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Heavenly Order of Surah Saad - Nouman Ali Khan

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About the organization and structure of the Quran will blow your mind


salam alikoum allocatively ricardo

hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen o salat wa

salam o a decided and we are even

mousseline wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi

ajma'in from allah that we let him

initiate on a regime bismillah ar-rahman

ar-rahim saad well analytic validity

naka for fear a certain way she talk

rubbish release Adri we ascend liamri

why the rock that I'm in this area

called Armenia rabbul aalameen from

alibag so here's what this talk is about

it's actually about the 38th surah of

the Quran so that side so that's odd

it's called Saad okay it's a maken surah

it has 80 something I add and it's a

very unique beautiful surah in the Quran

and I'll tell you something that's been

making me amazed by the Quran more

recently over the last few maybe almost

a year now

I study different aspects of the Quran

but one of the areas of the study of the

Quran that has completely blown my mind

is how the Quran is organized how the

Quran is organized it's absolutely

fascinating and it's one of the areas of

the study of the Quran that has gotten

very little attention like some people

have done work on it but a lot of people

just didn't really give it much

attention one of the pioneers in this

subject is a scholar who passed away

almost a century ago by the name of

Hamid Odin Farah he brilliant absolutely

brilliant scholar and he would actually

even give spiritual reasons he would say

things like what if the one who created

your fingers and organized every bone in

every joint why would he not organize

his book you know he would he would

actually make a spiritual argument about

the perfection of the organization of

the Quran right so this session I want

to share with you a structural overview

kind of a theme some of the themes and

the structure of surat what I forgot

what's all I was or what surah number

was that 83 very good

what was it okay good you're paying

attention was makki madani I forgot

let's Nutkin yeah no it's mekin smoking

okay so so that's odd it begins and

we're not going to go through the entire

surah it's 80 so my odds and you know

typically when I give a hug by it's

about one ayah and then the thirty

minutes are done so we're not going to

do that but we're trying to try to

capture as many lessons as we can

that's my by the way that's my first

agenda in this talk my second agenda I

hope we get time to do it is to actually

go through a small episode from the life

of dawood alehissallaam that's inside

this surah and that's going to be

important because actually my last

session is going to be about his son so

they might so that's going to be later

on so we're going to try to cover some

things about the father in this session

and then get to the son in the next

session right so that's that's the idea

behind the two anyhow so Allah begins

Saud well or any they think of Saud I

swear by the Quran that possesses

reminder the Quran that possesses

reminder Allah swears by the Quran and

you need to understand something about

when Allah swears by something like when

assam he swears by time what teenie was

a tune he swears by the fig and the

olive was shamsiel oh haha he swears by

the Sun and well as it comes up and

becomes brilliant so these oats in the

Quran they have many many functions but

one of the most amazing functions that

they have is that they are actually

evidence now I want you to remember this

when Allah swears by something he makes

whatever he swore by he makes it

evidence he makes it evidence when do

you need evidence when you have to prove

something that's when you need evidence

you need evidence in court don't you you

need evidence to you know to prove that

you did this assignment nobody else did

it evidence is used when you are being

challenged something is being held

against you and in order for you to be

innocent you have to prove with your

evidence similarly if you want to prove

somebody's guilty you also need what

evidence so in order to prove innocence

or in order to prove guilt you need

evidence in order to prove something as

a fact you need evidence now Allah is

saying that the evidence here in this

surah is that the Quran possesses what

reminder the Quran is full of reminder

it has the

power of reminder this is a less

evidence but what is this evidence for

what is he proving I mean now we have

the proof but what is the thesis that

he's proving what's remarkable in this

surah and in some solos of the Quran is

a lot never tells you what the thesis is

to give you an example to get wrap your

head around this he swears by time he

says well Alan I swear by time so now

time is evidence because he swore by

time time is what evidence what is that

he what is it that he's proving he's

proving in that in Santa Fe hosin no

doubt human beings are in los and what

is the biggest proof that human beings

are in Los what's the biggest evidence

that human beings are in Los it's time

because they're always losing time

there's nothing you're there's never any

opportunity for you or me to gain a

single second we're always going to be

what losing it so the biggest proof of

loss is time itself you understand that

one so now here he says the Quran is

full of reminder I swear by the Quran

that it's full of reminder in other

words I'm making the Quran that's full

of reminder evidence evidence to the

fact that even though it is full of

reminder and it's in between the lines

even though it's full of that reminder

you just don't take advantage and

remember the Quran being full of

reminder is actually an evidence against

a forgetful because the one who refuses

