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Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan A Better Tomorrow

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A Better Tomorrow


alhamdulillah alhamdulillah harlequin

would you demon and Adam Roger I delude

him in a poem or mostly just subliminal

Elam when will kotoba tiannan Adam

vanish Bravo Adele Messiah I become a

Nashville who Alan iam when suddenly a

la Rosa Lee Hill Akram

the sheriff is a sham when neural item

when kita bill welcome welcome ala

nabina will Hatton say Lily whether the

atom LED Bashara be here they subdue


Olivia 30 hiroshima alehissalaam in

achari aloo ki Giavotella in Muharram

sallallahu alayhi wasallam

morality he hiding Oh mom and levena

barakallahu behemoth attend NASA Arab

amine Himalayan alhamdulillah gila gila

Miata invalid an alum yaqula lahu shaadi

console mulk wa llahu allahu wa lee jung

min a duly a competitor Veera


Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Raja

alhamdulillah alladhina amanu horas de

novo honest our fellow men over here

anatomically mana rudimentary unforeseen

immense a yacht er Molina

hey hey hey la fa la la la la la mano

del fella hadiyyah-lah when ashhadu an

la ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lah

when ashhadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa

rasuluhu de la ville buddha Wadena la

lluvia hardy Nikola he rockefeller he

Shahidah vassal Allahu alayhi wa sallam

a testament etherion kathira some a bad

in Gnostic a hadith icky table oh hello


hello Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa

sallam we're in national Muramasa to her

were in a column of the satin vada pav

collaborating Balala power Ulala

attention our allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala

Nikita Hakim but an Akula billahi min

ash-shaytaan-i'r rajeem what a cool

analogy in Indian Valley Kassadin illa

Allah was korabik even a seat were


in Europe Billy a Carrabba Maharaja da

rubbish miss Audrey were silly Emery was

the rock that a mean lasagna holy a

mineral olivine from another in today's

compiled liked her before getting into

the actual

subject of the comment a little bit

about the terrible tragedy that so many

of you have already heard about that has

taken place at the house of allah in the

harem the crane accident as a result of

which many of those that went to to the

harem for the intention of Hajj have

already become Shahada many people have

been killed there as a result of that

terrible tragedy and I just wanted to

take a moment to remind myself and all

of you of a few things about that

incident and when such incidents

occurred first and foremost our

obligation as Muslims and our right upon

each other is that we make go out for

those people that Allah whose time had

come and it could not have come a moment

sooner and it could not have come a

moment later this was the way and the

time that these people were going to

leave this earth just like you and me

have a time when we're going to leave

this earth so in that sense this is a

lodge decree on them and that is what we

are you know club that Allah whom I

shall find Allah decreed and what he

decided he did but at the same time we

made our for them and their forgiveness

and especially Darfur their families and

those who they left behind to come visit

the house of Allah and now they are in a

much better house that is made by Allah

Azza WA JAL they are all Shahada and

Daraa bohemian sehun they are with their

what they rob being provided for Allah

Azza WA JAL says you know what that's a

cool Allah when you tell you he's a

villain that he am what

don't say about those who were killed in

the path of Allah that they're dead the

path of Allah is actually those who

fight in the path of Allah who make

Hydra in the path of Allah and what more

beautiful Hydra than fulfilling the son

of ibraheem alehissalaam and the

ultimate of one of the most ultimate

obligations of our religion to make the

Hajj allah to the house of allah leaving

everything else behind and literally

when people go to make Hajj the clothes

that they wear are the clothes in which

they are ready to meet allah those are

the clothes that they go in in those


and what better there's no one better

prepared to meet a mother than the one

who comes to his house leaving all of

his dunya behind all of it behind so we

are in some sense we should also be

jealous of these wonderful believers who

Allah called to his house and from there

he called them to his Jannah and may

Allah will accept all of them in gender

and give their families and as a result

of that Sabbath

one last comment about this tragedy

tragedy allah azza wajal says in the

quran for anybody who comes to the harem

table and alcala who kana amina whoever

entered it has been in a state of peace

anybody who enters the harem is in a

state is safe he's safe and somebody

watches this and says wait how are they

safe a crane fell on them they died a

violent death how is that safety you

know when that ayah came down allahu

kana amin and there's a maki ayah you

know or early litany actually by some

and in that ayah also what's going on in

the heart of one whose limbs are getting

beat up even at that time even at that

time and what I mean when the idols are

all around the Haram what does Allah

mean by the one who enters it is that

