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Prophet Stories for Kids in English Prophet Isaiah (AS) Islamic Kids Stories With Subtitles (1)

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Prophet Isaiah (as) lived during the time when King Hezkiah was ruling Israel. Hezkiah was a good King, and cared for the welfare of his people. He took every decision after consulting Prophet Isaiah (as). One day, a great enemy camps outside Israel, for attacking them


assalamualaikum waalaikumussalam

you are early today baba my work got

over early today I'll pray to Allah that

you finish your work early everyday

that's so sweet of you so what are you

doing now nothing I finished all my


some time back and I was thinking of

watching TV that's good then let us

watch the TV together then no Baba I

don't find the shows on TV interesting I

like your stories more than that

masha'Allah that's very good it's

important that you learn the words of

the prophets you can learn so many

things from their lives it is true in

fact my friends also loves the stories

of prophet huh are you telling the

stories to your friends too of course I


they always beg me to tell them the

story of prophets

I tell them during our breaks

masha'Allah you are such a good boy can

you tell me another story today please

insha Allah I will which was the story

that I told you yesterday you told me

the story of Prophet Sulayman yesterday

hmm then the next one is going to be the

story of Prophet ISA alaihi Salam

who is he baba prophet isaiah lived

after the time of prophet Dawood

alehissalaam he is one of those who

prophesized about prophet isa

alehissalaam before he was born now

listen carefully bismillah


the story of Prophet ISA alehissalaam


Prophet ISA alehissalaam lived during

the time when King has kiya was ruling

the country has kiya was a good king and

a faithful follower of Allah he also

listened to his a alehissalaam and

sought advice from him the kingdom

prospered under the Druze King and the

people liked him very much

one day the king became sick with an

infected foot it was during this time

that he heard a terrible news the

messenger ran into the palace and he

shouted Kingson hurry both Babylon is

coming to attack us it was true

the evil king Sahib was approaching

Israel with an army of 16,000 men the

King got worried when he heard about the

news and he asked the Prophet why did

the law reveal to you about Sahara and

his army nothing said the Prophet he has

not yet revealed anything to me

the king was sad even if he had to fight

he could not because of a sick leg that

night when the Prophet was praying he

received a revelation from Allah

next the Prophet went to meet the king

to pass on the message Allah wants you

to appoint a successor for your end is


when the Prophet told him this the good

King turned to the Qibla and he started

praying with the sincere heart O Lord of

lords and God of gods

he prayed you know what is better than I

do my open acts and secrets are with you

when Allah subhana WA Ta'ala heard the

sincere prayers of Ischia he felt

compassionate for him that night when

the prophet o spring of all revealed to

the Prophet that he was going to extend

the life of Ischia for another 15 years

God wanted him to extract the water of

the fig and apply to his soul he also

revealed that the king would be saved

from his enemy the next day the Prophet

rushed to inform the King about the good

news when the King heard about this he

was overjoyed

water of the fig on his soul as he was

commanded it was a miracle the source

got cured immediately

the king was happy now he prostrated on

the ground praying

o Lord you grant more see and answer the

prayers of the trouble ones

the next day king sinned hard was

shocked to find the soldiers lying dead

on the ground Allah had done what he had

promised the Prophet no one was alive

except for the king and five of his

companion King Hachiya arrested them and

took them back to his kingdom he puts in

hurry but his companion in shackles and

displayed them in his kingdom for 70

days after 70 days

Allah revealed to prophet Isaiah to

sense in her Eve and his companions back

to their country when the Prophet

informed Askia about this he released

them immediately when sin Herod returned

to his people he gathered all of them

including his ministers and advisers he

then told them about what had happened

how his soldiers were killed and how he

was shackled and displayed for 70 days

the priests and his magicians came

forward and told the king we warned you

before about their God and their

prophets they said but you did not

listen said another information which

nobody can overcome

Sinhala was afraid now and he never ever

thought of attacking the land of

property fire again mashallah that was a

great story I'm glad you liked it my son

husky I was such a good king isn't that

why God helped him so much

yes my son he was a good Muslim and a

faithful follower of a loss now shall I

ask you a few questions

I'm ready alright now tell me the name

of the king who attacked Israel it was

king synod of babylon that's correct

what was his clear sickness hmm the King

became sick with an infected foot what

did allah revealed to the prophet first

I'll review to the prophet that has kids

death was near and that he should

appoint a successor that's wonderful and

did he appoint a successor know when

house Kira heard about the revelation he

prayed to Allah and he got cured God

then gave him another 15 years to live

how was sin Herod and his companions


they were shackled and displayed in

Israel for 70 days and what happened

after that they were released and they

returned to Babylon the jinn heart

attack Israel again no he was afraid of

the gods and prophets of Israel and he

never attacked again

masha'Allah you give all the right

answers today Thank You Baba


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