to remember is guilty and how are they

guilty you need proof against them

what's the proof against them that the

Quran is full of reminder this Quran

will testify on Judgment Day against the

one who didn't do the cut from it

it'll testify and say why didn't you

remember well I didn't know if the Quran

was worthy of mentioning every day I

didn't know if I should be thinking

about it every day

I didn't know if I should be reciting

and and pondering it every day what are

you talking about why didn't you think

these things it is full of the potential

of reminder reminder means something you

keep going back to over and over again

something that doesn't just go away once

and it possesses it every single time

which suggests not only do you get

reminded once you have to be reminded

continually throughout your life and so

when you and I

in that relationship with the Quran the

beginning ayat of surah Saad are the

ultimate evidence against scary stuff

then what's even more remarkable in this

surah as you go through the surah one of

the things you may learn from me maybe

some other other researchers and Quran

studies is that every surah it has some

words that keep coming up some words in

a solar keep coming up I like to call

them anchors that's my own terminology I

may have made that up I like to call

them anchors inside a sewer okay and the

anchor inside the surah no surprise is

actually thicker multiple times in this

surah allah will talk about so you can

remember this is a reminder live welcome

to the karun so you can make an effort

to remember you know in Hawaii ethic in

hey la vie Cara it's a powerful reminder

what grab Donna remember our slave

reminder reminder reminder until the

very end of the surah at the very last

ayah of the surah allah azzawajal says

Allahu Allah the Quran is nothing but

reminder for all nations you know in

Hawaii a cruel Delilah meanwhile at Ala

Moana baahubali he and is nothing but

reminder so it began with reminder and

it actually ends with reminder as well

that's the first thing I wanted to get

across to you guys now I want to share

the second anchor with you because these

two are the most powerful things if you

understand them you'll understand the

theme of this so it's really cool

the first anchor is what remind them to

remember Allah to make an effort to

remember him okay the second anchor is

actually in the next ayah valid ladina

Cafaro is that in worship are those who

disbelieved are lost and they are

immersed inside it is done now is that

as a complicated word to translate is

that you can say can translate into two

things at the same time if you use one

word in English is not enough so we're

going to use two words for the word

Reesa Reesa will be on the one hand

dignity dignity and the other hand it

will also be Authority dignity and

authority let's understand those words

before we move on sometimes people have

a lot of dignity like a teacher has

dignity an old man has dignity

ashay has dignity right but these these

people sometimes they have dignity but

they don't have what they don't have

authority there is a very dignified old

man but he's a retired professor or

something he doesn't have authority over

anything anymore

right so you possess his dignity but no

authority sometimes you have people that

have a lot of authority and too often

they don't have anyone then I have any

dignity right so they may possess

Authority but they don't possess dignity

when somebody has a son then what do

they have dignity and authority now

Allah says that disbelievers instead of

taking advantage of Allah's reminder

they are lost in their own sense of

dignity and authority they think that

there are two noble they don't need

nobility from anywhere else

they're already super respectable their

status in society what they think of

themselves what they want others to

think of them is enough for them and on

top of that why would they turn to the

Quran as an authority because they think

of themselves already as the ultimate

authority why they need to turn the

Quran so Allah says this idea of you

know self-absorbed dignity and authority

this is what's keeping people from

taking advantage of the Quran as a

reminder I don't need it you know it's a

very telling analysis from the Quran

that there are people when they read the

Quran it embarrasses them it highlights

what they're not doing and highlights

some of their flaws and that's

embarrassing and it takes away your

sense of dignity so they walk away from

it they don't want to deal with it

sometimes these reciting the Quran and

you wanted to do things this way but

unless book wants you to do things that

way and it challenges your right to do

things the way you wanted it challenges

your authority these people don't want

to let go of their authority they don't

want to let go that's why they don't

want to remember the Quran it's annoying

to them every time they hear it it

reminds them of how the other direction

they're going in so Allah says be latina

Cafaro fear is that it was Chicago now

she talked also by the way a schism

meaning they're cracked away they're

stubborn they're stuck in the way they

are they're not gonna budge now that

I've given you this introduction

the Surat the two major anchors of the

surah are what now reminder and as right

as I is easy because its eyes made up of

two words one of those two words again

dignity and authority right those are

the two words okay you'll find as that

keeps coming up and a Las name Allah

will say what do you think you have to

suffer that's why in the first passage

Allah will mention one of his names and

it's going to be a disease and Wahab is

going to mention his own name a disease

what do you think you get dignity and

authority from the one who possesses all