it's safe because clearly that's not the

case and by the way not just this

incident every year people pass away at

Hajj somebody gets trampled somebody has

a heart attack somebody dies of high

blood pressure some or over you heat

stroke these things happen every year so

what does Allah mean that whoever has

entered it is in a state of peace

we understand that peace and safety is

part of it is in this dunya and part of

it is in the al-quran and the one who

comes there is coming to save there al

Qaeda nobody goes to the harem for dunya

it's not a vacation spot it's not the

kind of temperature you want to spend

vacation in you don't go to makkah for

the scenery it's not a beautiful place

Allah chose one of the harshest places

on the planet to put his house so you

know if the Haram was in Hawaii or if

was in California then you would have

other reasons to go there too you know

I'll make the law find enjoy the ocean

view no no you're gonna you and you're

gonna go to Mecca you're gonna go to

Makkah and the only reason that place

even survived is miraculously Allah put

water out of that place otherwise be why

didn't I see that a valley that has no

life it has no reason for human beings

to go there except that they want to

save their akhira so the one who comes

to it with the right intention Allah has

offered them safety meaning Allah has

offered them safe passage into agenda

that is the guarantee of Allah and that

is the promise of our messenger to all a

thoughtless Arab that a Hajj that is

accepted what happens all your previous

sins are forgiven

all of them are forgiven this is why

because you've entered into the safety

of Allah and may allah azzawajal

you know help us internalize that and

appreciate that about those who Allah

has called to his ultimate house now

finally the subject matter of today

which is kind of related to this matter

but I really wanted to talk about this

ayah even though I've spoken about it

many times before but I don't think in

this Masjid Allah Azza WA JAL says

wahdahu Llanelli hey in any far inland

Valley Kawada this is one ayah Allah

says don't

daresay that I am definitely going to do

that tomorrow don't say that actually he

doesn't just say don't say that that

tuck would he said latter cool enough

don't you dare say it ever about

anything that I am definitely doing that

tomorrow now if you do that if you stop

at this ayah that there seems to be a

problem because your boss says you

better hand in the assignment tomorrow

you say oh definitely

now I'll do tomorrow yeah sure sure sure

and Java and sometimes you say inshallah

sometimes you don't say insha'Allah but

people make definite promises all the

time yeah yeah I'm definitely going are

you coming to the invitation yeah I'm

definitely going here are you going to

jamar yeah definitely definitely you

know we say these definite things all

the time

it is only in the next ayah that Allah

completes the subject and he says in

Allah with the exception that you say

that Allah wills do the only exception

is I intend to do this fully accept if

Allah wills meaning this is why in the

culture of the Muslims when we talk

about the future we use the words in

chawla if a lower to will I'll see you

tomorrow at 3 o'clock

inshallah meaning if Allah decides that

I'm not able to see you that's out of my

control my intention is there but a las

plans can be different from my plans so

as far as my plans are concerned I'm

making a commitment but if there's a

rainstorm or an earthquake or my car

shuts down I don't know Allah can't

decide anything between today and

tomorrow the future is not in my hands

so I have to make that insurance claim

and say it's in the hands of Allah

because it's in the future the Muslim

understands that the future is not in

their hands but here we have to

understand a very powerful aspect of

balance the Muslims unfortunately

subhanAllah when we get further from the

Book of Allah even the beautiful

teachings are of our religion become

ugly they look beautiful on the surface

but when you don't stay connected with

the Book of Allah you don't stay

connected with the Synovus messenger

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then those

same things that are supposed to be

beautiful turned into something ugly and

this is what many of us are guilty of so

we say insha'Allah which means probably

not that's what we do now hey are you

coming in Chava

which means I'm not sure I'm not sure so

in chili is actually our way of getting

out of making a commitment these ayat

are not about escaping your commitment

as a matter of fact in Nephi Valley

Kassadin are very strong words for sure

I am absolutely going to do that

tomorrow making a statement of guarantee

and making a promise and making a

commitment that you're definitely

committed to doing this is not the

problem as a matter of fact that's what

you should do you should in fact make

strong commitments you shouldn't just

casually say okay if you can't do

something say I can't do it if you can't

be there just say I can't be there but

if you make a promise then commit to it

commit to it and then add the only way

that this will not happen from me is if

Allah decides something that's beyond my

control that's in that Allah Allah Allah

does not mean if I wake up late I'm not

