you know the kid who was writing stuff

on the wall you know what I did I said

Kadeem can I see you after class by



when I said that there was a silence in

the room there was no but I didn't call

everybody out when I was saying

everybody calm down everybody out

everybody come on guys please just

listen to me just listen no nobody would

listen when I said Kadeem can I see you

after class by yourself please complete

silence complete silence you know why

because when you take one student and

you pull them out and you pull them into

the office you pull them into the

classroom and say and just doesn't

matter what you say even if I don't even

open my mouth if your teacher did that

to you or if your principals I can I see

you in my office and this is called you

your heart is going to be reading so

hard it's going to be up to your throat

that's what's going to happen even if he

doesn't say anything but you know what

at the end of it all I said Karim I

didn't yell at him I didn't tell him

senator I just couldn't

I'm really disappointed with what you

did today and I don't want to talk to

your parents about it but can you

promise me that you're not going to do

that again and he was almost in tears

cream was almost in tears and he said I

promise okay you can go all right I'll

tell you that was a long time ago many

centuries ago now I teach adults I don't

teach kids anymore I teach adults and it

works the same way just for fun

sometimes I'll take a student who's like

you know we teach Arabic at our program

and there's a student studying and they

have a break and in the break they have

a table tennis like a ping-pong table

they have a pool table we have used to

have a play station we got rid of it you

know so they were they were playing pool

and I took one student I said Oh Don

could you step into my office please

is everything okay yeah inshallah just

why don't you just let's just talk in

private and I'll bring him into my

office I'll sit him down and then I'll

sit in my chair across the desk and then

I'll tell actually you know what it's

probably better if you close the door

and then he'll close the door and I'll

sit on my desk and I'll say where did I

put that and I take some papers out

where was that where was that

and I actually I only have empty papers

in front of me I'm all pretending where

was that and he's sitting there sweating

he's like his life is flashing before

his eyes you know all the good things in

his life he's remembering you know he's

thinking how am I going to write

farewells to my parents and you know and

then at the end of it all now that I see

the nervous look on his face I just say

I just wanted to say you're doing a

fantastic job have a good day right so I

do that with my students but I do that

just to remind myself that when the

teacher pulls you out and singles you

out it's terrifying now Allah is telling

you to be grateful Allah is telling

every human being to be grateful and by

the way the number one word among young

people that illustrates that they are

not grateful is the word whatever it's

the number one word whatever your

parents are telling you to read whatever

somebody somebody something great you

see something amazing instead of saying

alhamdulillah what do you say first

whatever you're not grateful you just

what and then there are people who care

so little they can't even complete the

word they say what have they really

complete the word they care that little

now why why am I telling you all of this

because when you're ungrateful you are

defying Allah but when you're defying

Allah he doesn't punish you he doesn't

come over he doesn't pull you into the

office none of that's going to happen

with Allah except it's not going to

happen yet so he says enough through who

Lacombe we will make a lot of free time

especially for you and you hatha : two

groups meaning all the massive

population of jinns and all the massive

population of human beings you guys


getting away with stuff you're not you

know why the word Sakhalin is used I

won't get into grammar or technical

stuff that's not for you I'll tell you

something though there's a there's a

couple of hundred of you sitting in here

if one of you is on your phone right now

I don't know about it if one of you is

texting right now I have no clue if one

of you is quietly talking to one of your

friends next to you I don't have a clue

I mean I see some of you doing that I

don't see all of you doing that there's

a girl back there on Facebook I don't

have a cool I don't know I don't know

there's no way for me to know and you

know what

you start thinking when you're in a

large crowd that you can get away with

stuff who's he gonna come after all of

us uh-huh

he can't do that he's not gonna pick us

out and imagine if I pick one of you out

by name and embarrassed you that

wouldn't be a lot of fun would it but

you know what when Allah does that when

Allah says that he says there are people

who sin on this earth who are ungrateful

on this earth but they think to

themselves there's way too many of us

all is not gonna come after me like

seriously all these people who was going

to check Allah says excuse me I will

free myself up just for you

each and every one of you you think

you're that many huh you think you're

that many but then that fab eie ila

yellow baku motto can see bad what what

favors of al are you still willing to be

grateful ungrateful for what more do you

want to deny what more of the awesome

things Allah wants to do for you are you

willing to just ignore and then finally

this is one of the most incredible

scenes of judgement day recorded in the

entire Quran and in order to understand

this scene I'm going to paint another

scene for you maybe something that's

called easier for you to understand you

have sometimes in movies and stuff with

Allah you have sometimes in movies cops

chasing a criminal right the cops

running after a criminal and the

criminal is running away jumping over

fences and he's like climbing over like

you know trash cans and things like that

and he's just running running running

and the police is running after him and

he sings stop freeze freeze hold it

right there and he's not listening he's

just getting away but imagine a crazy