dignity and all authority is Allah Aziz

Allah Himself that's Allah Himself now

that I've given you these two anchors

now the fun begins this is where you

have to remember stuff but before I ask

you to remember stuff let me see what

you remember already what's little are

we studying slow number it begins with

an oath what's the purpose of an oath of

an oath is supposed to be oh not bad

evidence three sisters know the answer

thank you people in the back I'm hope

you're having a good nap this morning

okay a little too much nasi lemak this

morning what's going on okay so now this

and by the way two anchors what are the

two anchors reminder and and eisah and

they're going to keep playing a role

throughout the salah now we get to the

fun part this surah is broken up into

six parts these eighty semi-auto cut up

into six parts and i will give you six

words to remember each part okay I'll

give you six words to remember each part

you don't have to remember sentences

just six words in that order here are

those words first word Quraysh

first word is polish second word is

nations nation hos the first word second


good third word prophets okay

I'm going to ask you one

let's wake up and do that again one two


great for heaven for is what heaven you

know Jenna take a guess what five is aa

good guess

hell let's start over one two three four

five who's got it

one two three four heaven

five okay last ones weird last one is

say just the words say say how many

parts in the surah six parts

six parts now I want you to remember

these six parts and in order for you to

remember you're going to have to repeat

them one more time to me no no no no no

no you got not synchronized I will I

will organize you number one good

phase two agents three prophets for

heaven five and six let me walk you

through this the first section of the

surah is made up of ayat which Allah

describes how stubborn the Quraysh are

they are lost in is that and chicag

remember that these are the this is a

commentary on the Quraysh and they

cannot understand why they should accept

the Quran they call the prophets of

Allah who are they've said I'm a

magician a liar how could he take all of

our gods and turn them into one garage a

da-da-da-da-da-da-da in Haleiwa no job

is such a weird thing that he's saying

they start criticizing the prophets of

the lager Salem when Telecom in Omaha

woman whom I named she was widowed Anna

auntie hattie : and then they say you

know what not only do we not believe

let's become more aggressive they march

forward and they tell people march ahead

become aggressive you know when you

reject something and say I don't want to

accept it you're defending yourself

against it but they don't just want to

be on the defense they want to be on the

offense against Islam so they are asking

their people to get fired up against the

Muslims and M shoe and then aggressively

protect your gods I only have you can

commit yourselves to your gods they may

give sermons about how awesome each Idol

they want to fire people up about

staying committed to their that's

what they do they give not they're not

just giving whole bus about how bad

Islam is now they're going to give talks

about how awesome their kids you know on

the negative in the heart of a shake

when you are odd then they're going to

incite people and say this is exactly

what is wanted of you if you want to be

a loyal citizen of courage this is what

you should be doing this is the first

section of this surah and they'll say

first of all they incite people to want

to commit themselves to shake and then

they'll criticize the prophet and the

Quran and they say massimino bajada fill

me little akhira in how they locked it

out we never heard anything like this

before what is this all made up if no

other nation before you know our

previous ancestry never brought anything

like this up this is also weird this

Quran business that he talks about this

is all completely created by him it's

just a creative exercise of this man who

claims to be a prophet they go on the

attack against the prophets I saw them

Oh Angela and I hit the krugen by Nina

or he is gonna get okay fine maybe there

is a thicker

what a thicker mean again see the anchor

coming back you know he said they said

oh this reminder comes to him well it is

there no one else more qualified we have

a few more wealthy millionaires we have

people with a lot more political status

if they were already influential why

would it come to an orphan nobody

listens to orphans anyway you know which

it should have come to somebody more

politically influential socially

influential somebody who has business

and dignity by the way this is the idea

of ensign ship up all over again because

we have is that we have Authority

dignity respect that's why if there was

going to be a profit it should have been

us why him why even him the entire

passage is dedicated to what kinds of

things these people say to reject a song

so the entire first passage is about the

commitment of quotation got it

that's one what's too

ah Nations Allah says you're not the

first ones to be stubborn I mean you're

very committed and critical of what the

Prophet is saying but I've seen this


there were many people many nations more

powerful than you that came and did the

same thing and they were taken care of

so now the Quraysh is being compared to

what previous nations Casablanca mu nu

hain wad warfare Alvin or Cohen or you

know warfare I won't run Oh Todd Watson

would welcome loot you recognize these

names Allah is making reference to the

Prophet nations after nations that were

what happened to those nations they were

destroyed Koresh is going down the same

path that so many other nations have

gone down why aren't they learning their

lesson from history how are they so

obnoxious they say we've never heard of