coming or if I'm not in the mood you

don't use in child love for that that's

a misuse of this powerful phrase you're

recognizing that not everything is in

your control Allah has given you the

ability to make commitments and the

capability of fulfilling your

commitments but even if you have some

capability Allah has all other kulla

shay'in qadir he can stop you in your

tracks with all of your intentions with

all of your attention this is the this

is the essence of the phrase in la sha

Allah but then Allah adds he adds what

call Rebecca Adonis he'd mention your

rub make mention of Europe when you

forget it was interesting Allah so which

I didn't say in the seat if you forget

he said when you forget and there's a

big difference between if and when

because if something happens it might

happen it might not happen but when you

say it on a seat when you forget Allah

is guaranteeing because Allah can give

guarantees I can Allah is guaranteeing

that you and I will forget you and I

will forget there will be times where we

make promises about the future and we're

not going to remember to say insha'Allah

we're going to make plans in our head

sometimes you don't even say something

by the way of coal in Arabic Kali akuno

in Arabic is not just speaking with your

head with with your mouth but even

saying something to yourself you know

English as I said to myself that idea

just a thought

sometimes you have thoughts I'm

definitely doing this or that or the

other even that thought should be a come

in inch'allah even that thought and

sometimes it's not sometimes I just have

it in my head yeah this week this next

week this tomorrow this flight then this

meeting okay I got it I got it all right

I know what to do now but you thought of

inchaallah didn't come in your head and

it should you know sometimes you're

talking to somebody on the phone and you

make a promise about the future I'll see

you at dinner okay I'll see you some

article and you hang up and you know I

didn't say any table now that doesn't

mean you call them back and say hey by

the way in Chandler just wanted to leave

you a voicemail and chawla no no don't

do that they don't have to here inch

Allah Allah Azza WA JAL wants to hear

you say it you say tell you your rub

what's called Rebecca adenosine mention

your rub when you forget and this is

really beautiful language in la sha

Allah was good who is aniseed remember

him when you forget Allah didn't say

that he said remember your rub you see

when Allah has already been mentioned in

the ayah Allah Allah when Allah has

already been mentioned when someone's

mentioned by name then the next time you

mentioned them you mentioned them with a

pronoun for instance to make this easy

to understand you know say if Allah

wills and remember him next time

remember him when you forget now the

word him would refer to Allah but

actually Allah doesn't use the word him

he doesn't use the pronoun he says rub

back this is actually reinforcing the

idea that you're almost reintroducing

yourself to the concept of rub with

Allah that Allah is in control of your


he is your rub he is your absolute

master and you cannot lose sight of that

this is part of the authority of Allah

on you that your future is in his hands

so Allah specifically went out of his

way to say rub back in Annecy when it

comes to us making commitments about our

future that it is in fact in a las hands

now this is an incredible ayah of

balance so far because on the one hand

you are making the strongest guarantees

in NEPA I don't value kajada not even in

the south of you that are familiar with

Arabic it's not even a verb it's this

commitment with a noun with an ism fine

I'm absolutely doing that tomorrow but

then on the other hand you have this

absolute reliance on Allah - and so we

have to talk about this valance a few

minutes before I move on there are some


this world they think they can do

everything because of themselves I'm

really intelligent I have a really

reliable car I'm a really good driver I

know the best way to get there before I

get laid iiiiii me all the reliance is

on myself the reason I have a successful

business is because I have a really good

business plan the reason I have a good

job is because I went to a good school

and I got a good GPA and I have a good


so it's all about relying on yourself

and they have these it's actually a

multi hundreds of millions of dollars of

industry of this the self help and self

motivational industry which the

beginning and the end of it is you can

do anything you're amazing you don't

even realize your own power and your own

potential and people pay thousands of

dollars to go for a weekend to hear them

say you can brush your own teeth and you

can take your own flights or whatever

and they get fired up because there's

this idea of the self the power of the

self which has some validity but on the

other hand there are people on the other

extreme there are people who say I can't

do anything I'm just a machine

I'm just Abdullah what am I I'm not

worth the you know the dust of

somebody's feet uh who you know I'm

nothing I'm made of table you know I'm

made of a notepad like Allah describes

this humble pathetic creature then I

can't really do anything at all they

have no self-confidence at all and I say

Allah does everything I do nothing Allah