situation where the cops are running

after a criminal and the cop gets on the

big giant mic and he goes hey

could you run a little faster could you

put some legs into it you call that a


why would police officers do that the

only reason the police would do that is

they know he's already surrounded so go

ahead knock yourself out run as much as

you want

go ahead there are people who don't care

a thing about a lot they have this

whatever attitude throughout their whole


judgement day begins the sky starts

ripping open the earth starts shaking

the mountains start leveling out things

are going nuts on this planet and they

realize they are now going to stand

trial in front of Allah so they decide

to run for it they think they can run

away from Allah and human beings that we

only have the capability of running

around on the earth jinns have the

capability of flying

so the jinns that were criminals on the

earth they think they can just fly away

and get out of this just trouble get

away from it in another scene Allah

describes Conda home home almost an Fela

farm Adventist wata like mules that are

running away from a from a lion you know

like animals that are eating their food

and a lion that comes and they just make

a run for it or birds that fly off you

know they're gonna try and do that but

what does Allah say yeah mashallah

jitney one ends gathering an

announcement is made across the planet

gatherings of jinns and human beings in

a stop Adam if you are capable and tanfa

lumenok Teresa Marathi one odd fun fool

ooh if you want to cross beyond the

boundaries of the skies and the earth go

ahead run if you want go ahead and run

see how far you get Latin food hoon I

love you salt on you're not going

anywhere except with the proper

authorization without the proper

authority you're not going nowhere

that's the scene described on Judgment


surah al Rahman is focused on one idea

and one idea centrally and that is the

idea of getting across the seriousness

to the people who are ungrateful to the

people who don't thank ally enough the

people who don't appreciate what they've

been given that is Wi-Fi B ie Allah

Arabic umma to conceive and keeps coming

up Oh

and over and over and over again how

much more ungrateful could you be how

much more oblivious could you be how

much more carefree could you be why

don't you care why don't you think as I

leave you for this hope I'd like to give

you a small homework assignment let's

start by being grateful to our parents

to start with that's an easy one because

most of you as you're becoming teammate

pre teenagers and teenagers you guys

complain about your parents a lot my mom

gosh she was so angry my dad asked him I

wanted that I want that Grand Theft Auto

8 straight to hell but he didn't he

didn't get it for me

you know you complain about your parents

a lot but your parents are one of the

greatest gifts of Allah to you if not

the greatest gift of Allah to you show

gratitude to your parents thank your

parents you know what you should do like

what should I thank them for me don't do

anything thank them for putting up with

you thank them for being patient with

you thank your mother for giving you

birth and almost dying thank your father

for working long hours at his office

long hours dry you know running his

store doing whatever he does you know

exhausting himself so he can pay for

your stuff he can get you things thank

them for putting you in an Islamic

school I started that's not a small

thing that your parents have put you in

this school that's not a small gift from

them to you what's the big deal about

that yeah you don't know you don't know

there are kids that lose their Islam in

school I met teenagers 11 12 13

year-olds I used to be Muslim that lost

their Islam because they went to school

because they went to the wrong school

because of their friends at school the

very gift of Islam you have is because

Allah has guided us you know given your

parents the means and he's given them

the strength to sacrifice to give you

this kind of an education that's not a

small thing be grateful to them that is

your assignment

I pray that Allah Azza WA JAL makes

every single one of us grateful and I

pray that Allah Azza WA JAL does not

make us of those who have to run in fear

on Judgment Day

those are that are protected in the

shade of a lot I don't have to run

anywhere you know Allah makes us from

those people and if you want to

accomplish great things in life become

grateful because once you become

grateful in Jakarta mazeed Anakim Allah

will increase you in ways you couldn't

even imagine if you're having a hard

time in math class in science if you're

having a hard time in English or in

Arabic class you're not getting you're

not doing any better you're hoping you

could do better but you're not doing


guess what become more grateful to Allah

a level opened doors for you your

studies will become easier you'll get

better at basketball you'll become more

athletic or everything in your life will

start getting better

when you become grateful when you become

grateful so I pray that Allah makes you

grateful young people that are better an

example for others all over the world

and especially all over the city

barakallahu li walakum wa-salaamu

alaikum wa rahmatullahi Ricardo

alhamdulillah he wa kafa was salat wa

salam o allah body he ladina Safa


Allah Afghani him bhajatam in the

beginning I mean Ali he was happy

ajma'in Yahoo Allah Azza WA JAL Vicky

typing in Korean vada an Akula

erodibility min ash-shaitani rajim

bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim in allaha

wa ma yahoo you saloon italian navy yeah

you had latina amanu sallu alayhi

wasallam you Taslima a llama salli ala

muhammadin wa ala ali muhammad

commercial a de la ilaha illa llah

haemophilia al-amin in the kaha muhammad

allahumma barik ala muhammadin wa ala

muhammad came a barakah rahim brother

Ibrahim falada mean in the comida Majeed

a bad Allah

Raheem Akula eat tabouleh in llaha

ya'muru bil a divination waiter is in

CORBA when hand in fashion even one

curve well as a cruel aji akbar allahu

allah ma mattress down

okay Masada in al-mu'minun a kettle no


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