anything like this you haven't heard of

these nations in the first passage I

said we never heard anything like this

now listen what do you mean you haven't

heard anything like this haven't you

heard enough about these previous

nations that were destroyed and then no

the only thing all of those nations have

had in common in : alack at the Barbizon

fucka icon every last one of them all

they did was deny call the prophets a

liar call the messengers liars and

that's why they deserved vengeance they

deserved my vengeance Allah says and my

retribution they ended up in punishment

not it took nothing but one giant

explosion and they were done with now

this passage is immediately followed by

a commentary about what there's one was

perish - was Nations there was a three

very good but the way these prophets

come up is amazing

Allah turns his attention to the

Messenger of Allah

so the long haul the use of them and he

says look correlation really stubborn

that's what established in section 1 1

and Quraysh are doing exactly the same

thing that who did previously shion's

which is established in Section 2 at

this point the Prophet is going to be

depressed well if they're going to do

the same thing that previous nations did

what's the point of preaching to them

they're hopeless

I won't I won't get anywhere with them

what am I supposed to do

when people are when profits are charged

with an impossible task they need

inspiration our Prophet himself

sallallaahu I think set up also needs to

look up to people that came before him

and take inspiration from them so Allah

turns his attention to his messenger

salallahu alayhi wasalam so beautifully

and he says to him wealth corp you make

mention of our slave you know what's

been either maya Kunlun what could I've

done a delude than the ad in the whole


so beautiful you know just be patient

over whatever they you need to be

patient over whatever they say don't let

that get to you and you what you should

do is you keep remembering by the way

remembering is an anchor from where

Quran possesses reminder now we're

learning Quran doesn't just have

reminder of allah quran has reminder of

role models Quran has reminder of

history Quran has reminder of legacies

inspiration it's not just one kind of

reminder it's different kinds of

reminder so he says why don't you make

rep mention of our slave I've got a

doubt why don't you remember that one in

particular that would I'm interested in

this now you know why because now every

prophet has dignity you know that right

every prophet has what but not every

prophet enjoying what authority there

were prophets that nobody listened to

they had no authority the first example

Allah gives of a messenger is actually a

prophet who enjoyed dignity and

authority and used it in the right way

see the Quraysh used their dignity and

authority to reject the truth but the

messenger a DiSanto Salam is dignified

and even though right now in Makkah

because this is a mocking surah he's not

in control so he doesn't have a lot of

authority don't worry I'm giving you the

inspirational story of the ODE who

possessed great mine valeted and letting

you know that because I'm giving you him

as a role model you're going to have

power pretty soon take lesson from him

take him as inspiration so da da da Sam

is mentioned now we've entered the third

section what is that section called

prophets I'm going to skip quickly to

give you the overview but Allah talks

about doubt alehissalaam who was by the

way one of the

only prophets in the Quran or there's

only one more we'll get to him at the

end who's called the Khalifa he's called

a Khalifa he's left he's going to leave

a legacy behind on the earth he's going

to be given great authority on the earth

and this is something given to doubt

alehissalaam and now the first

inspiration to the prophet's life salam

in this surah is downtown in salaam to

let him know the dignity and authority

in the form of Khilafah will be coming

to who the messenger sallallahu wasallam

this is not just an accident that this

this messenger is being mentioned but by

the way even if the profit gets

Authority even if the profits lie Selim

is inspired and he gets victory over the

Quraysh that doesn't mean that the

goodness of Islam will last because you

know when prophets died what happened

soon after you know the history right

when prophets die what happens soon

after she comes back nations deteriorate

doesn't it so Allah gives him not only

the story of doubt he says he was a

doubt was able to carry his legacy

forward with his son so they mom the

next prophet mentioned is so named on

and through it it's actually an embedded

listen to the prophets life Salaam that

what you will be given will be passed

down just like that would was able to

pass it down to who Suleiman it may not

be in the form of a son but you will be

granted much better than sons you'll be

granted an entire Ummah that will carry

your legacy and we're actually part of

that we're part of the inheritance of

the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam you

know what big shoes to fill

so now the story of the Suleiman had a

Salaam which is given a lot of attention

in the surah it's actually far more

detail than other stories and then at

the end of it as we get through the

story of Suleiman alehissalaam we're

still in the section what's what's the

section called prophets and in Childline

my last session I'll share with you that

is a unique prophet mentioned right

after Suleiman Allah talks about Ayub

are you anybody know what happened with

a you but was this the unique challenge

of a you body Salaam sickness right his

sickness which is going to be

interesting to study why is there a

prophet that was tested with sickness

mentioned immediately after Dawood and