does everything I do now and these

people you know what ends up happening

they do nothing in life and when nothing

happens they say well a lot decided

nothing should happen so they blame

everything on Allah on the one hand you

have people that rely none on Allah

entirely on themselves and on the other

extreme you have people who rely only on

a lie and put no effort themselves this

ayah among many in the Quran is an ayah

of balance you have to make commitment

you have to take action in NEFA I don't

value quezada but you're the same one

who has to understand that your

commitment and your action and your

capability is in the hands of your rub

and he will only grant it to you when

you make that when you try to fulfill it

when you make the best of your efforts

sometimes your plans and a large plans

are the same sometimes sometimes you

decide to go somewhere and all that

decides to let you

go also sometimes you decide to go to a

college and Allah gives you admission

into that college also you decide to

graduate early and Allah let you

graduate early also so things go

according to your plan all that means is

your plan and a lust plan was the same

for that one thing but sometimes your

plan and unless plan are not the same

sometimes you want to stay in that job

for 10 years but you get fired after six

months sometimes you apply to this

school and you had the best application

but you still didn't get in and people

with a worse application than you got in

it happens sometimes your plans and the

last plans are not the same these ayat

are recognizing that not everything will

go according to my plan I will still

have to make a plan I will still have to

put in the effort but at the end of the

day it is Allah who will decide whether

this plan will come through or not this

is what school Rebecca is an asset but

then the most powerful part of this ayah

that I wanted to spend extra time on

because this is really one of the most

beautiful lessons in the entire Quran in

my opinion if the Muslim understands

this their life becomes easy Vocalist ah

and yeah the idea of B Leah Carrabba min

ha ha Rashad ah these words are a dual

and more than adieu I there are a

statement of optimism let's introduce it

that way this your thinking about the

future just because of the use of the

word essa which is how Fatah ji in the

Arabic language a word or a fitna taraji

a verb used to express hope Allah is

teaching us in this ayah that the Muslim

has to have hope in the future my Eman

in the Quran makes me optimistic about

the future I am I don't care what the

news says I don't care what happened

yesterday and the day before and the day

before and the day before I will not be

among those Muslims who sit on a table

and say the situation of the Ummah keeps

getting worse and worse and worse

oh my god things are only gonna get much

much more terrible and there's another

tragedy coming I guarantee you watch

what happens or you think 9/11 was bad

because it's the anniversary you think

9/11 was bad oh my god that was nothing

watch what happens to the old line now

and then watch what happens now this


directly against the ayah of this book

just in the word aza you're you're

supposed to be full of optimism and hope

that Allah will make things better for

you for the people around you for

Humanity you're supposed to have that

attitude and then he says that what you

would should you say about your own


aza and yeah the any rugby perhaps my

master will guide me he'll give me

guidance what is the most optimistic

thing you can have in your future

everybody wants a better job or better

financial situation or a better family

situation a better health situation we

want all of these things but you know

what the most fundamental thing you and

I need more essential than the oxygen

that we're breathing is a Las guidance

so once you have that everything else

will work out when you don't have that

you can have everything else and you

have nothing so in this ayah there's an

optimism that Allah will guide me as I

yeah the any love be that Allah will my

love will guide me my master will not

forgive forget me

I remember him when it comes to the

future he will remember me when it comes

to the future see when I say insha'Allah

I've remembered him and because I

remembered him when it came to the

future he will remember me of guru

neocortical remember me I'll remember

you mentioned me I will mention you now

Allah is giving you the guarantee of

guidance and again here an important

thing for Muslims to understand today so

many people I mean around the world have

the same questions Allah had Ali you it

doesn't matter which part of the planet

you go people have the same confusions

today same questions over and over again

and one of the most common questions I

hear is people say you know there are so

many different versions of Islam so many

different videos about what the Quran

means or what hadith means and some

people believe in this and other people

believe in that this gives this

fatwa that one gives that fatwa should I

follow this or should I follow that

somebody says this is Allah somebody

says is Haram I don't know anything


it's all confusing there's so many

variations how am I supposed to get

guidance how do I know if I'm even

following the right thing how am I

supposed to know it's too much

