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Islamic cartoon for kids in english - The lie

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Islamic cartoon for kids in English - The lie - little Muslim
Osratouna entertains & educates your child with cartoons and shows just for Muslim Kids. Each video is curated and based on core Islamic values. InshaAllah, your child will have the best chance to be successful here and hereafter.


hello ah it's Nadia how are you, my dear sister, yes I'm very well thank you but, I'm calling to let you know that our father is very ill we're going to take him to the hospital. I hope that it's nothing serious he fainted we are really frightened his blood pressure has really dropped don't worry. I'll come over right away with his ease
what's happened father is going to be taken to hospital it's because of his blood pressure again don't worry all will be well inshallah I'm going to get

ready mom has something serious happened your grandfather is very ill they're going to take him to the hospital I'm going to go there with your father we'll be

back soon.

look after your brother's well while we're away see you soon my little ones and above all no messing around eNOS my dear.
I'm counting on you yes ma'am don't worry you can count on me bye take care of grandfather. Hello Asya is that you you want to go out straight away I have to look after my

little brothers ah yes you're right I'll be right over where are you going and going out but that's no concern of your mum and dad

told you to look after us I'll do what I like and in any case, mom and dad won't know about it if she's going out we have to do the same come on let's go and play

in the garden but mum and dad said that we had to be good and stay in the house don't worry we're not going to do anything stupid we're just going to

enjoy ourselves a bit in the garden we won't be leaving it Sammy come and see hurry up what is it have you found the ball again better than that I found a

lovely little cat come and help me catch it where is it I'm coming straightaway we're going to give him a shower he's really dirty this

cat I can't manage it this cat's frightened of water no there's water everywhere they're going to kill us but what have you done why is the house in such a state mom and

dad called and told me that they'll be back in five minutes what are we going to do but it wasn't our fault yes it's nothing to do with us

whether it was your fault or not the house is still in a state we will have to figure out a lie or we will be punished. Assalamu alaikum but what has been going

on here what a mess that what have you been doing what we've been out it wasn't our fault there were some burglars who came in through the window look they even

smashed the pot yes yes I saw them there were three of them and you're sure about what you're telling us yes yes however we live in a quiet building you


what do you think fine we'll just have to call the police you'll be witnesses now other doesn't like liars honesty leads to righteousness and righteousness leads

to paradise.

lying is a great sin I confess we have lied to you there never were any burglars we let a cat in it was him who made all this mess we disobeyed you and

we lied to avoid being punished as for me I went out and left my brothers all alone without taking care of them as you asked I am really really sorry

you have disobeyed us and lied to us you have disregarded your responsibilities the prophet Salla Allahu Allah wa Sallam asked us to always tell the truth even

if it might hurt and to never tell lies even if that can get us out of an unpleasant situation your father is right you have done is not good but you

have had the courage to tell us the truth are we going to be punished to make up for your mistake you will have to tidy up the lounge but don't worry we

will work together with you

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