Suleiman which are the exact opposite

power ability capability and now a

prophet was not even in control of his

own body he doesn't even have charge

over his own physical be right so

there's this contrast that's mentioned


the legacy of Ayub alehissalaam very

briefly and after the you abide in his

salaam allah says and by the way you

should remember ibraheem is happy our

cool wooden ad what absurd I'm not going

to translate those names ibraheem is hak

Jakub and then he mentions a little bit

further ismael and yes our lists of

prophets you don't have inspiration to

take from one you have inspirations to

take from many many many many many this

is a summary of section 1 section 3 ok

let's go back over section 1 all right

bow section 2 nations bow section 3 why

are the prophets being talked about do

you remember because there the mention

of prophets is there to inspire who the


Alisa toasted on those prophets are a an

inspiration to our messenger sallallaahu

isin got it this is going to be very

important later on now we're done with

three sections I forgot what the fourth

section was of such bad memory huh Oh

for heaven's sake it's okay so the next

section is heaven Allah says harder the

Quran were in hell in Medina la posta

mohab Jannetty Adnan Moffat Aden l'homme

Willa Bob this is a reminder hit the

section on Jannah begins this is a

reminder oh I'm reminded by reminder

that the Quran is full of what reminder

the anchor returns and then he says

people of taqwa meaning these prophets

that were described and all those who

followed him

they're going to have the best place to

go back to they're going to have gardens

of Eden where the doors are being held

wide open Moffatt Elohim will ABAB on a

side note I will tell you something

about the gates of heaven and the gates

of hell it's not part of the surah

that's another study it's a study of

when Suda's are compared to each other

when this was compared to the next solo

you find something you find that the

gates of Jahannam are closed gates of

hell or what closed and when somebody is

dragged to hell then when they get to

the gate then it's opened and they're

letting but when the gates of heaven are

described in this surah allah says

Moffat that and they have been

forcefully held wide open waiting for


already the gates of Jenelle Roman

that's the mercy of Allah subhanAllah

that's just on a side note about the

beauty of how Allah describes Jenna as

opposed to and his mercy as opposed to

the Hellfire anyway so this Jenna is

described they're going to be chillin on

couches they're going to be calling for

whatever kind of fruits they want

you had in kathira sake huh by the way

is a fruit that when you chew into it it

makes you smile like a mangosteen and

not a durian right wash up and they get

all kinds of drinks yeah well it doesn't

cost a lot of thought of fat Rob they're

gonna have beautiful spouses that don't

make you don't even make eye contact

they're so shy to look at them and

there's this this is subscribe don't get

sisters I know relax okay this is what

you've been promised on the day of

accounting and this is a kind of

provision nyla who in the fat it's never

gonna run out this is the description of

what now heaven okay now we've done a

review of how many sections four

sections how many sections are left what

what are the two sections left okay okay


now we're going to talk a little bit

about Hell this hatha were in a little

little heinous Rama Rama AB jehan de

Mayo Sloan aha fab excel me hard hard of

a yahoo honeymoon lhasa what they're

going to taste what kind of horrible

drinks they're going to be given and

then you know there's going to be

different forms of punishment thrown on

onto them and then allah will say

interestingly there's a unique

description of hell in the surah he says

hello gentlemen malcolm llama huh Bambi

him in insulting our global anthem la

marhaban become and took Adam - moo-hoo

Lana from its anchor our allah describes

that people are in heaven hell and

there's another group that's being

thrown on top of them and the people

inside the prison of hell are saying

there's no space what are you doing we

don't want these people here and by the

way you don't want other people because

people are fuel for hell which means the

more you feed a fire the more enraging

it gets so they know when people are

coming in the fire is going to get what

it's going to get hotter we don't want

more fuel don't throw more wood in here

they're not welcome here there's no

space for them

haben doesn't just mean welcome like we

say yah marhaban right but marhaban also

means on raha bin space there's no space

for them here and those guys say well

you were here first so excuse me you

know you're you were thrown in

first-year worse people than us and so

they get thrown in and they're talking

they're talking trash to each other you

know and who Madonna ha ha was it who

aadhavan their front feet nah they say

whoever came before us whoever had

reserved seat in hell before we got here

yeah la give him double punishment and

they start hating on each other even in

Hellfire and then Allah says you know

that they're there in hell and they're

hating on each other and they forget

there's some other people they used to

hate in dunya who did the disbelievers

hate in dunya believers they say mother

what's wrong hey there's something wrong


neroli Leonardo could not diminish a lot

we don't see the people we used to count

among the evil ones who did the

disbelieving nations consider evil you

know who they considered evil prophets

they considered them the big

troublemakers in their nations these are

the people that are destroying your

carrot age your culture they're coming

and telling you your ancestors were

wrong and you shouldn't be doing this or

that or the other who are these people