information for me to process and I

agree we are living in information

overload we are there we are bombarded

with so many different perspectives even

within Islam

look at the

that is sitting in this hall even though

we're locals from this area most of us

the way that you've learned about Islam

from the person next to you is very


the teachers you've had the people

you've been exposed to the lessons

you've learned they're very different

from each other so there's a lot of

variation in how we are exposed to Islam

and a person gets overwhelmed and says

how am I supposed to know if I'm even

following the right thing and you know

what this ayah is the answer

I don't guarantee guidance and YouTube

doesn't guarantee guidance and Google

doesn't guarantee guidance and people

don't guarantee guidance it is our hope

that Allah Himself will give me

personally guidance guidance will not

come from anywhere else whether you have

no information or over information that

doesn't matter that Allah will guide you

to the right course depends on how much

you asked Allah not anyone else and once

you ask Allah you don't have to be

nervous anymore because you have

absolute certainty that Allah will give

you guidance he does not turn anyone

away getting guidance from Allah is not

difficult it is not difficult Allah has

opened the door of guidance wide open

for those who seek it we just have to be

people who seek it that's it I mean this

ayah belongs to Surat al-kahf

and I can't talk enough about Surat

al-kahf as is evidenced in this Kaaba

but these Jesus how will grab these

people of the cave that we read about

every Friday

these people have no prophet around them

no eylem around them don't shake around

them no Sahabi around them there by

themselves and they live in a village

where everybody worships idols and they

come to a conclusion that you know there

can only be one god they don't even know

how to say and you know just we can't

worship these things let neither women

do Nagila Hanh we can't worship other

gods and that was enough for Allah to

guide them with no knowledge with no

revelation nothing that was enough for

Allah to guide them and guide them so

much that today people who studied the

Dean for years and years and years

studied the facet of these young men who

knew nothing compared to the or Lama

that learned from them because they got

garlic islands because Allah would give

them guidance because it doesn't matter

how you know how dark your situation is

how hopeless it is when you have hope in

Allah that's enough that's just enough

aha and yeah the onion love be

kerubim in Hodari shada now the last and

what I considered the most beautiful

part of this expression perhaps Allah

will guide me guide me to what guide me

to what he says Lee acaba min ha da da

da you know the language of this is so

profound and you know in a hook vital I

can't give you grammar lessons because

you'll have a headache so I'm going to

try to make this as simple as I can in

the Arabic language sometimes you say

over there and sometimes you say all the

way over there when you say all the way

over there you're saying that I'm

guiding you to your destination if you

just say over there maybe you get over

there then you have to go somewhere else

and somewhere else and somewhere else

but if I say all the way over there then

I've told you that that's where you have

to go you don't have to go any further

than that when the lamb is used as ha ya

viene Bobby Lee acaba and lamb this lamb

what it suggests this is Alban Taha it's

there's no higher thing to ask for in

this dunya if you get this there's

nothing better to ask for if the word

Allah was used then you get there then

you get to go for something else and go

for something else you see so what I am

asking Allah in this ayah and what

you're asking Allah in this ayah is for

something that if you have it there is

nothing better it is the ultimate end

now what is that ultimate end he says

the Aqaba min hava closer than this I

hope Allah will guide me closer all the

way closer than this what is the word

this mean this means where I am right

now now let's understand what this means

in simple language all of us

alhamdulillah for my alhamdulillah have

some degree of guidance the fact that

we're sitting in the house of Allah and

Gemara means Allah has given us some

guidance some people Allah has given

more guidance some Allah has given less

guidance some have more knowledge some

have less knowledge some have better

attention when they pray some have less

attention when they pray we're not all

on the same level that's a fact but you

know what this dua is telling you my

ultimate goal is to get closer to Allah

than I am today I am NOT here to compare

myself to someone else I am just here to

compare myself from where I am right now

if I can just work on getting better


I am right now that is the ultimate

success before Allah there is no higher

success you will never become perfect I

will never become perfect all we can

work on is becoming a little bit better

and then a little bit better and then a

little bit better just getting a little

closer to align a little closer and if a

person dies becoming closer to Allah

they are successful you don't know a lot

of people you know what they do they

compare themselves to others while this