they're the evil of society and now

these guys are in hell they're saying

where are those bad guys you know the

ones we used to consider bad a Tejada

home so Koreans a Korean we used to take

them as a joke remember I'm Zakaat

animal ops or is it because it's so dark

in hell we can't see them that's what

they're saying and by the way this is

another kind of cool clue the people in

hell are having a conversation and who

do they miss the the prophets and where

the prophets and have it in the previous

surah there are people in heaven talking

and saying hey my best friend is in here

where is he at and you find out he's in

hell so the contrast picture is given in

the previous surah this surah ties

itself to the next one and to the

previous one beautifully anyhow this

section was a small glimpse of what's

going on where what's going on in

Hellfire Allah protect us all from the


what's that last section called Godse

I call it say because in this final

section of the surah allah does

something very unique he tells the

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well

now that I've told you that chorus are

stubborn and I've told you they're going

down the same path as those who came

before and I've already told you that

you should take inspiration from the

previous prophets who are going to be

destined to go into heaven and those who

disbelieve in them are going to end up

in hell well here's what you need to do

now now that I've given you this sermon

here's what you need to put into

practice why don't you go back to that

nation and go talk to them say this to

them talk with your people talk to who

by the way talk to Koresh good say in

namah animal Dylan I'm just here to warn

I'm my only job is to warn to be a

Warner well mom in allahu allah allahu

allah who kaha there's nobody to worship

or obey in any way shape or form except

Allah the only one the dominant one the

master of the skies and the earth al

Aziz the ultimate authority that is to

be respected as an anchor from where he

is that in right Allah fob the one who

continually forgives cool who I know

about when al them tell them it is a

huge bit of news that's coming heaven in

hell are not small things destruction of

nations are not small things this is a

huge bit of news that I'm giving you

Anton who morally don't listen to this

carefully this is an anchor you'll tell

me what this is an anchor for you are

ignoring it you are ignoring it exactly

when the reminder is an anchor then not

remembering is what ignoring you're not

remembering you're ignoring and so

ignoring is also part of that anchor

it's not up to me to discuss you know

what arguments are happening among the

Angels even the angels are confused

about what's going to happen other

people of the earth which is another

interesting story I'll tell you about

that later if we get time so the

prophets life Sodom is given this tell

them this tell them this tell them this

but all of a sudden something amazing

happens Allah says no more tell them

calculation you're only a prophet you're

there to give a message I've been given

the instructor I've only been given

inspiration and I'm not just someone to

give you clear warning a

all of a sudden in the middle of it all

in color Abu Khalil manicotti a new

Harlequin Bashara main theme for it us

away - who one of us to feed him a


hikaru Lihue Saji dean when a when Allah

said when we said to the Angels when

your master said to the Angels I'm

creating a human being may you know skin

based creature that is made of dirt when

I more of him and I fashioned him and I

balanced him and I blow into him from my

own roof then fall into sajda before him

then all of the angels made such that

before him except Iblees he was from

those who rejected wait that's not

that's a different story but where's

that sectional style you said the

section is called what say there should

have been another section called story

of Adam no no I disagree with you

keep listening it believes said what he

said - he believes oh he said oh at

least what what prevented you from doing

such that you created me from fire you

created right now you know the story

already you don't you

this entire passage seems like it came

out of nowhere and by the way we already

had a section called what prophets and

other matter Islam is a well you could

have just fit it over there why is it

over here and then when this passage is

done by the way Cohen say I'm not asking

you for any compensation meaning this

section began with say this this this

this this in the middle what came the

story of Adam and at the end of it again

say I'm not asking you for compensation

I'm not forcing this on myself I'm not

making this stuff up this is just a

reminder Oh anchor for all nations and

all peoples what is this doing here in

order to understand what's happening


now we're going to put everything

together then you'll understand what's

happening at the end the first section

was foolish you remember this and

Croatia extremely stubborn do you

remember that at the end of all that

inspiration and insight the Prophet is

told to go back and deal with who Koresh

and when he deals with Cora she's

supposed to tell them his only job is

there to warn did previous prophets have

the same responsibilities yes except our

prophet is different our prophet is

different because what he has to do he

has to do is directly related to what

happened with adam alayhis-salam

nice and Allah if least challenged Allah

saying he will misguide all of humanity

and the final answer from Allah that he

will not be able to misguide that he

will Allah will offer guidance that will

last until the day of judgment the final

weapon against the attacks of Iblis is

what is given to the prophet muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not just for

courage but for who all of humanity

prophet remember when you're talking to

courage you're not just dealing with

courage you're and you actually have the

fate of all of humanity for the until

the day of judgement in your hands so I

need to remind you that you are now

going to finish what was started with

adam alayhis-salam that's why it's in

the middle so before you even finish

talking to croatia understand you're not

just dealing with some village in the

desert you're dealing with the fate of

the entire planet all of humanity

you understand why that's in the heart

of it subhanAllah

now how many sections were there I know

you're tired I know you're tired of it

it's ok this one's going to be different

what was the first section check this

out the first section was polish what is

this sixth section say to who arrange

the first section and the last section

complete each other don't they it is

actually this the last section that is

responding in its entirety to the

demands placed in the first section if

they are so stubborn how do you deal

with them you deal with them with the

lessons you've learned in the last

section so section 1 and section 6 are

directly tied to each other ok what

section 2 Nations previous lesions that

were what what happened to them ok what

is the fifth section ok so you have the

past of disbelieving Nations in section

two and then you have the future of

disbelieving Nations in our two and five

related to each other so the first one

in the last one are tied to each other

and the second one and the second last

one are tied to each other and by the

way when in the

second section is allah talked about one

nation or many nations remember he

talked about many nations and when he

described hell what did he describe one

group will be there another will come

and say hey guys we're here too and

another one will come and another one

will come in other words it perfectly

corresponds to what was described in

section 2 because nation after nation

historically disbelieved and now those

nations after nations are being piled

into hell

subhanAllah the third section is one

which is the history of good people

which should conclude the section three

should be tied to what section I'm

running out of sections because I

already tied one to six and already tied

two to five so I should tie three to one

and how do you see any connection

between three and four I don't seem to

see it I don't see it's not obvious to

me what is it prophets heaven how cool

is that guys the entire surah is a

perfect ematic symmetry everything ties

together the stars we stuff see did you

read this from i didn't read this in it

to see I made it up I just had you know

I I study structure of SOLAS in the

Quran that's what I do that's what I'm

amazed by and then I study each passage

has its own you know how there's a

symmetry here you see the symmetry guys

do you see the symmetry or now you see

it right each passage has its own

symmetry we won't get into that now but

each section has a symmetry of its own

has a structure of its own which is Ya

Allah how do you do that

that's what I'm left with when I study

this stuff so the Quran is full of and

possesses what what do you remember

reminder now the thing is there are

things that are said about the prophets

especially dowload and so they man I'm a

him a ceramic among others they're not

the prophets that were introduced to us

only in Islam given in the Quran these

prophets were told we were talked about

in the Bible they were talked about in

the Old Testament these are prophets of

the Israelites right but the things that

are said about these prophets in their

books are not worth remembering as a

matter of fact they're better forgotten

why because terrible terrible things are

said about these

wonderful problems one of the jobs of

the Quran is actually to restore the

dignity of biblical prophets the Bible

speaks of them in very bad ways

unfortunately after the alteration made

by human beings and the Quran comes and

restores their dignity and one of the

this last piece is not connected to the

structure of the surah is just about

that just restoring the dignity of

da-da-da-da-da-da-da said I'm from the

Bible's perspective let me tell you

something about him first they call him

David you guys know that okay they call

him David and when he became King

once he became king he was actually very

obsessed with his power according to

them and he wanted to marry 99 wives and

he had 99 wives according to that not

according to us and he said I need a

hundredth one and so he sees this woman

in a balcony from he looks out of his

castle he sees this lady in a balcony

says moon number 100 except she's

married and she's married to one of the

generals that is in his army so he

commands that general to go into war

where he knows he's going to get killed

and so he sends him there gets killed

and he marries the woman and that's how

he gets his hundredth wife this is the

biblical version keep this version this

is not true at all not true at all keep

this in mind as we read this passage

okay now well he'll attack another

awesome if the saguaro mihrab I will

translate without explanation first did

the news of the argumentative group come

to you did anybody ever tell you about

the argumentative group that scaled the

giant wall and entered the prayer

corners of Dawud mihrab is that where

you pray so you have you know this

castle is got a giant outside wall and

these this group the whole group scaled

the entire wall jumped over and entered

into this place where he's supposed to

privately pray his own mihrab if da da

da da would when they came in and

entered into Dowell's private space for

fuzzy I mean home and he was terrified

of them to the point where he was about

to lose his mind fuzzer is actually used

when you're so afraid you can't think

straight anymore so he was scared out of

his mind when he saw them Khalu da da ha

they said no don't be scared we're not

here to kill you

I mean usually when people scale a

castle wall and we'll break into a you

know Kings private quarters and look

very aggressive than you would think

they're there to kill him they said no

no no relax we're not here to kill you

we made all this effort because we

wanted to discuss an issue with you we

just had a question

let's tab you know so they jump in to

ask a question and what's the question

Hasani Bahuguna Annabelle there are two

groups that are arguing one has done

wrong against the other combined

Annabelle Huck why don't you make a fair

decision among us you are the ruler

after all why don't you make a fair

decision just decision

well I touched it and don't be biased

and don't use falsehood

don't be inclined towards the wrong side

Medina Ellis is a latina Allah

Sawa is salat and guide us to the most

even path to tell us what to do whatever

verdict you give we're gonna follow it

in na hava okay then one of them speaks

and says this is my brother know who

discern what this ona Naja he's got 99

sheep my brother owns how many 99 sheep

does that remind you of anything from

the Bible story well II knocked on

wahida and I only have one sheep

Allah axel Neha

so he said why don't you give me custody

of your sheep well as any filthy table

and he uses his dignity and authority

and imposes it on me when he talks to me

he intimidates me with his dignity and

his authority wait is that an anchor

dignity Authority from where from the

very beginning remember it comes up

again anyway

so he speaks to me intimidates me when