one's already memorized the entire Quran

look at how they recite there at the

Masjid every single day they're there

before the Adhan is even called there

you know they're worshipping allah so

much more there's so much more

knowledgeable they have so much more

they don't know arabic they know Tufts

ears they know this they know that you

know or they dress better as Muslims

than I do you know don't compare

yourself to anybody else that's not what

Allah wants Allah is not going to put

you next to someone else and compare he

doesn't even want you to compare

yourself to others in dunya forget Allah

not even in dunya domino Mafalda Allah

who ve become a Nevada don't wish for

what other people have what Allah has

given some preference over others don't

do that to yourself so what is what are

we learning then we're learning that if

for example you're starting to recite

Quran today use your 35 years old you

haven't read you haven't even open the

book for 30 years and you decide to

start reading Quran today you can't even

get through bismillah you don't even

know what a bar looks like anymore now

you have to learn like children there

are people who are your age you can read

like adults but you have to read like a

child but that's okay that's okay when

you learn even that and if or that bah

and you make a little bit stronger

closer to Allah and you died that way

maybe you're better than even Adam maybe

you're better than a half of the Quran

who memorize the whole book but has no

appreciation didn't want to make

themselves a better person because well

who wants to make themselves a better

person is in the heart and Allah knows

that so don't underestimate where you

are with Allah people can underestimate

you Allah does not underestimate you

people make it sound like guidance from

Allah is hard it's expensive it doesn't

come easy

and Allah is opening the doors of it

wide open he's just asking for you and

me to embrace it and say Ya Allah guide

me bring me a little closer to yourself

Leigha problem in hatha Russia has an in

terms of uprightness in terms of

guidance the last word of

Russia done actually acknowledges that

the the fact that you're making this

door means that you're already on some

guidance that you shouldn't say that I'm

misguided it already acknowledged that

the the fact that Allah gave you the

ability to make this door itself is a

gift of guidance from him and Allah will

give you more and he will give you more

and he will give you more this is the

optimism of the Muslim when guidance

comes in this world then Tama Nina comes

you know it mean on comes our heart

becomes tranquil and I be the key like

he talked my end up ku loop and this is

what I want to conclude with when a

heart becomes tranquil when a heart

becomes at peace then the people around

that person they're also that the peace

is infectious that iman is infectious

peace spreads in the family peace

spreads among friends he spreads in a

community when guidance comes if the

problem of the world is is conflict

hatred if the problem of the world is

war then the solution to that is not

other policies or more weapons that's

not the solution it's not economic

sanctions what the Hulme what humanity

needs is guidance because without

guidance you can have peace you just

can't a unified Alania Huckabee omnium

conduct a lagoon and levena Amano who

deserves more peace those who believe

those who came to Iman this is what

we're asking allah azzawajal when you

and I make the offer for peace in the

world for peace and the Muslim lands for

peace for those who are oppressed when

we make those dollars than were actually

directly directly asking Allah to

increase us and the world around us in

guidance may allow so it will increase

all of us in guidance and make us of

those who are positive about their

future their own future the future of

their children the feature of this Ummah

and the future of the world over this

entire world we have to be concerned for

it not just our own OMA the entire world

we are the Mondavi brahim alayhi salam

ibrahim alayhis salam used to be

concerned for all of humanity

that is the legacy that we've inherited

so we have to be optimistic about the

entire world may Allah so it'll make us

that way and make our future generation

a beaming example of what it means to

live the beautiful teachings of this

book and the Sunnah

barakallahu li walakum wa-salaamu


hamdu lillahi wa kafa los salat wa salam

Vaidehi Ladino stafa susan allah la

ilaha mohammed nabiyeen Muhammad Amin

Amin WA ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma'in

yahoo lon

aza WA JAL fajita Byzantine vada anahulu

billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim

in Omaha Omaha Akita who uses Luna ala

nabi yaya han latina amanu sallu alayhi

wasallam muslima allahumma salli ala

muhammadin wa ala ala muhammad commissar

later allah' ibraheem wa ala ali ibrahim

al al-amin in Makaha muhammad allahumma

barik ala muhammadin wa ala ala muhammad

come a barakatuh Ibrahim Ibrahim Afellay

limine in naka Hamidah Majid Adama

Rehema Kamala attack ala inna llaha

ya'muru bil ad lib election where et al

kaba way on her and in fact evil moon

car whether the car Allahu Akbar Allahu

Allah mometasone Optimus Allah in the

Salah Turkish army Nikita Bamako

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