he talks to me he says give me that one

sheep what are you going to do with it I

have 99 I could use 100 you know collar

locket voila maka Basu an energetic

ideology he so that was Ali some said

he's done wrong to you by asking you to

add your one sheep to his he shouldn't

have done that

why indica theorem in ilaha illa Allah

baba Hamada Bob a lot of partners who

mix with each other and a lot of family

members who mix with each other a lot of

people that are close to each other they

end up doing a lot of wrong to each

other very profound statement people who

do a lot of wrong to you are very close

to you a very deep statement

is not just business partners ha'la'tha

is this anybody who mixes in this in

this case brothers are doing horrible

wrong to each other right so he says a

lot of times people that are close to

each other and mingle with each other

they do the most wrong to each other

illa allatheena amanu aminu sorry

Hardwick Khalil Ouma home except those

who believe and do good deeds and very

few those are meaning it's very hard to

do good deeds with people that are close

to you

very few people are able to do that you

can give sadaqa to some guy on the

street and go but your cousin - ogede

it's much harder you know Anita mom well

done that I would and then that would

realize now check this out so they he

gave this verdict well done that out

realize on a Salaam it came to the

realization and now and Omar Fatah now

we were only testing him because these

people poof they disappeared they just

disappeared and he's like what just

happened and he realized Allah was

testing him for falafel or Abajo then he

asked him was forgiveness for karma

rakia and Watanabe fell in Telugu and he

you know he repented now from this some

have interpreted or must be the biblical

story of the 99 wives and he realized I

shouldn't have been going after 100

because that 99 sheep must have been

about my ninety-nine wives you see what

I'm saying and I use my authority to get

number 100 but actually the answers in

the Quran itself it's so beautiful it's

so beautiful let's go back and

understand da-da-da Salam is in the

prayer quarters in his neck Robb this

group that came came upon him the

saguaro the suborder comes from the word

surah so that means a gigantic wall a

wall that is impossible to scale

actually the purpose of a surah is so it

cannot be scaled these are the outer

walls of a fort or a city so the fact

that they climbed like 50 feet to get

into his castle and there's a group of

them is extremely shocking so he's off

his feet Hafiz II I'm in home so much so

and his doubt are they Sam he's killed

Goliath before right he's killed Janet

before he's been on the battlefield it's

not like he's a scared human being but

you know there are times where you get

startled he's not expecting that in the

in his in his castle so they break into

him and then they show up there and then


we have a case and the case is I this is

my brother he has how many sheep

remember so the guy who's talking has

how many sheep and by the way dadada he

sallam used to be a very poor shepherd

that I used to be what a very poor

shepherd before he became an authority

you know that's how he ended up killing

John Luke because he was a shepherd and

he used to you know use a slingshot to

kill the wolf and things like that so

who does that I shall relate with you

think the guy who has one or the guy who

has 99 and so immediately he says I only

have one and he's using his authority to

take my one sheep and he's a judge now

Ali Salim is a judge and he says that's

wrong they shouldn't do that anybody who

has authority just takes authority and

by the way that's an amazing sentiment

to have from a king because kings and

authorities usually favor the wealthy

because they will need the favours from

the wealthy later right for a king to

favor the poor is a noble quality but

the problem here is because he's a judge

he's supposed to listen to both sides

whether or not you agree with the guy

with 99 or not he never defended himself

did he the guy would 99 she never

defended himself simply the guy would

one sheep spoke doubt either his Salam

was already rattled shaken up and he

immediately gave the verdict that he

shouldn't be doing that because a lot of

times they wronged each other and they

disappeared and Valerie Sam realized

that in my rush to judgment I didn't

hear what both sides and that's not

right he also realized that when a judge

is terrified overwhelmed with any

emotion they shouldn't be sitting in the

judges chair it's very profound he's the

judge over his nation he's the ruler but

a ruler needs to be emotionally stable

to be able to pass judgments if he's

shocked was he shocked in the beginning

of the story if a judge is shocked

terrified scared can he think straight

is it possible he may rush to judgment

or make an incorrect

judgment is possible if for example a

guy went through a divorce and he's a

divorce court judge those ladies don't

have a chance in his courtroom because

he's going to see his you see what I'm

saying if they have about if they have

baggage they're not going to be able to

pass judgment so he realizes there's

baggage here so he immediately

recognizes his fault and turns to Allah

and repents and that's why Allah says so

we forgave him that we forgave that

meaning this small you know for a moment

he forgot what he's supposed to do I

think it can go away when you are in

shock but immediately as soon as you

come back to your sentence sense it

senses Vicker comes back Russell sai-san

is being taught there are moments where

you will be overwhelmed but as soon as

that overwhelming feeling is gone you

have to remember your master immediately

this is actually an inspiration of

Vicker that da Dada son is given I

wanted to share this with you because if

you don't know the Collins narrative

it's like you have this twisted biblical

version that takes away so much dignity

from these amazing prophets okay so

those were my two item agenda is in

child allah tala for this talk with you

one was to share with you the beautiful

organization of surah Saad and the other

was to share with you just something

about the dignity of the other son and

what an amazing judge he was supposed to

be what I'm really excited about though

is the last session which is about

Suleiman adding salaam and this really

unique on there's no doubt like it in

the Quran

well lion are they there's no Darla's

it's so unique and it's it's very

difficult to understand I struggled with

it a lot this dog that's one of the

reasons I said this amazed by the Quran

I'm going to do the dog sort of myself

because I didn't understand it so I

forced myself to study it and keep

asking questions and by bothering

scholars all over the world so that I

could share some stuff with you and I

really do think what I found was pretty

amazing so inshallah with Todd I have a

good day I hope you enjoyed your nap I'm

very happy for you hamdulillah as I

leave you might as well bother you one

last time how many sections in this

surah what are the what is what sections

are related to each other

one in six what is one in six called 4hn

and say is related what's the else is

related to and five what are two and

five what are they

nation's end Hellfire and then what else

is related so now when you go home

you're going to enjoy reciting salat

sides and going to find those sections

yourself it's going to be so much fun

barakallahu walikum salam ala carte

/ :